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Top 401-450 Perl scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

401)   Khakilist: Web Based Flat Text Database
This is a tool used for generating database table to customize the data like, edit, add or delete from database. Password protection facility is available.

402)   AutoForum
AutoForum is a simple and easy to install replicating forum software that supports unlimited number of forums to post topics for online discussions.

403)   calc
This is a simple and basic calculating programme that performs basic mathematic functions such as addition, multiplication, substraction and dividing.

404)   Dieresis Colloquius
Dieresis Colloquius is a BBS engine. A members database is used to authenticate and administrate. Users can manage messages as well as create and update profiles.

405)   Error-Lumberjack
Error-Lumberjack is a perl enabled script using that you can track all error pages info with one single file. You can customize this script as per your needs.

406)   BrowserExpress
BrowserExpress is a script based on perl and an web based email client that provides the users a web based email from any web browser in remote locations.

407)   iWeb Hyperseek, Jackhammer Search Engine System
This script offers complete solution for those who would like to start an online search engine or Pay per click search engine on their website. It offers you a powerful and compatible search engine for your website.

408)   Upoint Perl Scripts
We offers CGI Perl scripts with a focus on database, web calendar, news posting and content management systems.

409)   Best Match Maker CGI Script for Sale!
Match Making is never been easier than before with the help of our Match Maker script. With the automatic system you wont have to worry about management.

410)   Ad Smart
This program allows the webmasters to display their website with advertisements and earn revenue online as per cost per click(CPC) or by cost of impressions(CPM).

This script is a three-liner written using perl. This system doesn't requires Server Side Includes and it fakes SSI. It converts file from one type to another

This is a search engine program for searching websites for text based files on a website. The search results are listed with documents and files containing matching words with that of user's search keywords.

413)   txt2pdf
txt2pdf is a very flexible and powerful program. It's a converter from text files to PDF format files.

414)   The Headline Newsfeed Database
This is a simple program that can grab hot and latest news headlines from various other news feed sources according to the category you specify.

415)   Straight Downline Cycler site
This perl based program is used for making a members straight downline in order. With the help of this utility the sponsors can receive commissions for each new members which goes orderly.

416)   Typo Generator
This is a simple online perl application capable of generating typos for any given words and phrases according to the format you specify.

417)   Webteacher's Webdata
Webdata is a feature rich database program. It can be easily installed and administered without any prerequisite knowledge or skill on programming. It can add, modify, or delete entries into your database. Also offers options like image uploading and templates for 100% customizable layouts.

418)   LinkScan
This is a Perl based link checking and website management tool that can be used to create completely automated test suites. It is capable of searching unlimited number of external URLs and comes with bundle of features.

419)   SFESurvey
SFESurvey v1.0 will allow you to create multiple-choice quizzes or surveys online with a twist. It gives you the option of weighing your choice rather than correct or incorrect answers.

420)   ActiveBoard
ActiveBoard is a simple and easy to install online multi threaded discussion board. This board is easy to moderate and provides multi user administration capabilities.

421)   Ace Perl Cookie Retrieval
This is a Perl code snippet to retrieve the cookies. When any subroutine is run, all the available cookies of the user will populate the %cookie associate array.This snippet will help to revive the cookie to original state.

422)   dbManager
dbManager can be used for online web form addition, deletion and modification of records in the plain text database. For minor modifications to a database, this is the most apt tool.

423)   Hitmatic
The Hitmatic script records hits and statistics on your website. This script uses HTML tags to maintain detailed counts of hits to each page, day and month for one year.

424)   The Engineering Economics Calculator
This is a Mortgage Payment Calculator written using perl. This script displays the monthly mortgage value or loan payment from the visitors input.

425)   Oveas Form Handler (OFH)
This script is used for creating a mailer form with full security. Webmasters can send message to multiple recipients through this form. It allows webmasters to save the uploaded file or formdata in the server with security.

426)   E-Blah!
E-Blah! is a simple online discussion board containing forums that supports mulitiple threads such as merging threads, splitting threads, sticky threads etc.

