Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Content Management (Perl) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   HIBAsites
This is a perl based content management program that allows users to create and manage websites. This program uses templates to build webpages. Many in built modules can be added instantly.

2)   Ababa Comment
This is a perl based content management program that helps users to allow their site visitors to leave comments on the website. No programming knowledge is required.

3)   AllPagEdit
Allpagedit is a script that allows you to edit HTML files online. It is an easy to install perlcgi script. It uses Internet explorer 5.5 or newer versions.

4)   EditTag
EditTag is a script that helps users to edit specific tagged areas of the documents using a web interface. Here even the non HTML knowing people can update the documents/ web page without worrying about adversely affecting about the HTML code the page is made of.

5)   AutoSites
This is a content management system and is a perl based script. This program helps users to create and maintain web pages online without any technical knowledge. This is a completely automated program.

6)   Online Page Master
This is a content manager script which will help you create web sites with templates; modify its content with WYSIWYG Editor; is a end-user type of application and is easy to use.

7)   Genesis Web Authoring System
This script allows you to author web pages from your web browser, and helps you to delegate authoring privileges to other user accounts that you create. This script supports unlimited nested subdirectories and allows you to create, delete, rename, and switch directories as you work.

8)   @1 Web Publisher
This is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit the text and image contents of your existing web pages through a web browser. Even a non-technical person can edit the pages as no requirement of HTML knowledge is there.

9)   Sicomas
This is a powerful online perl based CMS using which you can generate web based portals or website, edit contents on bulletin board, newsticker, guestbook etc.,

10)   edit WRX
This is a perl based content manager and website creator that can create websites and add, edit or delete website contens through a browser based access

11)   adv.Edit
This is a webpage editor and is a perl based script. This program helps users to edit their webpages in real time online. All you have to do is just open a page and then change and save it.

12)   Design Desires Inserter
This script can be used to run a site. It grabs your html files from the server and displays the pages.

13)   TWiki
This script looks and feels like a normal Web site. Also included is an Edit link on every page with which you can change or create content by using just a Web browser. It offers automatic link generation, full text search, web form handling, email notification of changes and more.

14)   Header Footer Editer
This script helps the user in creation and edition of the footer and header files on your server, These files can be, in turn be inserted into any of your HTML pages.

15)   BookCMS
BookCMS is a Content Management System. This script allows you to add, delete and edit HTML files. It is an easy to install and is browser based.

16)   indexsoft Site Up
This is an online file manager developed with perl that allows users to create and maintain files on the web servers. Downloading files can be done through FTP or HTTP protocols.

17)   htmlpp
Htmlpp simplifies the work of writing and packaging large numbers of HTML documents. This is easier and safer than trying to edit and manage separate HTML documents. To use this script you should have knowledge of HTML editor.

18)   HOW?
This script allows you to update the frequently changed/ updated pages quickly through the browser itself, thereby saving on time and effort.

19)   SiteEngine
SiteEngine allows you to create, edit, and manage articles and columns. You can run it with hosting, as it doesn't require any database support. It is easy to install the script as SiteEngine comes with a setup CGI script.

20)   VirtualPage
Virtual Page is a script for advanced users. This script allows you to create virtual websites and virtual web pages, which can also be customized by the user. It is a Perl CGI program.

21)   Information Manager
Information Manager generates personalized pages, and can be used to do anything that requires the user to log in to the website or get personalized content. This handles formatting of the site and the links on a web page.

22)   HeadFoot
This program requires the presence of SSI on your server, for it to work. This script will automatically allow you to add a header and footer to your pages. You can edit one file and have it automatically reflect the change in any number of files of your site.

23)   @1 Document Publisher
Maintain your online documents such as installation guides, handbook, FAQ, manual and so on .... all in an organized manner with index numberings. C/w 3 skins to choose from.

24)   Iglue
iglue is distributed under the GPL.This tool helps you to create HTML pages form templates and tags. Here you are allowed to define your tags and templates and the final page can be created by just running iglue.

25)   ContentEditable
This program allows you to edit pages through your browser with the help of the toolbar that it adds automatically to the explorer browser. It allows you to add and format text, insert images and tables, build lists, and carry on editing without even seeing the underlying HTML code.

26)   Chico Digital Web Tool
This tool is being rampantly used by web development firms to allow their clients to create and update their own web site content. Web Tool is an easy to manage alternative to expensive Content Management Systems

27)   psDynamic :: Automatically Rotate Website Content
psDynamic is designed to rotate content through your site automatically - dynamically.

