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Top 2901-2950 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2901)   Critical Reviews
This is a simple reviewing system developed with perl that helps users to allow their site visitors or customers to review products. This program supports many admin configurable functions.

2902)   Website Manager
This is a perl based content management system that allows users to update web pages and contents. Even users without technical knowledge can handle this program with ease. Admins can restrict user's access to pages and to delete or upload files.

2903)   Sanity
Sanity is a Perl based development tool that can be used to perform various tests for validating the value of an environmental variable, performing a regular expression evaluation etc.

2904)   nms
nms offers scripts that have been developed by a team of programmers. These are meant as replacement for Matt's scripts as these are better written, supported and secure than the original.

2905)   Agnostos
This is an online task management program written in perl that maintains set of task lists. This program is suitable for project groups and small companies.

2906)   Master PFP
This script stands for Printer Friendly Page, where users are allowed to take printouts from webpages. It is written using perl.

2907)   CashMail
CashMail is a simple PERL script designed as an affiliate program to gain commissions for every sales after subscribing as an affiliate.

2908)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Random Images
Advanced-Basic.Com: Random Images is a script that will randomly output images.

2909)   World Wide Contact
This is a simple form mail program that helps webmasters to keep in contact with their site visitors. Spam protection is available in this script to protect email address from hackers.

2910)   WODA
This script offers you features like file upload/download, query generator, password protection of records, user management, login and registration, different access privileges, sending of serial email, export/import from Windows applications, shopping basket etc.

2911)   Intro to Mod_Perl
This tutorial commences with how to install mod_perl and builds it upto data basing. mod_perl is a combination of the Apache Web server and Perl. This allows speedy CGI scripts and extends web server in many ways.

2912)   Image Indexer
This is a simple Perl script with which you can create an index page of images in the current or specified directory on your website or server. The index will be displayed as a table on a HTML page.

2913)   Bannermeister
It is an ad banner system software package. Users can set-up as well as upload images, modify or delete ads, set expiry dates and impressions limits, and get full stats all from your Web browser. It is an inexpensive, easy to install and use utility.

2914)   csPublisher
csPublisher is a powerful WYSIWYG editor, gives enables you to edit any web page within your site. It helps you to easily modify your text, face, style, size, color, formatting, alignment, and more. You can make all the updations and editions without having any knowledge of HTML or FTP.

2915)   CosmicMailing
CosmicMailing is simple to access perl script through which maintaining of mailing list can be done easily. webmaster can get more revenue, increased traffic, and an online community module by using this script.

2916)   G-BOOK DeLUXE
G-BOOK DeLUXE is a guestbook script written on perl which shows more number of user entries on the first page of the guestbook. This script has a facility to filter HTML Syntax.

2917)   WebMake
WebMake is a simple content and website management system. With its help a multi-level website can be generated entirely from 1 WebMake file containing content, links to content files, perl code (if needed), and output instructions.

2918)   WillTGP
WillTGP is a Perl based Thumbnail gallery script which contains a password protected admin area and includes a CJ function. The script is very easy to customize.

2919)   MiniSearch
This is a search engine program written in perl that allows users to search the websites. This program is suitable for small to medium sized websites. This is also an automated administration script.

2920)   Advanced Directory - DUO
This program helps users to create advanced search facilities and web guide solution based on ODP data. This program is flexible and quick with advanced features and low overhead.

2921)   kcscript's Content Manager
This is a perl based content management system that allows users to add and edit website contents online. Content is seperated from page layout facilitating design changes without affecting content.

2922)   e-Classifieds
e-Classifieds is an online classified ads software for web sites. It offers a number of classifieds solutions like ranging from a Lite Edition to Premium Edition and offers unmatched database power and features.

2923)   Bookmark Master
This is a perl based link management program that helps users to search, edit or check favourite links in internet explorer browser. This program reports detailed infos on links like, URL, name, web page title, folder path etc.

This is a five liner script which returns links from the specified URL's. In this system an URL itself cannot be in the command line.