427)   @Book
@Book is a guestbook script written on perl where the visitors can make guestBook entries with emoticons. Admin can delete the unwanted messages posted by the users.

428)   TagBox
This is a CGI version of the popular Shoutbox also called Tagwall. Tagbox is a small application that allow your visitors to interact with each other and with you by sending shouts that everyone can see in a small window that you can place anywhere on your website.

429)   e-Classifieds Commerce Edition
Powerful classified ads system with one-click, real-time credit card processing features.

430)   Techno Trade CGI Archive
This site provides many free and commercial CGI scripts for use on the web site. Some of the currently available scripts include link indexing, search engine, password protection, discussion board, redirection and many more.

431)   ARCW
ARCW is CGI script for organizing your own Web-chat with multiple channels, multi-level operators, admin section, and internal help for chatters.

432)   Free Hoster
Free Hoster is a complex script, which helps you create your own free hosting service. This runs on Linux Redhat 7.0+, Apache webserver 1.3.20+ with one dedicated ip and mod_rewrite installed, Perl interpreter, Proftpd server, MySQL and needs root password for installation.

433)   adv.Edit
This is a webpage editor and is a perl based script. This program helps users to edit their webpages in real time online. All you have to do is just open a page and then change and save it.

434) helps to display banners according to the day of the week. Along with the banners it also displays the day, month, date and year as text beneath the graphic. By editing the image list, the image also can be linked to the URL of your choice.

435)   Online Classifieds Pro Pay
This script has all the features of the Online Classifieds Pro, plus this also has the ability to charge you for your Ads. This also offers facility of Accept and Process Credit Cards and Checks online in real time.

436) is a perl library which is written on the lines of to help developers use cookies in web applications easily and effectively.

437)   1-Submit
With only one click after URL submission, visitors can check their site's popularity at the major search engines-- AltaVista and Google.

438)   Background Tile Viewer
Background Tile Viewer is a simple and easy to use Perl script which is designed to display the background images in a tile format. The script is easily configurable.

439)   Security Links Redirection
This script is used for displaying a secured URL link on your website which allows your site visitors to link or redirect to your affiliate website or to the site who sponsors on your site.

440)   Impressions
Impressions is a guestbook perl script which permits the users can provide message to the webmasters. This script permits the users to change the design of the guestbook.

441)   Website Supporter
This CGI application is designed to provide customer support. It generates a unique ticket number for each request and allows customers to track the progress. This allows the webmaster to efficiently handle these requests by rating them by priority, date etc.

442)   eSurvey
eSurvey is an useful online survey program using which you can generate unlimited number of surveys, polls, tests, quizzes, exams etc., with your own settings.

443)   AHG's ready-to-go scripts
AHG's ready-to-go scripts provides a collection of programs for the webmasters and programers to meetout their needs in developing their sites. It presents four types of scripts -Yukon, CGI programs for small business, Double diamond and ForwardSQL.

444)   Strings
Learn how to work with strings. Upper, lower and sentence case. Concatenate. Trim leading and/or trailing space.

445)   ixxADS CARS©
ixxADS© has some functions you will miss in other software products. A strong point of our software is it´s search engine, which doesn´t only browse through directories - like the most other software products - but searches by criteria, keywords and even in ranges.

446)   The Incredible Countdown
For this script, the configuration file has the specifications for the next event that has to take place. And this script keeps track of time until the next event specified in the configuration file. The prerequisites for the script are the Date::Manip library and CPAN.

447)   Allen's CGI Scripts
Allen's CGI Scripts offers free perl scripts.

448)   Judas
Judas is a logging script, which demonstrates how an image can be used secretly to register hits on a page and collect information about the user.

449)   DCAds
DCAds98 is a database-driven Classified Ad System. Some of its highlights include: Two levels of category, Template driven outputs, and Auto-deletion of ads.

450)   Tell Friend
This scipt is used to refer your site to others through your site visitors. Your site visitors can add some message about your site to their friends.

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