28)   Virtual Tour Creator
Virtual Tour Creator is a web based page creator, which creates a Virtual Tour HMTL page, and then adds your pages information to a database. This has an admin module for editing or deleting your page information straight from your browser, and is password protected to give security.

29)   diWEBlo
diWEBlo is a script that will allow even the non-programmers to modify contents of Web pages It also offers password protection for each user and allows template-based Web page creation.

30)   Tappeto Magico
Tappeto Magico use a mechanism that insert content into template. Which makes possible of real content and layout separation. It inserts source into template which allows more flexible layout design instead of traditional header and footer files.

31)   PMTS
PMTS is a solution for small websites that require dynamic html. This script provides a powerful tool for expanding embedded tags in template files to produce dynamic content.

32)   SAREP
Sarep is a search and replace tool. It can be used for writing out to a new file rather than overwriting the modified file, reading search or replace string from a file, and silent or verbose modes.

33)   News Page Updater
This is a content management program written in perl that helps users to update news on their sites. The updataion can be carried out from any remote location through a web based browser.

34)   psDynamic
This is a perl based program that helps webmasters to rotate and update contents on their websites. Users just need to set the rotation interval and add the content, the site will be fresh of contents.

35)   PrensaLibre
For the websites whose content changes continuously, PrensaLibre can be used for editing and automatic publication. This site was originally designed to publish electronic magazines, newspapers and also create news sections within general Web pages.

36)   @1 Document Publisher
@1 Document Publisher helps you to create and maintain your online documents without the help of a web designer. It also helps you to organize these documents with automatic indexing. No prior knowledge of HTML is required for regular maintenance. It is easy to setup.

37) - Page Publisher
This content management system is meant for users (including those who do not know HTML) and allows them to update information on their websites. Some of its salient features are easy to install and set up, password protected login screen, advanced setup options and many more.

38)   MultiHTML
MultiHTML program can be used for an unlimited number of HTML files and it allows you to put an SSI call where you want the HTML file to be displayed. Every time a new page is added or links edited, we edit one file instead of every page on our site, thereby reducing time for edits.

39)   Kumera
Kumera is a Content Management System. This system allows multiple users who can edit, create, modify or delete pages, but each one of them is prescribed a certain role.Roles are that of writer, sub-editor, full editor.

40)   Master Syndicator
Master Syndicator makes online syndication very fast and simple. It is specially beneficial for professionals like consultants, trainers, writers, authors agents etc who must update their clients knowledge of content constantly. It allows you to reach your content to multiple websites and manage syndicated content via browser based control panel.

41)   MojoListings Manager
Universal listing content management software which enables you to manage your ads and listings online.

42)   Start Page
Start Page helps you to make a handy start page of your favorite links and messages that you have sent yourself and the other lists of things to do etc. This page is made on the web and can be accessed from any computer, anywhere.

43)   Advance Print
This is a perl based web page printing program that allows users to allow their site visitors to print web pages without navigational links or images the visitor do not need.

44)   LEB CMS
This is a website and content management program that can add, edit and delete web contents from a browser based interface. This program best suites individuals and small businesses.

45)   FastPage
FastPage enables website owners to easily create and update page content (text, images and other files) on their web page. FastPage can update multiple fields in your webpage at once, or selectively update only the ones you want to.

46)   Page Updater (WYSIWYG Version)
This script allows a person to update the content of a static page, through an on-line form they fill in. This is ideal for a small web sites that need to update pages frequently. It uses a browser based WYSIWYG interface for the non-HTML experts to create good looking content.

47)   Auto Updater
Auto updater is made up of 2 scripts one for updating sites and the other to make updates ahead of time. This script allows you to make multiple changes at one time.

48)   Mason Content Management
Mason Content Management is a script that allows you to navigate the content of a website and manage the flow of data and information within the site. It allows you to navigate multiple file systems, search for files, trigger files between staging and production sites, and more.

49)   Online Journal
Online Journal is a content management tool, which can be used for designing or supporting an e-zine, an online book, or even a picture gallery. You can easily add/remove entries. It is a webmaster's tool.

50)   Big Medium web content management system
Browser-based content management system offers WYSIWYG text editing to allow non-technical staff to publish web content without touching HTML. Easy to use, the website editor is also powerful enough to manage large, fast-changing websites and can manage hundreds of sites on a single server. Free demo.

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