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Top 351-400 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

351)   CosmicDirectories
CosmicDirectories creates a Yahoo or DMOZ style searchable directory. Allowing you to check all links before they are added.

352)   FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator
FLATTEXT Zip Code Locator is a Perl script that is ideal for dealer directories, people and store locators, or any other type of database that contains zip code and is keyed by zip code. It is easy to install, and least expensive of the major Zip code locators available.

353)   iPaid4Clicks
iPaid4Clicks is a simple and effective CGI application designed with powerful backend administration to enable users to promote their websites through multi-level-marketing.

354)   Dieresis Newsboy
Newsboy gives easy perl functions to maintain your entire news publishing system. Webmaster can access this script without any knowledge with HTML. Admin interface supports users unlimitedly.

355)   CosmicLinkTrade
Free reciprocal link software on the basis of trading or free of all.

356)   Account Manager Pro
This is a simple website membership management system written in perl that helps you to manage your membership websites. Has account finder for lost username or passwords.

357)   reportdhcp
reportdhcp is a server program written on perl which shows the statistics for ISC DHCPD by analyzing the dhcpd.conf and files. This script is easy to handle and install for the users.

358)   Website Form Handler
This script is used for creating an email form that helps webmasters to recieve feedback and comments from site visitors. This script is highly customizable that allows users to customize on-the-fly results page and email subject line for multiple form. It has autoresponder facility.

359)   Visitors Counter
Visitors Counter is a graphical counter that keeps track of the Hits. It requires SSI to run and is written in Perl.

360)   AddrBook
This is an online address book system that helps users to search address book, add themselves to the address book, look up entries alphabetically and also password protect certain features.

361)   OTRS
This open source OTRS facilitates email management and is feature rich so as to manage telephone calls and email of customers. This enables all related departments to respond speedily to all requests.

362)   Cliff's Perl Scripts
This is a perl script collection of 18 programs that range from Banner Rotator and Message Board to Pic-Post and Counter. All scripts are available for free.

363)   MakeBid Auction
This real time auction software package caters to different currencies. Some of its features are unlimited categories and subcategories, bold listings, normal and dutch auctions, closing email, feedback, seller edit and many more.

364) grabs the weather details from and helps you to display them on your content pages. It supports perl modules. Images can be shown with weather data.

365)   Active Guestbook
Active Guestbook is a perl program that allows the users to leave their comment on a site through a web based browser. This program can be easily installed by any users.

366)   The Finger Server
This is a Perl based pseudo unix finger which contains a browser oriented interface. With this script you can allow your website visitors to check the plans of their favourite users for project updates etc.

367)   Picture of the Moment (POTM)
This is a simple script which is written using Perl that can be used to rotate the images on your website each time the page is loaded or refreshed.

368)   Automail Lite
This script is used for sending an email message to the specific email recipient and it replies some custom message to the submitters for confirmation.

369)   XML and Perl: Embedding XML in HTML
This article explains XML and its usage. It shows how Perl script can retrieve and display the contents of HTML embedded XML tags. It also shows how to create a script to gather news headlines from an XML file and create an HTML news summary.

370)   Dan's Sales Tax Calculator
This is a perl script to calculate the sales tax rate. No knowledge of programming is required to run this tool.

371)   Homeland Security Threat Script
Homeland Security Threat Script is constructed with perl modules and collects information from Homeland Security website as default and aggregates them on your site to notify the current threat level in real time.

372)   Puppet Master's Today In History
This is a perl based script allows users to see what happened on this day back in history. This is just a fun tool for site users.

373)   Metasearch Engines and Solutions
This program provides users with a meta search engine on their websites. This program has advanced features and is fast and reliable. It has the facility for users to add their own search engines.

374)   Banner Manager
Banner Manager is a professional banner exchange system that is designed for fast and efficient delivery of advertiser's banner to a huge exchange network. This latest version supports rich media ads with the use of html, flash, avi's and other movie formats. It also contains lots of features.

375)   EZREFPG - Easy Referral Page Generator
This is a perl script to generate referal page. This small code snippet can be placed in anywhere on the webpage. It is useful script for the webmasters.

