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Top 2151-2200 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2151)   WebSec - A Web Secretary
WebSec is a combination of two scripts - websec and webdiff. This is a web page monitoring program. It compares web pages with archived original page and reports via email if there is any change in the content, highlighting the changes.

2152)   BBGallery
BBGallery is a simple script based on Perl that can be used for creating an image gallery that can be browsed with any HTML browser. It is capable of creating resizeable thumbnail images and to scale the images.

2153)   Dave's Form Processor Script
Dave's Form Processor is a simple perl based program that helps to create a form online. This script supports multiple form and fields. It check domain URL, email message and email address for error etc.,

2154)   Portahl
Portahl works with perl, MySQL enabled websites and is useful for clubs, corporate, private concerns and so on. Membership, content management, news publishing etc can be performed simply via this tool.

2155)   TD Keno
TD Keno is a gaming programme in perl script. This is a popular casino game without the money risk and is originally created during the reign of Han dynasty in china.

2156)   e-Personals
Designed specifically for personals, dating, matrimonial, and other matchmaking-related web sites, e-Personals includes powerful multimedia upload options (photos, video, and audio),

2157)   AWT Subscribe
AWT Subscribe is one of the perl driven mailing list manager that allows your website visitors to sign-up their names with email subscription lists and enable them to receive newsletters, announcements at regular intervals.

2158)   Harvey
This is a software that facilitates online communities to publish web based news, threaded discussions, web page creation, file management, photo publishing and much more.

2159)   Join for free script
This is a program used by webmasters to allow access to website visitors by asking them to fill a form and then send an activation code to their mail id through which visitors will be granted with permission to visit secured areas on the website.

2160)   Virtual MySQL Calendar
This calendar program allows multiple users to add events. The admin section allows you to setup the mysql database, list all the users and their passwords, access any user's calendar, modify or delete events or the user.

2161)   jbEcard
jbEcard is a perl program. It is used to send pictures with musical background, signature and title to your friends or to others. This script supports Millions of pictures, movies and music. It supports the image with extensions like, jpg, gif, pdf, avi, mpeg and png etc., It checks for error.

2162)   StellarVote
StellarVote lets you run a survey for several topics on dynamic perl websites. Server Side Includes works along with online polls. Web based admin interface is incorporated.

2163)   Ultimate Auction
This Perl auction script uses mySQL for it's database and can handle sites that have heavy traffic. Some of its features are unlimited levels of categories and sub-categories, full online administration, proxy bidding, full documentation and much more.

2164)   Esvon PC Builder
Designed to build and price custom computer system configurations on-the-fly but not limited only to this. Allows the client to configure a computer and then make order for computer configuration.

2165)   Chatologica GlobalSubmit
With this perl script you can start a paid url submission service from your own web-site. Templates usage. You can control footer, header, etc. The template system allows inclusion of local files, script outputs and off-site content. The script output and the http connections support gzip http compression and thus reduces your server's traffic. Programmer's friendly OO source code, easy to do further modifications.

2166)   EditPage Pro
EditPage Pro was developed with the aim of creating a versatile, easy-to-use website management suite with a uniquely intuitive layout and operation rivaling client-side applications.

2167)   Guardian
Guardian is a CGI script which works closely with the Apache 1.1 and later webservers. When a visitor to your site attempts to view a document which does not exist, tries to access a restricted area and fails, or initiates a script error, the Guardian awakes. He will provide the wayward visitor with helpful tips to get him back on track and, more importantly, will fire off a priority email to the site administrator alerting him of the transgression.

2168)   Ultralines Webmail
Ultralines Webmail is a webmail solution based on qmail and vpopmail. It has the most of features you would expect from webmail softwares.

2169)   Quiz Game
Quiz Game is a script which is written using Perl programming for the purpose of running a quiz game on your website. After completing the quiz form, the script automatically grades the player's answers.

2170)   MHF Media: Tell A Friend
This Tell A Friend script allows your site visitors to send comments about your site to their friends. SSI is not required for this utility.

2171)   Comprehensive guide to .htaccess
This exclusive tutorial on htaccess teaches you aspects such as the usage of .htaccess, how to customize your site's error pages, password protect directories, deny users by IP, prevent hot linking of your site's images and many more.

2172)   MyFAQ
This is a simple Perl script which can be used for creating a FAQ page on your website. You can also rebuild them without editing the HTML codes or uploading any pages.

2173)   BannerFarm
BannerFarm is a simple affiliate software designed to allow your affiliates to have banner links and codes so as to enhance the sales of your products.

2174)   Add A Link 2
This is a Perl based script with which you will be able to create and manage a free for all links page on your website effectively. It contains a built in auto responder.

