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Top 2101-2150 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2101)   Perl Tutorial
This article is a place for learning about perl. New Perl learners can use this article to develop their perl programming knowledge. It is simple to understand and to use.

2102)   vtup
vtup is a script based on perl that performs file and image uploading to the specified directory which is selected by the user.

2103)   pssSearch
This is a web search tool that helps site visitors to find the information they seek on your site. This program also logs user's search request. Has customizable user interface for corporate branding.

2104)   Drop Down Redirect
Drop Down Redirect is a PERL based drop-down redirection utility. The list of URL's can be given in a drop-down menu and the visitor can choose the link of their choice.

2105)   WebScripts
This has a set of CGI scripts that are written in Perl. Some currently available scripts include WebAdverts which is a advanced banner ad management, WebBBS which is a Web-based bulletin board system and WebLog which is a Web site log analysis tool.

2106)   Alert-A-Friend
Alert-A-Friend is a perl script which allows your site visitors to post any message about your site to others. SSI can or cannot be used with this utility and stack option is included.

2107)   The Mangler
The Mangler is a web based perl script that helps the webmasters to obtain whole content of other webpage on their own webpage. You can access other website pages right on your site.

2108)   e-Accountant Pro
e-Accountant Pro is a simple and efficient order processing script in PERL that processes and stores relevant details of the customers from the order forms.

2109)   dolt
dolt, helps you to easily manage your web site by allowing you to update the style of the entire site by making changes in just one file. You do not need to have SSI either.

2110)   wFormMail
This script is used by webmasters to send file attachments to the specific email address that they received from their online form. This script supports multiple attachments.

2111)   DoDoMail
DoDoMail is based on perl with SQL database as backend which holds every information sent by the visitors. All emails from the database can be retrieved based on date or keyword.

2112)   ComAffiliate
Simple Pay per sale based affiliate tracking and management.

2113)   Aborior's Simplex User Poll
Aborior's Simplex User Poll lets the webmasters get the feedback from their users and visitors about their products and enable to obtain an accumulated info with result page. Supports 2D and 3D with graphs.

2114)   FriendReferer
Allows visitors who visit your website to refer friends to your site easily.

2115)   I-Shop Merchant
I-Shop Merchant is a simple online shopping cart written in PERL to assist webmasters to sell their products with powerful broswser based tools and order management programs.

2116)   Banners Pro
The professional Banner delivery system-Banners Pro is ready to help the webmasters in controlling advertisements in any websites. Banner Rotation is the main part controlled through this Banners Pro.

2117)   Developers To Polish New Perl
This is an article that will help the developers to know what the improvements and new features to expect for Perl 6, which is a new version of Perl that is being brought into the market.

2118)   makeHTML
This is a Perl script allows you to have full control of the generated source, thereby helping the webmaster the full control of the complex webpages his site has.

2119)   Spamdex
Spamdex is a script which will help you to create innumerable pages for the Search Engines to your site. This script helps to create pages for higher link relevancy and popularity. It offers Faster and dynamic page generation and support for multiple keyword lists.

2120)   Total Date CGI
As the name suggests, Total Date is a CGI script, which features a whole dating site and has many features such as join service, chat and more.

2121)   @-Manager
@-Manager is a mail form script. This script is basically used by web site owners to keep in touch with their site visitors by receiving email messages like comments and feedbacks through online email form of webmasters. This script is configurable and easy to use.

2122)   CCart Lite
CCart Lite is an easy to use shopping cart application program written in PERL to enable online sellers and merchants to perform customer's order processing and other related tasks.

2123)   WebGrams
WebGrams offers perl functions to build a personalized electronic card system on web based portals. No need for changing the program code.

2124)   Perldigger
Perldigger is a program which provides the information for the server side environment which includes a list of the installed perl modules.

2125)   Password Sentry
This is a password protection system that helps webmasters to allow their site members to password protect websites. This program is highly secured from password hackers and traders.

2126)   Stuff-DB
Stuff-DB is a script based on perl that acts as a flat file storage system for the users. This program provides a download link option for the users for downloading files.

