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Top 2751-2800 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2751) is a fun game in perl script with an object of making same coloured rows or column of three or more diamonds and get 10 points score. You have to rearrange as quick as possible to get score, otherwise loose the game.

2752)   Billow Links
Billow Link is a simple and easy to use link indexing script written using Perl. It lets you to create and manage a link database with multiple categories and with unlimited links.

2753)   Perlfect Subscribe
Perlfect Subscribe is completely a perl based subscriber list program that has a mail dispatcher to communicate all subscribed members via single admin interface.

2754)   TelPad
This is a address book management program developed with perl that helps users to add, delete or edit addresses from a web based interface. Admin have facility to change user's contacts.

2755)   QuickVote
QuickVote is a right solution for webmasters who require a CGI / perl supported easier and faster voting system on their homepage. No need for database to manage the site content.

2756)   Innovate Web Control
Innovate Web Control is a script based on perl where users can manage their websites online from anywhere. This program permits the users to edit the files.

2757)   Installation Installer
This is a perl script to create a file which generates another file. This system is easy to use and useful for the webmasters.

2758)   News Manager
News Manager is a web based news community system through which one can generate and upgrade a news engine on Perl embedded websites.

2759)   Ace Perl Name Formatter
This is a code snippet that can assist you in formatting common names. For example, john doe III, can be converted to John Doe III.

2760)   Banner Ad Rotation Program (BARP-LITE)
barp-lite is a banner ad rotation program. It displays random banner adds on your web pages. The script also writes to 2 log files - one for ad click-through, and one for ad impressions (ad views). It is easy to use, and install.

2761)   Checkbox Mailer
This script is a simple email form. Webmasters can send their form results to their mulitiple site visitors using checkbox. This script secures your forms from hackers by checking the referring URL.

2762)   Extropia's SiteSearch
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search an entire site for their search terms and keywords. This is a small and quick search utility for site searching.

2763)   Dot Matrix Mailer Professional
Dot Matrix Mailer Professional manages unlimited mailing lists on perl driven websites via web based admin interface. Users can select either HTML or text format to receive mails.

2764)   Stouk DBViewer
Stouk DBViewer is an excellent tool to test database queries. It also allows you to view pre-configured tables from MySQL or Oracle data sources. You can test multiple statements and view the results. You can export result of any query into comma-separated or MS Excel formats.

2765)   archive_maker_bb
archive_maker_bb is a simple online discussion program module designed specially to archive messages of "WWWBoard" discussion board. This addon works only with "WWWBoard".

2766)   Changing Pages
This script is a web content management application that allows its users to updates web sites. It offers a mailing list manager, a multiple content views and a multiple user security Manager system.

2767)   Alumni Manager System
This is an advanced membership software which can be used by Alumni and reunion websites. It contains an advanced member search and various other features.

2768)   Webdev Power Mailing List
Webdev Power Mailing List runs with any sized websites to implement an email subscription newsletter module with perl software support. Allows subscribed members to unsubscribe at any time.

2769)   Perl Code Editor
This is a Perl code editor for Windows with features that include Syntax Coloring, Bookmarks, Auto Indenting, Line Ending Conversion (Unix to Windows), Drag and Drop Support, Goto Line by Line Number, and Handles .pl and .cgi files.

2770)   CdomainFree
CdomainFree is a simple and easy to use script which can be used for whois lookup using the new Shared Registration System. An online demo is available on the website.

2771)   Done Right's News Search
This is a perl search engine program where users can search for news around the world and allows users to search them on 5 top news sites like BBC, yahoo, CNN, ABC and MSNBC.

2772)   Page Statistics
With Page Statistics, you can count multiple pages to get full statistics of all your webpages. Also you can take a complete overview of all your pages.

2773)   VisitorBook
VisitorBook is a guestbook program which limits the number of posts allowed for the users in the guestbook. This script provides a customizable output for the users.

2774)   Smart Frame Pro
Smart Frame Pro is a Perl based application that helps you to load links to other web sites in a frame. This application also counts every click on the web page of your web site which helps you to know the status of your web site.

2775)   e-Properties
This is a program for realtors to maintain an online show case of their listings. It features multimedia upload options, unique context-sensitive help system, flexible online database creation, template system, real-time credit card processing and many more.

