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Top 3351-3400 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3351)   WAP Domain Check
As the name suggets, WAP Domain Check checks the availability of domains with a WAP-enabled device. This does not require much configuration.

3352)   Smoke & Mirrors
This Perl script can help you duplicate your web pages or even your site. It will let you retrieve the remote site fully and will also preserve the HTML links of images. With the help of this script two sites can actually share content transparently.

3353)   Whois Script Free
WHOIS FREE is a powerful, yet easy to install whois domain name checking script that automatically checks multiple extensions at once and gives you the results in seconds. WHOIS FREE checks: .com .net .org .info .biz .us

3354)   Advanced Form Processor
This script proceses data, sends users to a thank you page, sends auto responder and finally, informs the webmaster about a submitted form.

3355)   Yanno
Yanno is a Perl-based content management program which is powerfully designed for plugins, templates and interpolation. It is designed to make plugin-writing simple and powerful, creating and debugging the dynamic template very easy, and interpolation extensible.

3356)   Perl 101 (Part 4) - Mind Games
This article teaches you how to utilize Perl so as to interact with other files on your system. It also gives you a quick crash course in various array functions.

3357)   Links SQL
Links SQL is a Perl based script which provides all the tools to manage your database links effectively. It includes powerful features like integrated review system, displays the search results in XML and much more.

3358)   ixxADS updated
This is an MySQL classified ads and database software. It offers features such as user account, e-mail verification of new users, several modes to run it chargeable, picture/photo upload and preview; search engine searches by keywords, auto-responder and many more.

This is a Perl module that adds features which make Perl slightly more functional. Some of these features are foldl and foldr, as well as the use of infinite lists. This is based on Haskell.

3360)   RadioList
RadioList can be included with all websites which supports perl program, to administer their member module with email functionalities. Mass mails can be sent within seconds to thousands of people.

3361)   Pro Supporter
This script is used by webmasters on their website to manage their visitors email requests and those requests are stored into a database. POP3 account is used for sending and receiving email from the visitors. It offers several features with customization facility.

3362)   PerlEmbed
PerlEmbed helps you to embed Perl code within your HTML files and let perlembed.cgi do all the dirty work. When you include the entire programs within your HTML code then you can have hundreds of Perl applications all executing within one process.

3363)   PayPerClick Pro
PayPerClick Pro allows you to run a PPC search engine similar to Overture. It is packed with advanced features not seen elsewhere at any price and is continually being updated to add even more functionality.

3364)   ContentWizard
ContentWizard is a content management program that offers a modular architecture that will allow you to integrate various features, such as News, into your web site. This script helps you to control and organize all aspects of your website using HTML pages

3365)   Ace Variables
Ace Variables is a script made in Perl which will help you to find out information on your server, and may even help you debug some of your scripts by giving the Absolute path of your server.

3366)   CronCount
CronCount is a stand-alone program which be run directly from the command-line. This script uses the web server log to count the number of hits to your pages or the web site, ignoring the repeat visitors.

3367)   UPDN Local Web Publisher
This content management script allows you to update your website contents through a browser. Even when the text to be edited is on different pages or directories, it can be edited selectively.

3368)   Perl Metrics
This can help perl programmers to write better code by making them aware of aspects such as code-to-comment ratio, average number of lines per subroutine, the longest subroutine, and many more.

3369)   Build A FAQ Plus
Build A FAQ Plus is a script for creating a dyamic FAQ section on your website and contains all the features in the lite version of this script and contains some additional features.

3370)   Ad Master
Ad Master is a banner advertisement package. Helps you to optimize your banners

3371)   BAC Calendar
This is a personal as well as a group sharing calendar that can be used on the intranet. It allows you and your group members to create and share a calendar with others while maintaining a private schedule. It can be used to schedule events and also to keep track.

3372)   SentMailStats
SentMailStats is a perl script which informs user about the number of email messages and to whom they sent.

3373)   Table Creator
This script can be used for any type of information that is updated regularly eg Pricelists, monthly sales figures of various regions etc. This script reads the data from the related text file, which is updated regularly and the Table creator creates the table HTML on the Web.

3374)   self split
Self split is a small programme that can split a file in place,which means a movie of 700 MB to be split into 15 MB pieces needs space a little more than that to use this programme,Say 16 MB.By the end the original file will be gone, only the pieces will stay.