2175)   Form Email
Form Email is a simple form processor program. It is used to send message to the site owners by the site visitors. Simple to use and to configure. This program has customizing options.

2176)   iuSpider
The iuSpider is a speedy tool for your web visitors to spider the links from a particular web page. This version of the iuSpider is 1.0.0 and the platform it requires is Unix, Win NT, and Mac OS X, on the other hand the iuSpider is easy to use and setup also.

2177) - DocBuilder
This provides a complete solution for creating and managing documentation on your website. It provides all required tools that are needed to create online documentation. It is perfect for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks, online support documentation etc.

2178)   Lyles Topsite
Lyles Topsite offers many features like allowing you to start a simple toplist ranking site and ranking all the hits by day or month.

2179)   Mamak Click Tracking System
This script system will help you track the number of users who have responded to your advertisements in banners, email marketing, affiliate programs etc. The script also keeps track of daily and monthly hits, browser type and the operating system being used by the visitors.

2180)   RadBot
RadBot will be a solution for people who seek more facilities to run a mailing list program on perl based websites. Subscribers can be notified of updates and new products through newsletter service.

2181)   Download-A-File
Download-A-File is a script based on perl that permits the users to perform any file downloads from their site. This script provides the downloaders information.

2182)   Auto-Clubs
Auto-Clubs is a program, which allows people, who share a common interest, to gather with similar individuals and form a variety of sub-communities within your larger site-wide community.

2183)   pScripts
This site offers a collection of simple CGI scripts for free. The scripts that are currently available include random text, top sites, traffic analysis, counter and many more.

2184)   Jump N Count
Jump N Count is a simple redirection script that help webmasters to create a drop down menu box with list of url names to link. It stores number of hits on each link.

2185)   MonoPro Link System
This is a perl script which allows you to create a link directory on your website. It can create and manage multiple categories and subcategories with a powerful admin interface.

2186)   Red Dragon
Red Dragon offers many CGI scripts for your Web site. Some of those currently available are discussion board, poll system, link indexing, announcement manager, guest book, random link generator, random image displayer, password protection and many more.

2187)   Mikey
This is a simple banner rotation script, that allows you to add any types of advertisement on your site. Some of its salient features are member login, javascript support, SSI support, grouping support for all size type banners, html support, expire ads and many more.

2188)   DirMaker
Set Up Your Own Internet Directory.

2189)   IT Developers Network
IT Developers Network is a freelance job auction website where 'buyers' (webmasters) can post projects for freelance programmers to produce. Extra features include, sponsorship requests, pre-made script posting. Useful tools included are a currency converter and calculator.

2190)   Amazon Search Directory
Amazon Search Directory lets the webmasters to sell the's all kind of products via their website and offer commmission for sell help. Any perl based website can include this module on thier site.

2191)   Angel Desk
Angel Desk is an advanced helpdesk system which will suit any size of business corporations for providing support to their customers. The major features include advanced plugin system and plugin genie, web based ticket system with email integration etc.

2192)   Ascripts Autopage Exchange System
The ASCRIPTS AUTOPAGE EXCHANGE SYSTEM integrates ALL the FEATURES and FUNCTIONS of major autopage exchange services and gives you COMPLETE CONTROL over the layout via customizable HTML templates and all the functions, features and stats via an extensive admin control panel.

2193)   Betterseller.cgi
This script allows Amazon Recommends links to open in a separate window. This is done by intercepting the JavaScript from and modifying it before it is delivered to the users browser.

2194)   WebUMake Web
WebUMake Web allows you to provide individual websites to your users with a WYSIWYG browser-based editor and file manager in a template-based environment.

2195)   Automatic E-Mail Follow Up System
You can create your own mailing list and you can send an email to your subscribers. Each member will have their own database, that will be maintained and accessed only by the member and hence it is secured.

2196)   The Project Channel
The Project Channel gives more useful perl functions to co-ordinate all project members and their projects. Database manipulate member accounts with contact info and project details with their status, reviews, resources, and schedule.

2197)   Datingsoftware Pro
This enhanced version of Datingsoftware features: user signup, complex registration, simple search (man, woman), advanced search, delete profile, forgot password, image upload, statistics for users

2198)   WebChalkboard Auction Software
The WebChalkboard Auction Software is designed to be simple, fast and intuitive to use.

2199)   Media
This is a simple perl based script that solves the problem of having to create .ram, .mov, and other files to use streaming media on websites. Also has a builtin leech killer to protect from others.

2200)   URL Forwarding
URL Forwarding is used for creating other websites by the visitors on your website. It helps them to redirect to another website. Members can create and edit accounts easily.

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