Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Chat Scripts (Perl) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Networld Chat RGL
This script is used for creating chat room on the website to allow site visitors to chat with others. This tool can be easily translated to different languages and it has customization facility.

2)   XChat
X Chat is a script built for the webmasters to run a chat program in their site. This script has many features in it to be used as a customized chat system.

3)   WebChatter
WebChatter is a simple and fast web chat program that offers a Realtime web chat environment. Which means there is no browser refreshing and all the messages appear immediately. This is available in a plain Perl version and a compiled version also.

4)   WebChat
WebChat is a real-time chat application that allows people on the WWW to talk to one another simultaneously. Users have the option to chat with or without Frames, choose how many messages to display, set automatic refresh rate and more.

5)   Whiplash
This is a Perl-based CGI IRC Client that is designed to run on a web server. It allows an HTML Gateway to chat and uses Multipart/Mixed Streaming, Sys V Inter-process Communication, Socket Building and Management and Java script scrolling.

6)   Chat-N-Time
Chat-N-Time is a Perl real-time chat CGI script for the Web that will let you hold real-time conversations on a web page. You can log all chats to a transcript file, play a sound when someone enters, see who's online, and more. Works with Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape.

7)   ChatPro
ChatPro is an innovative chatting solution for your Web site.

8)   Build-A-Chat sponsored
This customizable chat program uses server-push and client-pull java script chat methods for flicker free chat messaging. The program has more than 150 features and options. It is ideal for those who wish to design their own chat rooms.

9)   Build-A-Chat
Build-A-Chat is an extremely customizable chat program for your web site. It includes over 150 features and options to choose from.

10)   WebConference
This is a real-time database driven HTML chat program that doesn't require any special plugins.

11)   Best Match Maker CGI Script for Sale!
Match Making is never been easier than before with the help of our Match Maker script. With the automatic system you wont have to worry about management.

12)   ARCW
ARCW is CGI script for organizing your own Web-chat with multiple channels, multi-level operators, admin section, and internal help for chatters.

13)   Maze Interactive Media Chat
MazeChat is written in Perl. This is a very easy to configure chatscript which is also very simple.

14)   Advance Guardian IRC Bot
This CGI script can be used to run a IRC Bot from your web browser and even control it using a list of commands. This bot will take care your IRC channels at all times. This offers features like multiple level user login, bad words ban, repeated message ban and more.

15)   DarkChat
DarkChat is written in Perl. This supports a message box, user list, private message list and the public messages. This also has the Post/More/Private/Clear/Leave buttons.

16)   shoutbox
Shoutbox can be used by the users to post their messages with out signing into the website. No installation is required and it is easy to customize and to use.

17)   Zone Coaster's Chat Pro
This chat solution offers features such as ability to clear chat rooms after specified period of inactivity, ability for users to change chat rooms without going through logon procedure again, support for browsing other chat rooms from within one room and many more.

18)   My Simple Chatroom
This chatroom allows users to enter under an alias, post comments and read everyone else's comments.

19)   Networld Chat Ultra-Lite
This program is basically built in perl to allow webmasters to create chat room on their website. It allows their site visitors to chat with others.

20)   Zone Coaster's Chat Pro
This chat solution offers features such as ability to clear chat rooms after specified period of inactivity, ability for users to change chat rooms without going through logon procedure again, support for browsing other chat rooms from within one room and many more.

21)   Onelinechat
This is a Perl/Flash-based communication system that is meant for your site visitors. This allows the visitors to chat with each other while surfing the site.

22)   ChatterBox
This script is a simple chat room.

23)   Rumors
Rumors is a HTML/Perl/CGI-driven program which allows you to operate a chat room on your website.

24)   Zone Coaster's Chat
Zone Coaster's Chat is a script that will allow you to have several chat rooms. The script start pages give you quick, easy, access to over 200 links in 30 categories. The key features are: support for multiple chat rooms, admin control that can clear the screen, ban or kick out users and more.

25)   Simply NT chat
Simply NT chat is a nice and simple chat program for Windows NT folks with only one file to configure. At this moment includes single room, HTML tag filter and a DHTML clock.

26)   CGI:IRC
CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses such as an IRC gateway for an IRC network, a chat-room for a website or to access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive firewall.

27)   chatterBox
chatterBox is an easy to use chat script designed in HTML without using Java for your website. This is a fully HTML based chat. The new features offered are admin login stats, admin compact control panel, bug fixes, and more.

