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Top 2451-2500 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2451)   formlib
This provides a few perl subroutines that can help you handle forms. All available subroutines read and parse the input appropriately which makes it very convenient if you want to be able to access one program from several forms.

2452)   sysinfo
sysinfo is a server program that provides several informations to the users about their web space and server. This script indicates any environment variables.

2453)   Basic SSI Graphical Counter
This is a counter script that will display an image counter to track movement of traffic on your Web page. It requires Server Side Include (SSI).

2454)   Tell Somebody
This is a perl script to suggest your website to others through your site visitors. Useful tool for the webmasters to increase web traffic to their website.

2455)   SunnyScript's FreeSurfer
SunnyScript's FreeSurfer allows you to browse the web anonymously.

2456)   PayPal Shopping Cart Program
PayPal Shopping Cart Program is a simple e-commerce shopping cart software that allow webmasters to create and manage full featured online shopping cart system with paypal payment gateway integration.

2457)   CGI Helper
This is a simple and useful script that helps you to identify your server paths, environmental values, and also lists all the Perl modules that are installed on your server.

2458)   DueToExpire Pro
This is a powerful shell script which will be useful for searching the details regarding expiry of domain names in Yahoo and Dmoz. It includes thousands of category listings in Yahoo and Dmoz.

2459)   Search Engine Cloaker
Cloaker tricks search engine spiders into thinking that your site has thousands of pages. These pages are generated on-the-fly just for the spiders from keyword lists that you can easily manage. This is an extremely productive, albeit controversial, technique to generate more traffic.

2460)   Froogle
Froogle is an easy to use online catalog script written in PERL with which users and e-commerce professionals can easily upload their product catalogs for PHP shop.

2461)   CGI: Contact Form
This software is a perl based contact form. It helps webmasters to generate a mail form on their website to get message from their site visitors. It has email validator.

2462)   Concentration
Concentration is a perl scripted card memory game. In this game you have to choose a set of matched cards from a bunch and score points.

2463)   HFPM
This is a set of modules that accept a submitted HTML form. This contents of the submitted fields can be modified and the output result can be e-mailed, appended to a file, displayed to the user or returned to an arbitrary URL.

2464)   Vote Pro - Survey, Voting Solution
Vote Pro - Survey, Voting Solution helps you to generate a polling module on your perl site also maintaining and customizing the poll system are done simply. One can include any number of polls on a single page.

2465)   SMC Webstore Express
SMC Webstore Express is an online shopping cart system written in PERL for mid level e-commerce professionals to implement shopping cart on their website.

2466)   CopThis
This script is a site recommendation perl script which allows your visitor friends to your site and increase the traffic and gets more and more hit.

2467)   Advanced Real-Estate Management System
ARMS is a website management tool designed for agencies and realtors. Some of its features are search, auto up-date of categories, multiple photo uploading, highlighting features, remember feature, mapping and many more.

2468)   BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page
This site has tutorials and reference pages that cover everything about SSI. Some of these are enabling SSI on your server, Echo directive, Include directive, Exec and Virtual directives, nested directives, real back button and extended SSI directives.

2469)   Url Submitter :
Seamlessly allow your visitors to submit their website to an unlimited amount of Search Engines.

This script is used for creating a form for mailing purpose. This script is basically built in CGI. This script is used as a contact form to receive email message from their site visitors.

2471)   Cache-22
This site has an increasing number of free Perl/CGI scripts. Some of the currently available scripts include mailing list manager, file download system, date and time display, web-based email sender and random generator.

2472) is a Perl module that will allow the developers to add a user management system to their applications, without much effort. This offers a user oriented environment into your application.

2473)   pureBB
pureBB is a fast, reliable perl discussion board system with a mySQL backend. This is the third revision of the forum, and is to date the most stable and feature-filled.

2474)   @1 Web Publisher
Edit the text and image contents of your existing web pages through a web browser. This script supports master and slave modes. It uses 4 types of tag pairs. No HTML knowledge is required.

2475)   Site Editer
This script will help you create, edit and view any files on your site from the browser itself. It has a password protection feature which bars the unauthorized users from using this script.

2476)   Nether Template Personal
This is a perl based website content manager. This program can build your web pages with templates. All these actions are performed through a web based browser.

