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Top 2501-2550 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2501)   Arts
Arts is a Perl based system which can be used for creating quick knowledgebases from mail messages. It is designed to save the information that is generated by email.

2502)   AlsPersonals
AlsPersonals allows you to run a personals on your web site. Your registered users can create a profile, search ads, browse profiles, delete ads/profiles and more.

2503) Classifieds
This is a set of three scripts which are classifieds.cgi (allows users to post/view classified ads), remove.cgi (allows users to remove their classified ad) and removeall.cgi (allow the administrator to remove all ads posted on a date).

2504)   BotCreator
This is a perl script to prevent your IRC channel. By configuring this script to users network the bot will be generated. It is simple to install and configure.

2505)   Web Dictionary
This is a perl based web dictionary program and a search engine. In this program administrator can add, delete or edit the result outputs. Data files are highly secured in this program.

2506)   H-Sphere
H-Sphere makes the daily web hosting tasks an automated process. This automates account creation, resource allocation and billing and works with any SQL-compliant database.

2507)   HotLinks v1.1
Manage exchanged links in advanced way. Automatically reciprocal links and Alexa rating checker.

2508)   Email form
Email form program displays a form which will ask you to send any feedback or any message to your web owners and after submission you will receive a thank you message.

2509)   MLM software
MLM software can be used by the webmasters for doing their MLM business online. It is a PERL based script and it is possible to import the data from the replicator to this software.

2510)   Member Reg
This is a file securing program that allows users to grant access to secured contents for visitors on payment and getting registered. This program maintains the users database for mass mailing and newsletter functions.

2511)   Poll Now
A perl based website which requires an online rating system to allow the users to submit their votes can utilize 'Poll now' script and can create unlimited polls with a single page.

2512)   BizDB
A flexible, secure and easy-to-install Web database management software with powerful search and reporting features.

2513)   Wget4web
Wget4web is a script based on perl which permits the users to add downloads to their server for viewing the status of the downloads. The users have option to control the traffic.

2514)   Apply Contact Lite
Apply Contact is used to keep contact with visitors of the site through an email form. Apply Contact helps users to create an email form on their site with maximum facilities.

2515)   Simple Perl counter
This script is based on simple perl program. This program is helpful for website owners to keep the track records of their site visitors up to date. This script is simple to install and to configure.

2516)   smc WebLinks
smc WebLinks enable you to create and manage an interactive search engine with hundreds of links and listings that are assigned in different categories.

2517)   Datcat Database Utility
This software is a perl based database management system. Web site owners can build their own online custom database table to allow their users to customize their data.

2518)   Random Page
This is a simple and easy to use Perl based script with which you can place a link on your website which when clicked, directs the users to a random website.

2519)   Grizz's Free Links Script
This is a Perl based free links script. The script provides you with statistical information about the links and lets you to manage the links through an admin section.

2520)   Force to Frame
This script allows you to put frames for links redirected to your home page. The javascript detects for absense of frames and put frames to the linking sites.

2521)   Cnctek's Simple Search Engine
This is a search engine program having the ability to read ASCII files from MS Access and MS Excel. The field delimitors are tab, comma and pipe (|) character.

2522)   Link Trader
Link Trader is a perl embedded tool that gives more useful facilities to manage link exchange system. Webmasters can fix a ratio to receive hits from links.

2523)   HiNews
HiNews, a perl driven news engine that implement functions to upgrade your news pages on the fly. Printing of articles is available. News system supports HTML content. Templates and layouts support building of news pages in a desired way.

2524)   Total Pins
Total Pins is a simple PERL based online billing script available with ibill module for assisting all users to create and manage ibill pin account.

2525)   MojoNews MySQL
MojoNews MySQL is a news script which is integrated with perl and MySQl. WYSIWYG interface lets you design your news page with categorized articles. HTML is not required for article creation and your publishing is done automatically.

2526)   The Kiosk Shopping Cart
The Kiosk Shopping Cart is a simple and efficient shopping cart software application in perl that allow webmasters to create and manage advanced shopping cart with DHTML menu system and DPOS support.

2527)   MailChek
MailChek is a perl script that permit the users to check their POP mail accounts from any remote locations. This script can send and compose new messages and provides MIME support for the users.

