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Top 3651-3700 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3651)   Virtual Form Mail
This script is used for mailing purpose. It is used to send an email message to the others. It also supports attachments. The informations will be stored in the server and the administrator can retrieve the data from server later.

3652)   Clicktimizer
Clicktimizer is a popup window management service. Provides a wizard driven configuration interface to provide a variety of functions.Creates popup windows on the fly,create and manage upto 5000 popup windows.

3653)   Unicoder
Unicoder Convert emails to a Unicode javascript mix that makes your email invisible for spam robots

3654)   MojoEstate
Run your own real estate classifieds service with MojoEstate estate classifieds software.

3655)   Mike Spice's Classifieds
This Perl based online classifieds program allows users to post and view ads. It allows creation of categories and additional functions include search, change password and many more.

3656)   EventHandler
Whenever you want to hold an event, survey opinion poll or Quizes on your site and do not want to manually handle the entry forms, totals and other statistics, then this script will be of great help. It can handle unlimited users, events and registrations.

3657)   Database Search Engine
This is a perl based search engine program that allows users to index and search small or large websites. This program is customizable and gives a google like experience to the users.

This script helps to record any hit by incrementing a counter file, then returning a hyperlinked image tag. This is useful for especially for multiple rotating ads. This cgi can be used by a file using Server Side Includes (SSI).

3659)   Cookie-test
A cookie is simply a small bit of information which servers can store in a browser's client. Cookie-test shows an example of how to set and retrieve a cookie.

3660)   AtomicDesk/SQL "plus"
Helpdesk, FAQ, knowledge base, smart autoresponders, live support chat - all in one product. Fatures: web-based and POP3 mailbox requests handling, intelligent autoresponders, usage statistics, fuzzy logic search engine, direct chat.

3661)   Tell-Friends for ClickBank
This is a perl script to refer your site with affiliated links. This script allows your site visitors to earn commission for every reference.

3662)   .Fantastic Shield
Fantastic Shield offers a dynamic solution for providing security services for your website. It features an integrated administrative panel fully loaded with all the tools you need to manage your shielded areas. Members can be easily activated, deleted, or suspended with the click of button.

3663)   Professional Jobboard
This is a job board software which offers jobs, resumes, possibility to randomly display featured jobs and companies on homepage. This has the facility of logo upload and company presentation for employers, offers online administration, invoicing and much more.

3664)   HiAgents MultiUser
This is a content management solution for websites of estate agents. This can be used to supply online data base to unlimited sub agents or to distinguish between different branches/outlets of the firm. It allows building of an entirely community driven, self-sustaining website in minutes.

3665)   FAQ Search
FAQ Search is a Perl script which allows you to create an easy to manage FAQ section on your website in real time. With this script, your users will be able to clear their doubts and make their purchase decision quickly.

3666)   Maxcomm 100
Maxcomm 100 is a simple online affiliate script with which users can affiliate themselves to promote the sales of amazon books and have the complete book list on their webpage. This affiliate script can be easily integrated on any website.

3667)   FutureForum
FutureForum is an excellent web based discussion board script written in PERL that uses MYSQL as its backend and allows users to post topics for online threaded discussions.

3668)   ENodes
ENodes is a reliable web development and publishing framework operating as a full layer on Apache via mod_perl. ENodes provides a full plugin interface through which you are able to develop and integrate new or existent perl code. ENodes includes concepts of production and maintenance.

3669)   CGI::Cache
CGI::Cache is a Perl extension which will help cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts so that successive visits to such scripts will not take as much time. This can be easily added to any CGI script, is mod_perl compatible, has a rich control over caching policies, and more.

3670)   Shutdown
This perl script is used to turnoff your coranto temporarily. Header and footer is available for easy installation. Admin has the rights to turnoff and on the coranto.

3671)   Automatic Page Header
This script allows you to create an html header for every page you want to call the script from. You have to update only one table of contents file and all the other pages on your site get automatically updated.

3672)   Wickedone's Scripts
This site has a number of free and pay Perl/CGI scripts. Those that are currently available include redirection scripts, email scripts, file download systems, site content management, Web traffic analyzers, and many more.

3673)   uldemo
uldemo is a script based on perl which allows the users to upload ASCII files in their server. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

3674)   Affiliate Software By Ad Server Solutions
Affiliate tracking software for managing an affiliate program, referral program or associate program. Brought to you by Ad Server Solutions.