2127)   Jobs Star
Jobs Star is a feature rich integrated recruitment package, designed for the web by 1st-interactive Design.

2128)   WebCal
Webcal is a web based calendar, in this script the web masters can view the calendar as a simple text and also in different table grid formats. And it can be used as a scheduling system on any web site.

2129)   Reading binary data
This tutorial describes and teaches the correct method to read the contents of a binary file. This gives you a safe way of avoiding getting errors when reading special bytes.

2130)   Online Lotto CGI
Start your own online lotto website and draw thousands of visitors to your website and advertisers.

2131)   WebCalendar
This web based group calendaring system allows you to co-ordinate and schedule events in an organization. The package includes a calendar server, an email reminder system, a task manager, a diary system, a contact list manager and a notes manager.

2132)   DTP One For All
This script helps you to modify the HTML code by reading it and displaying it to the user. For this to work you will have to include SSI call where you wish the HTML to be inserted.

2133)   Multi Mail
Multiform program secures the form to email gateway and which is easy to use and to implement. Vlinto compatible plugin is available.

2134)   FastForward
This script allows you to manage awards on your site. This tool makes the submission as an easy progress. This tool has an in-built search engine.

2135)   Kugel Board Game
Kugel Board Game is a gaming programme written in perl script. This game is played by moving balls on the board and get score.

2136)   ActiveUpdate
Active Update is meant for Linux/Windows - Perl/CGI and Windows Visual Basic Developers. It allows developers to add automatic updating to their software packages. This ensures the scripts to keep their systems or users up to date.

2137)   csChat-R-Box
csChat-R-Box is a CGI chat script that is easy to use. This offers features like fast login, select nickname, text color and more. This supports an auto-updating mechanism, where you do not need without having to reload to see messages.

2138)   Configuring CGI Scripts
This tutorial teaches a novice the aspect of installing CGI Script. It gives a general method to tackle the problems.

Site submitter is a PERL based script which can be used by the web masters to do a fast web submission service for their users. It also sends a custoimized message to the users after submitting the URLs.

2140)   CSV Manager
CSV manager allows you to add records or to perform searches on one or more of csv databases. The search can be on unlimited number of databases and any number of fields in that database. It is customizable because of the different templates available in the script.

2141)   M&M Error Director
MM Error Director is intended to log error messages which may found with website server. This script comes with many features and supports perl based platforms for execution.

2142)   1 URL Keeper
1 URL Keeper is a perl based program which is used for getting old visitors after the site URL or name has been changed. You just upload it and you can view returning of your old visitors to your site.

2143)   CGI , PERL Auction Script
This is a Perl based auction script which allows you to create auction web sites. This script is useful for the web administrators.

Advanced mailing list manager. Send ezines,offers,ads... Install on your server. High stable speed 250k/hour;high capacity - up to several millions. Tracking,stats.Various subscribe/unsubscribe methods. Personalize,customize it.3 months free support.Free Demo

2145)   Web tools and full script applications
This site offers profession scripts that range from webmaster tools to fully integrated web site systems. Each script set up takes between 5-10 minutes depending on user skill level.

2146)   Express Cart
Express Cart is a simple online e-commerce software written in PERL to allow users to implement a full featured shopping cart with realtime credit card processing.

2147)   Auto Updater
Auto Updater, yet simple and powerful news script that is designed for perl based websites. It provides as many features as you seek with maintaining your news engine. Supports secured admin panel, templates, images and many more.

2148)   ArtistScope Link Protect
ArtistScope Link Protect prevents your links on your page accessed by unauthorized people or from outside your website. Images and other content pages can be protected by this perl program.

2149)   LedMail
LedMail is integarated with perl classes that gives more useful functions to maintain the email lists dynamically. Supports unlimited lists and a single interface is included to implement mass mail feature.

2150)   Done Right's Book Search
This is a perl based search program that allows users to search online book stores for novels and books they are looking for. This program searches through amazon, buy, powells, BN and half.

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