28)   Gannon Chat
This is written in Perl and is a Web-based chat program . It uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling, and requires MySQL's Perl modules (DBI). It offers features like Private messages, User registration system, Cookie-based login, Admin panel, and more.

29)   RZ Chat
This chat system solution has some of the latest Internet technologies. Some of its features are private rooms, automatic removal of dead users from the who's online list after one or two minutes of inactivity, ability to specify whether to use nicknames or first/last names and many more.

30)   Active Relay Chat
ARC is CGI script for organizing your own WWW-IRC gateway on your site. Visitors can connect to IRC servers and chat with IRC-people on channels, defined by administrator.

31)   Easy Chat Page Generator
EZCHATPG allows your visitors to build their own chat page (aka chat room) on your site by simply filling in a few fields and selecting a color scheme.

32)   WWWChat
WWWChat is a perl cgi program for web chatting. This uses the client-pull method. In this Chat room the users can create a room, but only the owners can throw out someone. The owners can even give the ownership to another users.

33)   PopChat v2.0
SPAds PopChat (Pop up Chat Window) it's a fast, clean, no maintenance, Cool Chat program for your web site. Now works on Unix And Windows, along with Netscape and Explorer,

34)   GTChat
This web chat application works in server-push and client-pull mode. Some of its features include emotions, private rooms and advanced administrator functions like kicking order and also banning of all unwanted visitors.

35)   RapidChat
Rapid chat is a PERL based script which can be used by the webmasters to have a chat system on their website. This script can be easily customized.

36)   Networld Chat Lite
This is a perl based script used for creating chat room on your website. It supports unlimited rooms while chatting. Users are allowed to customize the program according to their web page design.

37)   Chatty Child
Chatty Child Pro is a fun, colorful and easy to use chat program designed specifically for children.

38)   Ralf's Chat
Ralf's Chat is a free chat script written in Perl and released under the GNU GPL. This script is simple, easy to install and configure. The script supports multiple rooms, language files, a DBI for MySQL (optional), streaming (requires MySQL) and a lot more.

39)   Midmart Photo Chat
Midmart Photo Chat is an advanced chat system with user photo feature. Main features include: Users are able to view little photo of other users while chat, send private messages, files, pictures and sounds to other users, join an unlimited number of chat rooms

40)   BlueChat
This is a fast, free, web based chat program that has many features such as color codes, smileys, actions, multiple channels, chat logging, and curse word filtering. It works with both UNIX and Windows servers.

41)   e_Chat
A modified enhanced version of Matt Hahnfled's EveryChat script with improved features including Framefree autorefresh mode, Optional cookie support to store user's nickname and text color, Enhanced private message system, Banned words support, Private Rooms, Chat Log and more.

42)   Anonymous Chatterbox
Anonymous chaterbox is a script built on PERL which can be used by the web masters to let the people to chat with each other on any part of the website.

43)   Chatty Child Pro
This is a user friendly chat program that is designed specifically for children. Some of the features available are bad word filter function, viewer log, save chat sessions, chat room jukebox, admin section allows you to upload songs. This is a free installation.

44)   csChat-R-Box
csChat-R-Box is a CGI chat script that is easy to use. This offers features like fast login, select nickname, text color and more. This supports an auto-updating mechanism, where you do not need without having to reload to see messages.

45)   EveryChat
EveryChat is a perl CGI chat script, designed to work on every browser without any special software or plug-ins on the client side. It features auto-updating frames, non-frames based operation, multiple rooms and remote hosting capability.

46)   ChatWeaver
ChatWeaver is a customizable and user-friendly chat program.

47)   JabberChat
JabberChat is a web-based, Perl CGI script that can be downloaded and installed on your web site, to provide live chat to your vistors. This offers features like public or private chat, private messages, directing public messages, fun and interesting teleconference actions and more.

48)   Fizzbox
This is one of the smallest chat applications which is totally portable and can be run on as many web pages as you wish. It allows your websites visitors to leave messages on your website instantly. It lets your visitors interact with your website.

49)   PopChat
PopChat is a fast, clean Popup Window Chat program for your web site. It is completely self contained and easy to setup. Just add your sites information variables and you are ready to go.

50)   ChatNet Pro
ChatNet Pro is a light-weight chat network, however it's packed with plenty of features to furfill your customers visit.

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