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Top 3101-3150 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3101)   Nightly Backup Site Archiver
Nightly Backup Site Archiver is a program that comes with the ability to archive a copy of whole website or specific directory of files for further backup.

3102)   Mailing List WWW Gateway
Mailing List WWW Gateway is a CGI script that is powered with perl software which lets you email your website updation, information, news on other websites to your members with database support.

3103)   Inquiry Handler
This is a customer relations script that allows you to keep track of your customers questions and potential sales. This also allows the customers to track their inquiry status and update them. It offers an editable database of the inquiries.

3104)   Oneliner
Oneliner is a simple and tiny PERL based discussion board with which users can post topics for online discussions. This is an easy to integrate discussion board with all essential features.

3105)   Quiz Me! Fun Internet Quizzer
Quiz Me! Fun Internet Quizzer is ideal for quizzes formed by you. And the script then answers the questions as per your specifications and the best example is quizzes, which come out in newspapers and magazines like ‘how romantic are you’.

3106)   httptype
httptype lets you find out the HTTP host server for a website URL. Also, displays error messages when a broken URL is given. Supports perl based websites.

3107)   Xakuma Web search
This is a meta search program that helps users to search the web. This program has easy to use and an intuitive interface for the end users. This is a perl based program.

3108)   Asseem
Asseem is a perl guestbook program and a content management system which allows the users to send an email to the webmaster and posts data that could be managed through a web based access.

3109)   BNB Survey Script
BNB Survey Script is a set of perl classes using which one can handle their polls and survey processings in an easier way. Any number of surveys can be included and can be accessed simultaneously.

3110)   Smart Photo ADs
This is a photo based classified AD system. Its salient features are keyword advisory system, post ADs by the week or month, Ads can be configure for free or a fee, offers multiple fee levels, auto sends E-mail invoice and many more

This is a simple Perl script that can be used to simulate the Unix tool finger with which one can find the email address of certain people.

3112)   Sellwide Cloaker
This script is basically for improving the traffic of your website. It detects who is entering your site i.e- whether a correct person or any search engine spider. This script makes them friendly with search engine spider to increase the traffic.

3113)   WAP Recommend A Site
WAP Recommend A Site is a device that enables visitors to recommend your WAP or Web site to others. C/w the WAP input form.

3114)   Anaconda! Open Directory
Anaconda! Open Directory is another PER: script that allows to feed the site from your website. The entire directory listing of Dmoz can be accessed through your site.

3115)   ixxADS PERSONAL©
This classified ad software is MySQL driven and can be used for personal ads. Some of its features are photos ads, search engine, user account, e-mail verification, search criteria and database fields can be defined as you want and many more.

3116)   Easy Message Board Generator(EZMBGEN)
Easy Message Board Generator(EZMBGEN)is a simple message board program that allow your customers to create and manage message boards on their website.

3117)   Ranson's Multi-Cart
Ranson's Multi-Cart is an easy to use online shopping cart software written in perl that allows admin to setup HTML based shopping cart on their website without a database.

3118)   emAlbum
emAlbum is a professional image management system that is available online. The current version includes more new features like organizing thumbnails, creates default thumbnail images, compatible frontpage and much more. An online demo is available on the website.

3119)   Lnkin Lite
This script is useful for counting number of links to your site that came from other websites. It also has ideal banner checking, ad click throughs, reciprocal links from other sites etc., Customizing link names are available i.e- it allow users to add, edit or delete link names.

3120)   Reunion Address DataBase
This CGI Script that has been written in Perl assists in managing an address database. The database could be password protected and allows users to view and add content. It is easily configurable.

3121)   RiCoord
Ricoord is a Geocoding Perl script used to calculate the coordinates and the distance. It can be used as "nearest dealer locator", it is more accurate than zip code dealer locator.

3122)   NethernetTGP
This is a Perl script that can be used to start your own TGP or your own link exchange system with online administration, complete customization and allows the webmasters to change the layout according to their choice.

3123)   Aardvark Catalog
Aardvark Catalog is an online e-commerce application software meant to generate online catalogs for your products with browsable indexed categories.

3124)   News Flash
News Flash is an easier tool for accessing news postings on Perl enabled web portals. No HTML knowledge is required. Addition / modification / deletion with the post entries can be done simply.

