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Top 2051-2100 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2051)   Tek-Tips - Perl Technical Help Forum
Tek-Tips - Perl Technical Help Forum offers a message board for perl related links.

2052)   csNewsletter
csNewsletter gives many useful perl functions for webmasters, and small upto bigger websites can utilize this script to maintain mailing lists. Supports subscription module for keeping the visitors to receive mails regularly.

2053)   Electronic Digital Download Application
Secure Electronic Digital Download Application. This application can be interfaced with most current eCommerce websites.

2054)   Ranking System
Rank anything you like with Ranking System. For example, web sites, music or products of your company and display the average rating score up to two decimal points.

2055)   I-Shop PRO
I-Shop PRO is an e-commerce shopping cart software enriched with browser based management tools to allow webmasters to launch simple order management system for their shopping carts.

2056)   Clickthru!
This script has been written for website administrators. It allows them to setup and manage click-through generated by their affiliates. It has features such as weekly and monthly tracking system, IP-address blocking and real-time account status checking.

2057)   PSUpload
PSUpload is a script based on perl which allows the users to upload files to their server from their web site. This script permits the users to set size for files.

2058)   JumpSQL
This is a Perl based professional portal development tool kit. With this script you will be able to manage a portal or a link indexer like Yahoo or Google.

2059)   AffiliateClick
AffiliateClick is totally free affiliate software from CosmicPerl. You can create a commission or flat rate based affiliate program. You pay affiliate members a commission or flat rate on sales from each visitor they send you. No bells or whistles, but it works, and it's free!

2060)   Out Clicks
Out Clicks offers a simple method to count outgoing clicks from banners, images or text links to a single URL. This script is not designed for sites that have a large traffic.

2061)   Superfrm Form Processor
Flexible, portable, template driven form processor written in clean perl with security in mind.

2062)   daylogger
daylogger is a simple Perl script, which logs your web page hits on a daily basis and sends you an e-mail every day also.

2063)   Helpdesk
This web based helpdesk system uses an SQL DB back end and has been designed for an IT department. Some of its salient features are create a job from an email sent to a helpdesk account, automatically filling in summary, detail and user fields and many more.

2064)   Plasma Banner Advertiser PRO
This is a banner advertisement software that can be used to place different kinds of banner ads easily on your website and helps you to increase the revenue.

2065)   perlbeat
This Perl script allows you to insert a non-javascript, customizable beat-clock into your website. It requires fly or ImageMagick's 'montage'.

2066)   Simple Replicator
This allows you to setup your own affiliate program, including assigning reseller ids and keeping track of direct sales and commissions. Its salient features are keeping track of users direct sales and commissions, allows users to view sales and commissions in real-time and many more.

2067)   Swap
This perl script can help you make a search and replace across the whole website with one single command, working its way through all subdirectories. It works well in a dos as well as a Free BSD (Unix) environment.

2068)   SearchSQL
SearchSQL is a database driven program that can be used by the webmasters to include a search engine to their websites. It requires MySQL database and it is easy to customize the page layout while using this search engine.

2069)   MyOptin
MyOptin is coded using perl and CGI scripting language that offers double opt-in features for enabling the users to subscribe or non-subcribe. Any number of subscription lists can be created on the fly.

2070)   DirectoryPass
A powerful and useful .htaccess and .htpasswd management system.

2071)   HTMPL
HTMPL is a script that gives its users an opportunity to design web pages and web sites interactively. HTMPL allows to create, edit and delete pages. User can add his own text, graphs, links and flash movies, into web pages and no database are needed.

2072)   All Whois
With the help of this program 'All Whois', web hosting companies can search for popular domain names with any kind of extensions on all registries.

2073)   News Manager Basic
News Manager Basic works combined with Perl and SSI for displaying articles on news pages. It is fully template driven system. Interactive user administration enables the user to work online. Plain files can be used as storage unit.

2074)   iRebilling Pro
The Complete Rebilling Solution 100% Profit Kit Run any type of membership site with completely automatic rebilling and profit well from it with this package. With the iRebilling PRO Package you will be able to run any kind of membership site, with recurring payments for the ....

