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Top 2551-2600 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2551)   Helpdesk::Mail System
This script provides an application that can assist help desks and support centers to respond to emails from customers. It offers features such as knowledge base, pre-fill replies, user data base and more.

2552)   iComplete LE Professional Safelist
iComplete LE Professional Safelist is an advanced mailing list manager that is powered on perl programming. It has many in-built features such as members contact list, secured user admin session, three member subscription level, etc.

2553)   System Information Retriever
System Information Retriever is a server program where users can view the system environment variables of their server.

2554)   NasBackup online Backup for Windows
Helps to backup the files in laptop, Windows desktop PC and other network servers. This tool will be very useful for end users and middle level programers to backup files and data.

2555)   SearchMaster
SearchMaster is a search engine ranking analysis tool with a difference. Traditional tools for performing this function often work offline and require you to publish your results to a web server or email the results to whoever has requested them so that they can be viewed. SearchMaster works online.

2556)   MRTG for windows server
This program is used for tracking traffic load of network links. It displays result in graphical images for visual representation. It tracks only windows server.

2557)   AcceptIt!
AcceptIt! is a program that can be used for any type of site where users can both enter and search information for example to create resume/classifieds sites, on-line communities etc. Can support one to two thousand entries.

2558)   MIM-Technology
This site offers a tool capable of: Universal database development and handling and Creating various usable applications for automation of different Web routines

2559)   FAQ-O-Matic
FAQ O Matic is a Perl based script which lets the members of a community to share the tasks of entering, correcting and organizing the frequently asked questions and answers.

2560)   Security Links Management Script
You could use this service for any link redirection and for counting. This script hides affiliate links, free hosted website links etc.,

2561)   Hifriend
This is a perl script to refer your site to your site visitors friend. It is cross platform and your site visitors are allowed to refer your site to multiple email addresses.

2562)   Log Tools
Log tools has three scripts—CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog. These three scripts keep track of the browsers and operating systems your visitors are using to come to your page and and the links that are directing them.

2563)   Click Bank Emailer
Click Bank Emailer is an online e-commerce software integrated with click bank as a means of improving tight security measures for all types of online products.

2564)   Stouk Autodrivemap
This perl script offers technical support for corporate companies with multiple domain environment. It handles username and encrypted password remotely to provide access to the users.

2565)   NethernetWhois
This is a Perl script which provides solution for starting your own online domain registration service with which you can allow your website visitors to register domains through the web.

2566)   PerlMyAdmin
PerlMyAdmin is a web based mysql administration tool written in perl. All common tasks such as creating tables managing columns and keys are supported.

2567)   email language translator
email language translator is a perl script that performs language translation and permit receivers to get the users language without mistranslation by phrase translators.

2568)   CodeBrainQ CounterKit
On every Hit this text-based counter script increases the counter count by one, and then prints the new count to the page. You can make the counter invisible, show the visitor’s IP on the page. Also you can make the counter output appear in any font, size or color by using font tags around SSI.

2569)   csCreate Professional
This is a perl based program to manage content on websites. This program can create multiple users and assign rights to access variouts contents on the site. Administrator can have access to all contents.

2570)   Earn-It Manager
Earn-It offers webmasters the ability to offer free item if amount of unique visitors.

2571)   Hitman
Hitman analyzes logs to track visitors coming to your web pages and then generates reports on them and how they are using the web pages.

2572)   BannerPlus Gold
BannerPlus Gold enables the webmasters to include and manage the banner exchange module on their sites. This script is suitable for medium to large size perl websites to decrease the server crashes due to bulk banner exchange.

2573)'s Users Online
This real time counter script runs with or without SSI. It provides everything needed to show your visitors how many people are on the site or at any given page.

2574)   ToDo
This is a todo listing program developed with perl that allows your site visitor to log. This program comes with fully functional admin control panel.

2575)   OxCart xTRA™
OxCart xTRA™ a complete e-commerce solution for small to large size web stores. Manage your store with products for sale online. Features include catalogs/categories, featured items, specials, UPS shipping/custom shipping configuration, order tracking, discounts, mailing list manager, product image upload utilities, plug n play affiliate program compatible, multiple store administrator with same or different access level and more.

