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Top 2351-2400 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2351)   QuoteShuffler
This is a Perl based random quote rotator script that can be used to rotate or display quotes on your website easily. The script is capable of handling unlimited number of quotes.

2352)   Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I
This tutorial tells you how to set up a guest book using a perl and a MySQL backend. It is ideal for companies that run free public guest books.

2353)   DateSite
DateSite is a perl script that allows you to easily set up and maintain an extensive and well organized personals directory with a minimum of effort.

2354)   WonderDesk
This easily installable Perl CGI script offers a fully automated web based help desk. Once installed, it replace your support email link with the WonderDesk link and all support requests get re-directed. It allows the users can any time log back in and check the status of their request.

2355)   Last Modified
This script shows the date and time when the HTML document of your site was last modified. This one script can be applied to all the pages of your website.

2356)   WebTranslate
This is a perl script to perform translation. This script handles exporting, importing and formatting the GNU gettext PO files.

2357)   WebAdWizard
This online web-based program enables you to load free or fee based full-page Internet Web Ads. These could be with a photo, links as well as a unique Web address. It also offers features such as category support, search utility, broadcast emails and many more.

2358)   Perl 101 (Part 2) - Of Variables And Operators
This second article in the series teaches you about Perl's variables and operators. It also tells you about conditional expressions.

2359)   Traffic Log
Traffic Log enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page and captures the entry page for each visitor. This does not duplicate the use of server logs or other tracking scripts.

2360)   ROL-Ads
ROL-Ads is a perl program that helps to grab the XML feed news and products from using embedded affiliate coding. Upto 75% revenue is paid from total share.

2361)   SuperLinkExchange Pro
SuperLinkExchange Pro is a powerful link exchange management system which is powered with perl programming. Admin supports users to add upto 4 banners.

2362)   Untangling Lists and Hashes
This is the tenth article in the series named The Perl You Need to Know. In this article the author shows how to work with Perl list and hash data structures.

2363)   iB Hackers
iB Hackers is a simple online discussion board in PERL with which users can discuss on various issues and topics with other members through forums. This is a simple program that allow webmasters to provide forum solution to their visitors.

2364)   Online Classifieds
This is an online classifieds program that will allow your customers to upload images of their products or services directly into the AD database from their own browser. It also offers Word Search and Adult Words Filter.

2365)   Rank-it System
Rank-it System allows the users and visitors on a website to rate the photos and images of their own and others. Admin support numerous users for authorized access. Works with perl driven websites.

2366)   Whats New Pro
Whats New Pro is adaptable for perl implement news websites to update the latest release of products, company info and announcements etc. Searching, indexing, and user administration are few of the salient functions seen with this software.

2367)   Mamak Click Count
Mamak Click Count is a click counter script that will keep track of all hits and clicks on your site. You can use one script for all your pages and URLs. It offers a password protected log view file which is available online. This script is easy to install.

2368)   CurbSide
This script is a simple newsletter with visitors being able to add/remove their email addresses.

2369)   Better Whois Script
This is whois script which is written in Perl which has the capability of searching whois information for nearly two hundred different domain name extensions in real time.

2370)   Meta Tag Analyzer
Meta Tag Analyzer is used to analyze the meta informations and to measure each words and characters of titles, tag description etc.

2371)   Biz Mail form
Biz Mail is a simple and useful script for the web owners that helps them to import form data into the database. This script is facilitated with email protection, autoresponder, delete duplicate form submissions etc., are the main advantages.

2372)   Anchor's Site Submitter
Anchor's Site Submitter is truly an anchor in submitting your URL to top search engines such as Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, Hotbot, Altavista for indexing.

2373)   HotelSQL
This is an affiliate program for world wide hotels by which you can earn percentage commission as profit for every sale made through your site.

2374)   MakeBook
This is a perl based script that allows users to post messages and display them on webpages. Admins have facilities to control users postings to edit or delete them.

2375)   Imagemap Help Page - IHiP
This site is useful for the learners who need to know and learn about image manipulation. This article is based on perl.

2376)   Advanced php and perl scripts for your unique web site
Scripts for existing Introduction / Casting /Modeling /Escort / Match Making /Recruitment / Estate / Agency or you are just a web developer who wants to have and run all these agencies online by himself and make loads of money or you are just want to set up all these services to serve your community.