2477)   EZ Mail form
This script is used to create an email form easily. It does not send the message directly. At first it converts the entered data into HTML form and then it is reformatted into Email message. It helps the users to keep the message with full security.

2478)   SimpLISTic SQL
SimpLISTic SQL is designed for perl supported websites to keep it's members informed with changes made, new offers on products and important news and so on. Support BCC feature with mails.

2479)   XWolf's ClickCounter
Website is in Dutch. This script will help you to view the clicking actions of your users and hence their preference. The script also counts the number of times a link has been clicked and you have the option of not letting certain login names from given IP addresses login to your system.

2480)   FreeLove (Matchmaking/Introduction agency)
FreeLove3 is the industry standard program for matchmaking, introduction, dating, sex related web sites. FreeLove allows you to offer this great free services to your visitors or have a commercial project. Very flexible program, can be easily updated to meet your specific requirements.

2481)   CyberCart
CyberCart is a simple perl based online shopping cart software with which merchants would be able to create instant shopping cart web pages with secured administrative interface.

2482)   File Mailer
File Mailer is a script based on perl which permits the users to send files through the email. The users can include their own email messages in this script.

2483)   ServerCheck
ServerCheck is a server program written on perl which checks the configuration of users server and environmental variables. Easy to install and handle.

2484)   Dr.Quek's notes on Perl

2485)   HiFAQ
HiFAQ is a script with which you will be able to build a dynamic FAQ database for your website in real time. It is designed with templates for easy customization.

2486)   SupraCart Version 4.0
A complete e-commerce and web site management solution. Manage a store with products or services for sale. Features include categories, sub-categories, product options and relationships, specials, UPS integrated or cutom shipping flexibility, admin statistics, order tracking, discounts, a mail list program, general site/program settings, dynamic form generation, file upload utilities, easy html text editing, a banner ad rotation program, multiple product options and relationships, and more.

2487)   WebMake
WebMake is a simple content management system, based around a templating system for HTML documents and an emphasis on page generation.functionality: metadata support, dynamic index generation from metadata, automatically-generated sitemaps and navigational aids, user-defined tags.

2488)   Basic Form
You can create both web based contact mail forms as well as autoresponders for your web applications using this program. You can include comment, check, text boxes, radio buttons etc., on the forms.

2489)   YOURaff
YOURaff is an affiliate program software that uses a MySQL database. It has many advanced features and can run large affiliate programs on websites. It supports both banners as well as text ads.

2490)   Web Knowledge Base
This database tool is used by webmasters on their site to facilitate their site with database table and allow their site visitors to enter data on websites database table.

2491)   Quick Cookie
Quick Cookie is a simple and easy to use tool which is specifically designed to manage cookies from your web site. You can easily integrate this tool on your web sites.

2492)   @1 Data Sorting Tool
This script can help you grab the contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data. It then tabulates this data into a HTML table. It works with any tab/pipe/colon-delimited text files or MS-Excel/Access data file. The program can support unlimited user and sub-user accounts.

2493)   Done Right's Electronics Search
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search electrical appliances such as televisions, DVD Players, stereos and also other appliances from the top vendors through 5 popular search engines.

2494)   Ace Banner Rotator
banner rotater is packed with features, any thing you could want is here, the script can rotate HTML, groups/zones, weighting banners and loads more.

2495)   b3 Comment Poll
b3 Comment Poll is an online poll and voting script that allows your website visitors to vote on your created polls.

2496)   Open Journal (OJ)
Open Journal is a perl script that will take care and maintain your Web-based writings from a Web-based interface. Features offered are automated file creation and file indexing and updating. It also offers multi user support and template construction for easy customization.

2497)   all my hits (amh)
This script requires very little programming knowledge and is very easy to install. It can be used to keep track the hits from your homepage to another.

2498)   LastChance
LastChance lets you implement a pop-up window module when visitors leaving your site. You can modify all aspects of window like window size, location bar, and message content. Works with Perl and CGI supported websites.

2499)   KCScripts - Mailing List
KCScripts - Mailing List works with perl that can be used to track the contact details of subscribed members within a list and to keep the members to know about site updates and special offers on a regular basis.

2500)   AceWhoisPro
This is a simple and easy to use whois script which is written using Perl. With this script you can search for multiple names and multiple top level domains simultaneously.

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