376)   Discus Pro
Discus Pro is an efficient and easy to install message board program that allow users to discuss on password protected topics and facilitates users with templates and skins to have complete customization.

377)   Cut & Paste: Date and Time
This page shows you how to place the current date and time by using simple html code. These can be placed anywhere on your web pages without using any scripts. This however, requires usage of SSI.

378)   Site Promoter
Site promoter is a PERL based script which can be used by the web masters to market a website by doing web promotion service. This script can do an automatic web promotion service.

379)   @1 Reciprocal Link Checker
This is a simple and useful tool written in Perl for the purpose of checking the reciprocal links automatically. The script is capable of checking unlimited number of links on remote web pages.

380)   Password File Monitor
This is a file monitoring program written in perl that can monitor unlimited secured files. This program notifies password file changing through email and repeated attempts of failed logins by password traders.

381)   Nifty day and date line
This script is helpful for the learners to learn how to display date and time on the website of them. It requires perl to run. It is simple to understand and to use.

382)   AutoGallery Professional
AutoGallery Professional is an advanced image gallery script which is featured with a control panel for TGP administrator, a web based thumbnail cropping tool and many new features included in this current version.

383)   Full Image
This is a simple easy to use Perl script which can be used to display the enlarged image of the thumbnail image in a HTML template page. It also requires Server Side Includes (SSI).

384)   Speakers Corner
Speakers Corner is an online discussion board in PERL with snippet file technology designed to suit the needs of large intranets in discussing various issues and topics.

385)   SimpLISTic SQL
A simple way to manage your e-mailing list. Run multiple lists with one script. Allow your visitors to specify HTML or Text format. Save your email templates for later use. Optional email confirmation to avoid abuse. Requires Sendmail.

This is a Perl based program which implements possiblities for online auctions through your website. It offers reliable performance and uses MySQL database to store data.

387)   CGI form2mail: Anti spam form to email system
This form2mail program is helpful for visitors of your site to send any message or feedback that they want to send to you. Email address is protected from spammers.

388)   csGallery
csGallery is a perfect script for any kind of website that can be used for the purpose of displaying images or photos by creating an image gallery. It offers you with unlimited and powerful features.

389)   Direx-Directory Dino
This is a Perl based script that can be used to create and run your own search engine on your website with complete directory control from the admin area.

390)   Email Grabber
Email Grabber deals with email listings and is a smaller CGI script used with bull email sending softwares. It can grab out entire email addresses from a specified location.

391)   Billow Promote
Billow promote is written by Ying Gao. It will show you how to use LWP:UserAgent, HTTP:Request:Common and HTTP:Status to post data to web server and get results.

392)   Spaceout - CGI Script Archive
Spaceout Media provides a collection about the PERL script. It tells how to work out PERL scripts in several platforms, how to create ecommerce with the help of PERL scripts etc.

393)   Linktrakker DUO
Linktrakker DUO is a perl script to manage banner campaigns.It has a user and admin interface, Add the html code into any webpage and start viewing the stats for each campaign. Easy to use.

394) Perl Tutorials
This is a directory of Perl & CGI tutorials. It also has scripts and articles for developers and programmers.

395)   Perl Clock
This script offers a dynamic clock to be displayed on any site that is using SSI. The script is very easy to install and operate.

396)   xFlow v5.x - Complete Business Solution
Skymarx Solutions provides professional services to the MLM / Affiliate / Network Marketing industry. Bringing you complete software solutions, along with SEO, design, consultation, hosting, merchant services.

397)   Pic Compressor
This is Perl script that can be used to compress a picture to the minimum possible filesize without changing the quality of the image. It requires Image Magick graphic library and SSH for functioning.

398)   SiteNet BBS
Add a full set of professional and attractive forums to your web site with ease. Fast, customizable, unlimited forums, moderation, upload of user images, user profiles, optional user registration, emoticons, e-mail notification and many other features.

399)   Simple Search Engine
This is a simple search program to perform searches on websites. This program is capable to search directories separately making the search operations faster.

400)   The Perl DBI
This tutorial introduces perl Database Interface Module. It teaches you how to use this to interact with your database, extract, insert and update data.

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