3675)   Stuffed Tracker
Stuffed Tracker is an useful tool for small and medium sized websites that helps them to track the return on investment for every ad banner they have placed online.

3676)   Lingua::Stem
This takes lists of words and then stems them to their root form. This is of great use in search applications that need to be able to find conjugated forms of words as well as exact matches.

3677)   Vision Engineer Counter
This counter program can keep track of the number of hits made to your website. To avoid the corruption of the counters data, it uses file lock commands to ensure that the counter data does not get corrupted even when two users access the website simultaneously.

3678)   HiAgents
This is a content management solution for websites of estate agents. It has catered to all possible back-end requirements such as download the module, customize the look, and more. It provides an instant total solution with search, maintenance of listing, property details and more.

3679)   Eric's randomimage
This is a random image script which can be used to display random images on your website from the collection of images stored in your database. You can install and customize the script easily.

3680)   Done Right's MP3 Search
This is a perl based Mp3 music searching program that allows users to search MP3 files from 5 search engines like audiophilez, eMP3finder,, music archive and seekmp3.

3681)   Browser sensitive redirect
This script helps the users to open the site in any type of browser. This script automatically redirects to other browser type if the site is not opened in one browser. It supports IE, Netscape, Lynx etc.,

A Unique online community for Christian programmers and webmasters.

3683)   Basic Counter
Basic Counter is a script that will count and display all or unique hits on your website. It stores all the visitors IP addresses in log file.

3684)   Anaconda! Search - edition
This is a perl CGI script that searches the book database for keywords, and inserts the resulting book list into your sites pages. Your BNN affiliate code is used for both the search and successive individual book links.

3685)   Anaconda Hot Lists
Anaconda Hot Lists is a simple online affiliate script integrated with amazon. This script provides complete lists of amazon's top selling book lists for all its affiliates.

3686)   Web File Editor
This is a perl based content manager that helps users to change or replace a line of text or html on a specific directory from anywhere through a web based browser.

3687)   Like Me Like Me Not
Like Me Like Me Not is a rating module which is implemented with perl classes. Webmasters can allow users unlimitedly to upload their photos and rate other's photos.

3688)   My Classifieds SQL
This free classifieds script is written in Perl/MySQL and is meant for usage on small to medium sites. Some of its features are the ability for users to delete and edit their ads, support for picture ads, email notification, logging capabilities and many more.

3689)   WebsiteBuilder Database
This simple database program script allows its users to add, delete, edit, and view data entries from a flat text file. This program is written in Perl and was developed by David Frank.

3690)   ContRay
ContRay is a Content Management System used for small and medium sized web sites and portals. It was created by a New Media Agency for their clients and is now available to the public. It can host directories and link lists. Offer information on intranets and information systems.

3691)   World Wide Downloader
World Wide Downloader is a script based on perl which allows the administrator to email the files for the users. This script is a complete customizable one for the users.

3692)   TotalNews
TotalNews is newsletter module that can be sent to all members using incorporated mailing list. Allows you to customize the appearance of newsletter output pages. Supports perl enabled platforms for implementation.

3693)   Smart Archive
Smart Archive is a perl-based application which helps you to add files by providing the file URL or by uploading them to a specified location on your web site. This application has a powerful admin area which helps you to delete files from the archive, view user reports etc.,

3694)   DzSoft Perl Editor
Perl CGI scripts editor with debugging features and syntax highlighting.

3695)   Auto Manager
Maintain auto listings on your website. Auto Manager is an easy to install, web content management solution used for showcasing Vehicle Listings.

3696)   First Affiliate
First Affiliate is a simple and yet an excellent affiliate software completely independent of sendmail programs enabling users to have their affiliate details after registering as an affiliate.

3697)   csFind-N-Replace
To make changes into any files in your server, this perl script is useful for you to search for files even in the subfolders and make changes and edit them.

3698)   Solution Scripts:
Since 1997, Solution Scripts has been offering high quality free and commercial CGI scripts in Perl. These include mailing list scripts, picture rotators, click and sales trackers, virtual community building, web-based email and top sites.

3699)   Banner Engine
This is a simple and easy to use script available online which can be used to rotate ad banners in multiple websites. It contains a web based admin interface which takes care of managing the banners on your website.

3700)   AllCount
This script has a very advanced built in search engine to track path of user. It offers an invisible counter that records various statistics of the visitor like visitor's screen width and height, color depth, page they came from, country, JavaScript versions, dates, times and many more.

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