2776)   Outsmarted Meta Search
Search our product database of over 1.3 million shopping item with back updata from two Meta web search engines just in case it doesn’t find any results. Customisable format on your web site.

2777)   SendMe
This is a perl script to send any HTML page to their friends or families in any format. This utility is an useful tool for the webmasters.

2778)   Survey Manager
Survey Manager will help the webmaster to publish real time survey reports on their websites which supports perl for implementation. Supports multiple surveys and survey report pages.

2779)   POE - Perl Object Environment
POE is a framework for creating multitasking scripts using Perl. It includes a high level component architecture that are modular and reusable programs.

2780)   PerlTest
Make an online quiz in minutes. Questions are easily set up in an HTML form and the program automatically tracks user results in a graph.

2781)   FlyPage Updater
FlyPage will help you create a website where you can update all your pages with a simple web form. It is an online Website content updating editor. Installation is very simple and the system in total does not stress the web server even under heavy usage. It offers password protection.

2782)   SomeNEWS
SomeNEWS is a collection of perl classess that can retrieve any number of articles from other websites and allows you to publish them on your site pages.

2783)   SuperLinks
This is a feature rich script that can be used to create and manage a Yahoo like directory with unlimited links in various categories and sub categories. The script is completely based on templates and can be controlled by the admin control panel.

2784)   MojoPersonals MySQL
A Personals Classified system modeled after the Yahoo Personals on MySQL backend. Features: admin area, easy to install and modify, completely template driven, personalize ad categories, support unlimited categories and ads.

2785)   CosmicStoryline
Free interactive online story script, making truely individual adventures.

2786)   Navigator
This is a perl based search engine that allows visitors to get registered on your search engine and generate a html code that they can link on their html pages. This code helps their site visitors to search the website as well as the internet.

2787)   Password Protector
This is a perl based password protection system that helps webmasters to password protect their websites. This program grant access for users who enter correct username and passwords on the web page.

2788)   Done Right's Hardware Search
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to search hardware using 4 popular engines. This program can also setup affiliate accounts with the top hardware vendors.

2789)   ipcounter
ipcounter is a script that tracks and logs unique ip/host to give a realistic idea of actual number of visitors to your site. This counter can be made to run invisibly. It uses file locking. The script will record only a unique IP, but will allow the same IP to log on the following day.

2790)   Nahonix
Nahonix is a place where the buyers and freelancers can communicate and bid for their required project and the freelancers can generate revenue through this site.

2791)   Advertiser HOME
This offers an online showroom in the form of a feature-rich classifieds program. Some of its features are language template, custom themes, web-based admin control panel, 2-level accounts manager, free secure order setup and many more.

2792)   DBIx::CodeKit
This site offers a multi lingual universal code table so as to maintain multiple database code definition set in multiple languages. It allows you to define code tables, languages, enter all codes and then translate them into desired languages.

2793)   Nether Template Pro
This is a perl based program that helps users to build web pages with templates. Building and editing web pages can be done from a web based browser. A easy setup platform makes installation quicker.

2794)   Refer A Friend
This is a perl script used to refer any page or site to your friends or to your neighbours. This script can be used in any articles like advertisements, news and more.

2795)   HoMaC
HoMaC is a set of tools for managing thousands of virtual Web Sites. It is created using perl and PHP, uses MySQL database for storing the data.

2796)   Personal Ads Program
A robust personal ads program. Features: Anonymous email system, comprehensive administration console, picture posting and user billing.

2797)   Setup Helper
Use Setup Helper to help you find the correct path of your server to Perl, Domain name, Full system path to the script, Full URL of the script, OS and extensions your server is using and more.

2798)   Database Doctor Pro
Database doctor is a script that helps you to manage text file databases of any field size. It allows you to perform searches on the databases and displays the result of the search in the HTML format, which is customizable.

2799)   CityPort
CityPort is a web portal system that uses the perl features to implement an universal navigation. Maps for geographical locations can be got accurately. Allows users to add links for additional locations.

2800)   ABTi User Feedback
The ABTi User Feedback enables site owners to get user comments, as well as user profiles. It has "view" functionality for users and "edit" functionality for the site owner.

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