3375)   SSIComment
SSIComment is a guestbook script created with perl that permit the site visitors to post their comments and messages on your website. The HTML tags are permitted on the users comments.

3376)   iSite
Site Builder is a template based system for managing your website's HTML pages. It is database driven. You do not need to know HTML to work with this script and you do not have to cut paste small changes across your web site. Website design changes can be made very fast with the help of this script.

3377)   Metagenerator
This is the script where you can generate your metatags for your site to be attracted by search machine. This is a useful utility for online business to make your site more traffic.

3378)   ApexNews
ApexNews handles the news with multiple category option and supports style functions with news display. This tool supports perl based functions. User accounts are maintained by administrator.

3379)   MailWorld
MailWorld offers you perl implemented functions to host mailing lists on dynamic websites. Sendmail and SMTP supported mails, editable templates, etc., are available.

3380)   CKQuote
This is a simple quote displaying program developed with perl that allows users to add their own quotes on the website. This program displays a new quote every day on the website.

3381)   Cut & Paste: Associative Arrays
Cuts & Paste: Associative Arrays helps the new programmers to learn about the usage of arrays by using perl. Simple to understand and to use.

3382)   World of Coupons
This Online Coupon Database displays discount coupons for retailers in your area or e-mall. It offers an ads database, and a users database for tracking your Users. It also features an administrator module that allows you to add or delete ads and users, view passwords and more.

3383)   PLEXCART
PLEXCART is a simple online e-commerce software written in perl that provides optimum solution for webmasters to manage online shopping cart with a powerful back office administration.

3384)   Gifsize
Gifsize tells the browser how to layout the entire page before it receives any data on the images included in the page. It allows all of the text of the site to be displayed even before the request for images has been answered by the server. It is a perl script.

3385)   News Update
News Update will assist you to keep track of your site news in real time. It supports CGI and perl modules for creating and managing the news content pages. SSI supports instant news update.

3386)   Web Based Message Board
Web Based Message Board is a simple CGI application software designed as a discussion board to promote online interactions with others through forum.

3387)   J3i Inc. Text Counter
With the help of this script you can add a simple text counter to any page of your website. SSI is required. To install the counter you require to make only a few modifications.

3388)   Webside Fx
This site offers to webmasters scripts, site designs, resources, script installation, support and chat boards. All scripts and tools are priced very low so that all webmasters could afford them.

3389)   Reference Logger
Reference Logger is a script, which traces the links to your website. Then you can check out the link leading to your page and comes in handy when the link comes from a search engine, as you can check the keywords used and the listing you received.

3390)   FAQ Manager
FAQ Manager is a Perl script which allow you to create and manage a high quality FAQ section on your website with unlimited categories and sub categories.

3391)   BlackJack
This is a perl scripted gaming software which is easy to install and customize.Users can change the text colour, background colour and and also the space provided on the top of the page in this game to make banner ads.

3392)   SSI Plain Text Page Counter
This script offers a simple text based page counter. The program will either count hits to a single page or even your whole site. The first time the page is called, log files for hits and visitors statistics are generated by the script, for each page. This script requires SSI.

3393)   Fraud Filter
Fraud Filter is an online e-commerce addon script capable of validating online orders placed by the customers banning anonymous proxies.

3394)   Advertisement Banner Rotator
This is a powerful script that allows you to set up an advertisement program on your site. This is easy to implement script. This supports features like banner managment and banner statistics.

3395)   CosmicGameMaker
Free gamemaker resource to enable you to make fun games for your website visitors.

3396)   Advanced Online Bible Search/Read Tool
This perl script runs on your webserver. This script is used to create user friendly Online Bible Search and Read utility. Useful tool for the webmasters.

3397)   Mail Visitor Info
MVI, the non-SSI CGI script, will send you an email you whenever a person visits a particular page in your web site. This will give information on visitors IP, DNS, time, referer, browser, X_FORWARDED_FOR also.

3398)   Paypal-IPN SS Lite
Paypal-IPN SS Lite is an e-comerce software designed to provide users with complete and optimum solution for every IPN subscription program through Paypal payment gateway system.

3399)   PPCal Shopping cart
PPCal Shopping cart is a perl based shopping cart application software with which webmasters can easily integrate and automate paypal on their shopping sites.

3400)   Frame Redirect
Frame Redirect is used to redirect to another site in a framed window. This is a perl based script. This script supports unlimited number of links.

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