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Top 3301-3350 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3301)   Mill Road Site Manager
Mill Road Site Manager is a script based on perl that manages the users websites for editing, deleting and creating webpages. This program can rename files which are of any type.

3302)   Sorting Techniques
Sorting Techniques provides an introduction to sorting and teaches how to write your own sorting functions easily with perl. Some very basic and common examples of sorting have been included in the tutorial.

3303)   Perl EKCal
Perl EKCal is a CGI script. It displays a month/date calendar of the current or a particular time either in Chinese/English/ German or French language.

3304)   Kontak
Kontak is a script with which you can allow your customers or your staff to mail you from your website. This will be useful for getting feedback from your customers or to receive their requests and you can provide support to them.

3305)   AWStats
Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a free powerfull and featurefull web server logfile analyzer that shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, os, browser's versions, search engines, keywords, robots visits, broken links and more...

3306)   RealityWebs
This offers many free CGI scripts for your web site. Some currently available scripts include access counters, file downloading systems, form processors, random image displayers, polling scripts and many more.

3307)   Macurious Auto-Responder
Macurious Auto-Responder is a script based on perl which permits the visitors to send their feedback to the users through email and provides a reply message for the feedback that has been sent.

3308)   Email Them
Email Them is a perl script and a email sending program which creates a log entry when user clicks a link to send an email to the sponsors. This program does not use forms.

3309)   Cgioutlet
This website has been written by Web Developers for Web Developers. It hosts a FAQ section and a discussion board on cgi, html, perl, javascript, css, ssi, database, oracle, sybase, mysql, chats, tutorials, how-tos and web hosting.

3310)   Power Ad
This is a script that helps you to setup and manage an advertisement program on your site. Along with keeping track of the number of times a particular banner has been displayed and clicked on the site, it maintains statistics about the payment schedules either daily , weekly or monthly as required.

3311)   PassHack Killer
This is a website security system that will track repeated authentication attempts into registered members area. Users can configure a preset limit for failed attempts exceeding which, the attempts from that IP will be banned.

3312)   CGI- Perl database
This is a tool for building database table and webmasters can utilize this tool to build their site with database to allow visitors of that site to enter their data with password protection facility.

3313)   ScriptChat
Scriptchat is a community for people searching for help on perl and other scripts. trying to install or just to talk live with others about any thing related to programming on the web.

3314)   Notify Friends
This is a basic perl script to refer your webpages to others from your site visitors. It has many enhanced features and an online demo is available on the website.

3315)   edc2html
edc2html is a perl program. This generates a HTML document which is composed of several files. It allows hypertext navigation of a FrameBuilder Element Catalog.

3316)   FirstProductions Dining Guide
FirstProductions Dining Guide gives you an address directory of selected restaurants all over the world with their detailed information. This perl script uses the Chef Moz Dining Guide for implementing it's functions.

3317)   ShopCartCGI
ShopCartCGIs an easy perl based shopping cart software designed to assist e-commerce professionals to launch web based e-stores on the net for selling their products online.

3318)   AdTracker Pro
This is a complete ad tracking system that can be used for maintaining a set of rotating ad banners on your website. It keeps track of exposures and each click-thru per banner.

3319)   EasyResponder Pro
EasyResponder professional allows the users to create and manage their own autoresponder and can run a autoresponse service. The administrator can have a full control over signup accounts of the users.

3320)   Fetchnews
Fetchnews is to grab news headlines from USENET news system. You can mass the collected news headlines with their links on your site. NNTP protocol is required in addition with perl support.

3321)   Expired Domain Name Snap script
This script registers expired domain name instantly when they are available. This system comes with admin control panel. It has many enhanced features for the user and webmaster.

3322)   Lürk Perl Scripts
Lürk offers an increasing collection of new scripts capable or running on Unix and Win NT. Most scripts are fully functional and superior in performance. All scripts on this site are free downloads.

3323)   Agora : Open Source Web-Based Discussion Tool
Agora is a simple, efficient and easy to use online discussion board that allow users to post topics for online threaded discussions with different user groups.

3324)   Meta Searcher
This is a perl based meta search program that allows users to perform searches on the web. This program is highly customizable and lite on CPU usage.

3325)   Bos Counter
Webmasters can use bos counter script on their site to view the statistical display of how many visitors are online currently and who have visited later. This script is available with full of customization. Normally they can adjust font size, font type, background etc.