2925)   BS Image Counter
This is a hits tracker counter and is written in Perl. It supports multiple counters from the same single script, and blocks multiple hits from the same user. It also tracks the user’s browsers , operating systems, top 20 referrers and top 20 search engine keywords. This script requires SSI or

2926)   Error Log viewer
This is a utility that will allow programmers and program installers to easily find out what is causing errors. Utilizing this utility program will allow you to see the entries in your web servers error log in a readable and understandable format.

2927)   Distributed Home Pages List
Distributed Home Pages List helps you to centralise users' home pages. The program scans the user's directories on different web servers and links their home pages from different sites into one.

2928) Basics
This article tell you about page construction and parsing capabilities of Through some simple examples the tutorial shows how it can be used to simplify your Perl development.

2929)   Time Redir
This script is a perl based redirection program. It displays a time frame on the home page which indicates the time of last visit to your site by a visitor.

2930)   Attack Guard
This is a powerful little utility script that combines a total of three subroutines. These are the Parsing subroutine, the Attack subroutine and the date subroutine. These make this an exceptionally useful script for any web site.

2931)   ABC Quickform
ABC Quick form is a simple form processor. This software is used to send an email message to the visitors or to the hosts. It checks whether there is any empty field left by users and it notifies the users to fill out the field which has been omitted or invalid.

2932)   Da Godfaddah
Da Godfaddah is a script based on perl which deletes the users unwanted files and directories that exists on their system.

2933)   Tell Friend (Perl Version)
This is a simple (only one file) and ready to use Perl Script to recommend your website to sites visitors friend or

2934)   Absolute Portal
Absolute Portal is a PERL script which helps to build and maintain a ODP portal with an enormous web directory with search engine.

2935)   G WCM Web Content Manager
This is a perl based content management program that helps users to create web pages without any technical knowledge. All you have to do is just open a browser and type text in a form and press a button to create web pages on the fly.

This is a free to use search engine that allows users to search web pages of a specific website. Search results are listed with matching keywords on documents.

2937)   GroupMail
GroupMail is a perl script where users can create and manage their own folders. This script has an enhanced login control facility for protecting users individual accounts.

2938)   CGI On-Line Cookbook Pro
This script is written in perl for the one who need to start a recipe section on their website. Users are allowed to rate the recipe, sort them by name and more.

2939)   NowSee Shopping Cart
NowSee Shopping Cart is a simple online shopping cart software written in perl with which webmasters would be able to setup a full featured webstore on the net with powerful administrative tools.

2940)   SpeedFIND Search Engine
This is a fast perl based meta search engine that allows users to search the web through popular search engines for user's search keywords.

2941)   Auto Human Submitter
This script keeps all your search engine campaigns in a central database for submitting to the search engines whenever you require. It works by actually 'grabbing' the search engine submission page through the browser and auto submitting a list of URL's exactly as if a human did it.

2942)   Aardvark Bugs
Aardvark Bugs helps you to track bugs for the development of any project, while allowing users to easily add new bugs, search existing bugs, and post comments. It offers features like easy installation, advanced search, lets users submit bugs, and many more.

2943)   Domain Name Search
This is a simple whois lookup script which helps you to search for the availability of a domain name in popular domain name extensions. It can be integrated with any website.

2944)   Advance Mailer
Advance Mailer lets you increase your website traffic by keeping your visitors known of changes, updates on your site content, product addition, new offers using automated mail lists to people who are not able to visit your site daily.

2945)   OpenAuction
This script allows you to host a full featured auction on your site. Some salient features are email verification, password protection, automated email notification, automated closing, bidding history, unlimited subcategories and many more.

2946)   Mill Road List Manager
Mill Road List Manager offers easier means of perl functions to assist you to manage mailing lists. Supports addition and deletion of email addresses manually.

2947)   Apply Refer
This is a referral system written using Perl. This script allows your visitors to send an email to their associates about the site. It has many advanced features with an admin control panel.

2948)   Daboo Backup
Daboo Backup script is based on perl which allows the users to split the tar files into bites for restoring files by setting the tar size.

2949)   Easy Home Site Generator
Easy Home Site Generator is a program, which supports multiple pages and allows your visitors to make their website at your site.

2950)   Top Sites Vote Checker
Top Sites Vote Checker has a gateway page and IP log, which helps to eliminate misleading voting links and increases pageviews at the same time. The IP log deters repetitive voting.

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