2576)   SMC Webstore Lite
SMC Webstore Lite is a simple online e-commerce shopping cart software that provides optimum solution for small size e-commerce websites to launch web based e-stores on their website.

2577)   MyNapster
MyNapster is a webclient programme that allows you to share or download files over the internet.Has chatting and multi threaded downloading functions.Supports resume of downloading files.

2578)   csIncludes
csIncludes is a script based on perl which permits the users to manage server side includes. This program allows the users to add datas to any area of their website.

2579)   Perl and The MiniSQL Server (mSQL)
Since Perl and MySQL can be used together, so one would wonder if Perl and mSQL be used together as well. This tutorial brings out hat they can be used together, using the same Perl module.

2580)   Hindent
This perl script is a HTML reformatting and nesting utility. The new HTML is written for human readability. Causes hindent to print a complete list of tags.

2581)   Paypal Plus
Paypal Plus is an e-commerce script designed to help shopping cart owners to add unique buy buttons for each and every product of their shopping cart program.

2582)   ASLS - A Simple Links Script
This is a simple links script which is written using Perl program. With this script, you will be able to manage all the links on your database effectively.

2583)   Emaze ScriptWizard
ScriptWizard is a powerful perl software that helps to create and manipulate the forms and surveys. Users with password can access the existing forms or can create a new form / survey for their scripts.

2584)   AlsPersonals updated
AlsPersonals is an ideal software to build an online dating service. This maintains a database of user profiles. Onsite communication tools including chat rooms are offered. Personal mail boxes for each member are also there.

2585)   FAQ Manager by CGI World
This is a Perl script which allows you to create and administer a FAQ section on your website effectively. It is packed with numerous features that allow you to customize and maintain your FAQ area with less effort.

2586)   Innovate Content Manager
This is a perl based content management program that can create and edit websites in real time. This program is compatible with any server. It has a very easy to use web based interface.

This may be termed as an assessment site that offers a collection of reviews on most CGI programs. The scripts that it offers reviews on range from Perl new management systems to PHP forums and remotely hosted CGI services.

2588)   Personal Open Directory (POD)
Personal Open Directory (POD) helps to bring the entire Dmoz contents to your site. One can even customize the layouts of the output through templates to suit their website.

2589)   Easycount
This is a simple text counter that is easy to set up. The text is customizable in Size, Color, Face and counter color. It uses javascript to show the number of visitors in the counter. Does not require SSI.

2590)   Unicounter
A perl script that can act as a download or page-hit counter. Features include IP address tracking to avoid false increments and output suitable for use with javascript or Server-Side-Includes.

2591)   4est's Photo Album
This is a simple image gallery script designed using Perl for creating your own online gallery. It contains features like pseudo code, editing the censored word list and also includes SSI function.

2592)   Tie::FileLRUCache
Tie::FileLRUCache provides a filesystem based LRU cache. Offers a lightweight Least Recently Used cache of data. It uses the 'last accessed' timestamp generated by the file system to determine the 'oldest' cache entry and discards the oldest cache entries when needed to stay under the keep_last limi

2593)   ShotGun
This script counts the number of times a file is downloaded along with the date of last download and user I.P. address.

2594)   POD-l
POD-I is a script that is capable of selecting a random image from your image database and displays them in your website. The picture will change automatically every day.

2595)   IC-SiteSearch
This program has many great features such as the ability to add a header and footer to it as well as its powerful search capabilities that allow you to specify what types of files are allowed to be searched and which ones can't according to the files extension. Very simple to install. No programming knowledge needed to configure and install this program.

2596)   Casthat
Casthat is an adapative web fetching tool for perl driven websites which collects and displays RSS and XML news feeds from other websites is simply done.

2597)   AtlantForum Lite
AtlantForum Lite is an efficient message board in PERL that facilitates users to customize their online discussions with multimedia files and photo files on the boards.

2598)   Search Engine watch
This script is useful for webmasters to view number of hits that they got from which search engines. This script is simple to configure.

2599)   Merchant-Store.Com
Merchant-Store.Com is a simple online e-commerce software that provides complete solution for all e-commerce professional to setup full featured online shopping cart on their website.

2600)   Greymatter
Greymatter is an easy to use software which allows opensource weblogging and journal. It supports many enhanced features which makes the website more interesting.

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