3125)   ClickCartPro
ClickCartPro is an e-commerce software that helps webmaster to implement full featured shopping cart with a powerful order management and reporting system.

3126)   Account Manger Lite
This is a membership website management program developed with perl that allows webmasters to manage your membership websites. This program supports variety of payment gateways to accept payments from user's signing up.

3127)   Links Messenger
Links Messengers is generated on perl coding, using which webmasters can increase their website ranking in search engine such as Google, Altavista etc., Web based form enables users / people to leave their links along with details on your websites.

3128)   Fresh Question Manager
Fresh Question Manager allows your users to browse through questions and answers on your site and also to post a question. You can answer these questions through an easy to use admin panel and post them on your site.

3129)   IMDScripts Messenger
This script can be used as an alternative to the Spam cluttered inbox, and for making online community sites and have your own messaging network. Here the users can register, login and then be able to send and receive messages. Gives you a "Who's Online" list also.

3130)   Smart CGIs
This offers scripts that are easy to install and that help you grow your web site. It offers both free and low cost CGI scripts, all of which are useful for making your site more interactive

3131)   Bookmark Converter (BM.PL)
This is a command-line script that converts Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites into a Netscape Navigator Bookmark file. It also converts Navigator Bookmarks into Explorer Favorites. In addition, you can sort bookmarks as they are converted and control the depth of folders that need to be converted.

3132)   GuzZzt Show
This is a Perl based slideshow script which helps you to create and run a slideshow on your website with the images on your database. It requires a very little setup.

3133)   Mail File
Mail file script is basically used for creating an email form with unlimited number of forms. Users can send their message to the multiple recipients effectively.

3134)   Bennie Webdesign
This site has a number of Perl/CGI scripts for use on your sites. Some scripts that are currently available are file download system, guest book, mailing list manager, web traffic logger, voting script and many more.

3135)   Done-Right Scripts
This offers a collection of advanced and user friendly scripts that are fully customizable. Some of the currently available scripts include a site submitter, search engine ranker, bid search engine and meta search engine.

3136)   User Info
In this article is described the process of getting information about a remote user from within a CGI-bin script. It also lists the information that is available for usage.

3137)   Perlpod
This site offers complete documentation for all recent versions of Perl. This is useful for developers to understand the later versions of the language.

3138)   Network Counter
This script can be used to count and keep track of traffic on one or more number of sites on a network. The script can even keep track of the unique hits rather than any hits. This script helps you find how much traffic you had on your site in real time. It uses cookies. Web based stats page will tell you how many unique hits you have on each site.

3139)   Link Tracker
This script helps you keep track of links that are clicked from your site. The admin section provides required statistics on which links were clicked and other aspects. It also provides a random link rotator.

3140)   SPADS Apple Cart
SPADS Apple Cart is a program using which administrators can build an enhanced shopping cart system for their e-commerce businesses. This comes with several features.

3141)   youraddress
This short script is designed to give you the IP address of the person connecting to your web server. It works best when used as a server-side include.

3142)   Bird Cast
This is a site recommendation perl script to let your site known to others through your site visitors by referring them to their friends.

3143)   E-Cart
E-Cart is an easy to use e-commerce software designed to serve as a full featured shopping cart program enabling webstore owners to sell and market their products online.

3144)   Hiding a file
This allows you to regulate access to files on your server. While this technique enables visitors to download a file from your site, it does not allow them to get the URL information of the file.

3145)   ActiveBoard
ActiveBoard is a simple and easy to install online multi threaded discussion board. This board is easy to moderate and provides multi user administration capabilities.

3146)   Visit Counter
This is a image based counter that will keep track of traffic on your site. Two versions available for the script are: SSI and IMAGE version.

3147)   IC-AdvancedHitCounter
IC-AdvancedHitCounter 2.5 is a text based counter to count how many visitors have come your website.

3148)   Logit
Logit 1.23 is a simple Perl script, which allows you to log multiple pages at the same time by making an HTML log page with information regarding visitors on time, browser, IP address and referring page.

3149)   AllAffiliatePro
AllAffiliatePro is a simple online affiliate marketing software that provides complete and optimum solution for all affliate programs.

3150)   The Perl You Need to Know
This article gives a general introduction to Perl and then takes a detailed look at Internet capabilities that can be utilized from within Perl programs. This is the first part of a series of articles that address web development issues.

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