2377)   Directory Database Script
This script helps you to maintain a database of companies & their contacts information. This is an easily customizable script and can be displayed on any site. It is a tab delimited or pipe delimited database and allows a dynamic lookup of user information.

2378)   Paypal Assistant
The Paypal Assistant uses Paypal's IPN to give you immense flexibility over your post sale activities. You can use this script to deliver digital goods upon a purchase, post data to another script, execute commands on your server.

2379)   FAQ PLAIN
FAQ PLAIN is a simple FAQ preprocessor which generates a single FAQ output page and offers useful options such as a hierarchical structure of the FAQ with automatic numbering.

2380)   Membership Subscription Scripts
These Perl scripts automate site subscriptions through Internet Billing Company (Ibill) and

2381)   CSV read
You can read the data that is stored in database by using CSV read tool. This script shows you all the database in your web page. It is included with filter, sort and search facility.

2382)   Ready Form
Ready form is a simple perl based email form processor. Webmasters can use this script on their site to contact their online site visitors. This script has built in thank you page.

2383)   CPANEL
CPANEL is a server program written on perl which permits the users to perform web hosting operations and control individual accounts, reseller accounts, basic system and control panel maintenance and administering MySQL databases.

2384)   Andi's Smart-Insert
This script introduces the content of a text file into your html files at the specified place. This is very good for repetitive text appearing on multiple pages for example for headers, footers, etc.

2385)   WWC Notify
WWC Notify works with any sized perl and CGI supported platforms on which it can be used to create and manipulate mailing list functions easily. All functions are done through user friendly interface.

2386)   @1 Quote Publisher
This is a random text script written in Perl that can be used to display quotes or messages of the day on your website randomly from a list of quotes on your database. The script requires Server Side Includes.

2387)   HotelSQL
HotelSQL is a perl based script and is a marketing program that can be used to import 50000 hotel listings on the websites. This program supports MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres database to store data.

2388)   Scripts by Tammie's Husband
This site offers many free CGI scripts that are written in Perl. Some programs that are available are form processors, chat script, shopping cart, site recommendation, guest books, ad rotater, Web quiz, link indexing, redirection, file editor and many more.

2389)   psPhonebook Lite
This script is used for storing phone numbers, email address, contact address and site name of company. This program is easy to setup and simple to work.

2390)   Interactive Bookmarks
This script allows you to enhance your site and attract more visitors by providing them with Interactive Bookmarks service. The users can store, annotate and arrange their bookmarks. The script allows you to serve highly targeted banners based on currently selected folder's category.

2391)   Advanced Listmaster
Advanced Listmaster is capable of handling as many lists as you can include with a subscription module. HTML / text can be used to send newsletters. Perl and CGI supported websites can get benefit by using this module.

2392)   Book Viewer
By using this script the users can establish a library online with those text files. Index page is generated automatically. This is useful for all educational instituions and more.

2393)   Commerce SQL
Commerce SQL is a simple and yet advanced shopping cart software highly backed with the power of MySQL database to allow webstore owners to have speedy access to all products in the cart catalog.

2394)   Harvest Search
This is a perl search engine program that allows users to collect informations on intranet and internet applications using nttp, http and allows users to search them building a search engine.

2395)   User Fingerprints
Tracks date, ip, browser, processor, JavaScript Disabled, screen dimensions, color depth, and referer. Easy to set up and use - uses the image tag to track.

2396)   Banner Exchange Website
Banner Exchange Website is an useful perl script for the webmasters to manage banner exchange and increase traffic to their site.

2397)   Top Downloads
Top Downloads is a script based on perl which allows the users to count the number of times a file is downloaded. This script check a directory of the users specifying files.

2398)   Macurious Auto-responder
Macurious Autoresponder software is helpful for website owners to receive comments from their site visitors. This script allows them to create an email form for their site with auto responder facility to deliver instant message to the submitters.

2399)   csvdump
csvdump can be used to dump any MySQL table to the address that is specified in the command line or to any default mail address that may be specified in the script.

2400)   My Homepage Maker
If you want to surf all your favorite links in a fast and quick manner, then you can use this script. It will allow you to make a homepage of all your favorite links.

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