2075)   Return Referrer Script
Referrer Return script is meant to be called via a Server Side Include. It will write your HTML page with the return reference back to the page that linked to your page.

2076)   Steve's Survey Script
Steve's Survey Script is adaptable for the small upto large websites to co-ordinate their users and visitors interactivity. Comments can be included with rating system.

2077)   custom form processor
This script is a perl based form processor. This is used for sending and receiving an email messages. This script can be used by webmasters on their site. It has error checking and autoresponder facility.

2078)   Cyberstore Enterprise
This is a web hosting package for an online purchase system for wholesale companies to sell their products online. This tool has unique features.

2079)   Tell a Friend
This is a perl script to refer their(your site visitor) friends to your site. This script can be placed anywhere on your website.

2080)   AdCenter 2000
AD Center 2000 is a perl enabled software which gives more facilities to maintain a banner exchange module. Supports impressions and clicks for earning credits.

2081)   SFEBanner
This is a simple banner rotation program that can be used for displaying random quotes, ad banners etc on your website easily. The script can be easily integrated to your existing website.

2082)   G.Scripts
This is a growing collection of free perl cgi scripts that are available to download and install on your website.

2083)   AccuCart
AccuCart is a simple online shopping cart application in CGI with which webmasters can can put forth their products to the customers with web enabled management features.

2084)   CGI-Scripting
This offers a large range of free CGI scripts. Some that are currently offered are banner rotator, tell a friend, form mail, down loader and many more.

2085)   Lürk Perl Scripts
Lürk Perl Scripts is a website of perl scripts, offering a forum and more.

2086)   TellAFriend.cgi
This tell a friend perl script allows your site visitors to send your web page URL to their friends, families or to others through your site.

2087)   Web-FTP
Web-FTP is a script based on perl and a secured file management that permits the users to get connected to the MS ftp servers with crypto card support.

2088)   BanEx Gold
BanEx Gold is constructed with perl classes that is more helpful to manage banner exchange system on websites. It has a variety of functions to maintain a professional banner exchange system on your site.

2089)   Refer A Friend FREE Script
This script will allow your visitors to easily refer your web site to a friend. Includes custom colors, message and e-mail address log.

2090)   CGI Technologies Personals Pro
This dating software is feature loaded and eCommerce enabled. It has features such as token system or membership durations, thumbnail images, multiple image upload, who's online, chat, favorites, match mail, private mailboxes and many more.

2091)   DeadBolt
This script creates/deletes/updates the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories.

2092)   TelaLinks - Automatic Link Exchange Manager
Free automated link exchange management service which searches for link partners and automatically increases the backlink count to your websites daily.

2093)   Perl Basics
This tutorial summarizes the basic features of Perl. It categorizes these features into six major sections which are variables and their related operators, control structures, functions, regular expressions, input/output and system operators.

2094)   RandomQuote
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script that can be used to display random quotes on your website. The quotes to be displayed can be in HTML format.

2095)   IMDpoll
IMD Poll enables the webmasters to get feedback from their users and visitors through a web based form and supports forums for displaying the feedback. Polls can be created unlimitedly. Works with perl platforms.

2096)   Signup Engine
This is a simple perl based signup program where users can register on the website. A simple and very useful for webmasters.

2097)   @feedback form
This is a perl based form processor. It supports unlimited pages and fields and it checks for empty field, if there is any empty field and if there is any invalid entry particularly email and phone number it gives an alert message to the users.

2098)   SPT5
This script performs visual URL submission. The site is submitted to a number of search engines with only one click. The biggest advantage of this script is that allows full control and updating of the files, which contain URLs for posting.

2099)   HTML2PERL
Converts HTML designed in your favorite editor to PERL formatting for cases where you would like the HTML embedded in your PERL app.

2100)   Fu-Gen
This is an image manipulation script with which you can create custom logos with many different types of formats available with this script. You can also get animated logos. You can see the logo formats on the website.

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