2528)   CosmicTell-a-Friend
This tell-a-friend script can be used for any email function.

2529)   CupidSQL
CupidSQL is a Perl/MySQL-based program that allows you to start your own computer dating or personals site.

2530)   Password and Redirection
This is a perl based security program that helps webmasters to password protect their web pages. This program prevents unauthorised users to access protected webpages.

2531)   Aardvark Cart
Aardvark Cart is an easy to use and simple online e-commerce software written in perl to create and manage web based shopping cart with flexible features.

2532)   Talk Now
This script allows you to chat with visitors on your website. It has a user friendly interface and allows sending of images, links, paging administrators, logging, automatic answer, multiple administrator accounts and many more.

2533)'s Link Popularity
This script will query major search engines (AllTheWeb, AltaVista, AOL, MSN, HotBot, Lycos, and Netscape) to determine how many webpages have links to your domain(s).

2534)   Aaron's LookSmart Expired Domain Finder.
This script is a command line tool that allow users to select a category in looksmart and find any expired domain. It is fast in its character and efficient.

2535)   EasyHost
This is a web hosting system that allows users to create their own pages on your site. Almost all of the configuring is done through your web browser, even setting up EasyHost is done through 5 easy steps when you first run the software.

2536)   Advanced Ranking System
With Advanced Ranking System you get three options to rank the list- Total score, total votes, or average rating. There are also position change indication arrows.

2537)   indexsoft MySQL backups manager
This perl script will allow you simply as "one-two-three" to save and restore yours MySQL databases. It very simple and convenient to use and very powerful to keep databases in safe. You can make backup copies of databases in the indicated directory of your hosting service provider, to load them on your computer, to unload them on the server and to control all unlimited backups you created of all unlimited databases.

2538)   PhotoShelf
This is a digital image management system that can be used to arrange the photos from your digital camera into an online gallery where it can be stored and retrieved any time. With this script, you can view the images in your database as a slideshow presentation.

2539)   Usenet Web Gateway
Usenet Web Gateway is a set of Perl programs that run on web servers, which allow users to post, read and search usenet messages from a web browser. These also do not require any other news reader software.

2540)   FAQ Engine
FAQ Engine is a simple and easy to use script which is written using Perl for the purpose of managing a FAQ section on your website using Remedy's ARS module.

2541)   SimpleSite
SimpleSite can help to generate a complete website and a theme structure defining the look of the generated site. This gives the website a consistent look while remaining easily maintainable at the same time.

2542)   Rxgoogle.cgi's
Rxgoogle.cgi's is a program that allows you to create a search engine that searches inside your website without redirecting. There is a support forum on the website that resolves users problem regarding this program.

2543)   CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
This tutorial teaches you the basics of creating CGIs with Perl on a Unix platform. It teaches you aspects such as how to create Perl programs for counting hits, storing and retrieving guest book information and for processing secure passwords.

2544)   Scripts for Educators
This site offers many free CGI scripts. Some scripts currently available include mailing list manager, e-mail reminder script, site search, voting system, real-time chat, quiz scripts, guest book, Internet games, and much more.

2545)   pwebstats
pwebstats is a script used to analyze the server log in squid format, Common Log Format or CERN proxy logs and then translates the statistics HTML pages and graphs.

2546)   Indexed GEDCOM Method
This method will generate an index file and also HTML index files when an updated DEGCOM is available. It has an option to search user by surname and their real name.

2547)   Tobi's Live BookMarks Presenter
The purpose of this Perl script is to convert a Netscape bookmarks file on the fly to a friendly web tree simulation. This program has to be run as a CGI to do it's work.

2548)   Click Bank Affiliate Program
With basic HTML knowledge, this script allows Click Bank sellers to set up a reseller programs for their affiliates. When the customer clicks; they reach the real sales page while carrying the click bank affiliates name with them. This is easy to install and use.

2549)   Acmedate Match Making Script
This dating software allows you to establish a dating websites. It is scalable and has features such as different membership levels, private messaging, interview, search agent, perfect match, profile viewer and many more.

2550)   WebUMake File Manager
WebUMake File Manager is a script based on perl that permits the users to manage files and directories and gives the users a control over their directories and files. It provides security features to safeguard the files.

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