3326)   Multi Mailing List Manager
A simple, powerful, easy to install mailing list program. Unlimited mailing lists and message archive.

3327)   Bookem Store
Bookem Store is an e-commerce script written in perl with which users can create and manage catalogs for their books with catagories and subcategories.

3328)   csPublisher - Complete Online Web Page Editor
This is a perl based website content management solution to create, edit and manage websites contents using WYSIWYG editor. This is a web based program having powerful file managing capabilities.

3329)   Follow Up Mailing List Processor 4.0 LITE
Sequential follow up email autoresponder with mailing list manager. Features: multiple mailing lists, multiple auto responders, full personalization, scheduled mailings, double

3330)   Lists & Arrays
Learn how to work with lists and arrays. Sort, reverse, split and display a list. Add to a list. Return every or specific item from a list. Return the last item or the last item's index from a list.

3331)   BigNoseBird.Com's Free perl CGI Scripts Archive
This is a collection of many useful CGI script applications. This includes mailing list, survey script, virtual greeting cards, form processor, site promotion script and many more.

3332)   Plexcart X3
Plexcart X3 is a solution for the business persons who wants to market and sell their products online. This script allows them to manage their online store easier.

3333)   MD5 Secure User Authentication
This program engages MD5 encryption method to password protect secure contents on websites. The encryption is carried out on both client and server sides.

3334)   Fresh News Updater
Fresh News Updater is integrated with Perl / CGI modules to enhance your news system. Articles, headlines and news content can be accessed using password enabled admin page.

3335)   HTML::Mason
Mason is a powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine. Mason is designed to solve the common problems of site development including caching, debugging, templating, simulating browser conditions, maintaining development and production sites, and more.

3336)   Amonotod's Redirect
This script allows your site visitors to connect to another website from the link found in your site. It logs the redirect and tracks the redirects.

3337)   OxAffiliate DX™
OxAffiliate DX is an affiliate referrer tracking software. This allows you to keep track of affiliate commissions, website hits, sub-affiliate activities and much more. This has a new addition in the form of a bulletin board.

3338)   Counter Manager
With Counter Manager you can offer a counter service to your users. It can handle multiple counter cgis at one time. This script gives its users the ability to edit both their user information and counter values. It offers password protection and also mails the forgotten passwords to the users.

3339) has the picture gallery solution for your website. A slide show feature is included. Designed for small and medium sized websites, it is also very easy to use and to set up. The script is designed to work in the same style and design as your website with ease. The script uses Perl CGI, which is standard on almost any web host. A basic version is available for FREE !

3340)   FirstProductions Human Test
This script is built on the ideas of the CAPTCHA project using perl. It creates text that cannot be identified by robots. Dynamically created images are displayed randomly.

3341) is a site that provides an online marketplace for designers and web site owners to find programmers who will bid for their projects.

3342)   Web Performance Monitoring
This is a perl script to measure the response time of specified URLs from any locations on the internet. This will run on different type of systems and have variety of connections.

3343)   HTML 2 Perl
HTML 2 PERL converts any standard HTML file to a list of Perl print statements. It allows you to specify the input file, and the output file, and the file handling variables, either through the command line or even interactively.

3344)   Web Server Programming with mod_perl
This site provides an overview of mod_perl. These include how to install it on your machine, how to improve CGI performance using mod_perl as well as a listing of the most commonly used mod_perl modules.

3345)   @1 Personal Memoranda
Through this program, your visitors can submit their personal information and business particulars to your searchable database. It sends an email to administrator when someone makes a submission and to the user when a record is accepted/rejected. It has many useful features.

3346)   WAP Sendmail
With WAP Sendmail, you can check the validity of email addresses and other required fields. C/w WAP input form.

3347)   WebLinks
This is an add-on feature for the BizDB web database and search engine software. With this script you can create easily navigable directory pages based on the category structure and supports unlimited categories and sub categories.

3348)   World Wide FAQ Generator
This is a HTML template driven Perl script that can be used to create and maintain a dynamic FAQ list on your website. It requires Server Side Includes(SSI) for functioning.

3349)   GuestRep
This is a self replicating *true* Guestbook. This allows people to signup for and get their own *custom* guestbook from your site free.

3350)   All-in-One Search
This is a perl based search program that allows users to search the net through one of the popular 15 search engines. This is a easy to use program with a friendly interface.

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