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1-50 Counters (Perl) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Visitors Online
This script will help you see how many visitors and members there are currently online including visitors, members and administrators. This will also count the unique visitors in the last so many days on your site. You can have real time status of current members and visitors on your site.

2)   Visitor Counter
This is a text-based counter for knowing the number of visitors to a page of a website. The information on visits is kept in a simple textual database that is easily accessible. It works on Unix and windows both.

3)   Who's Online?
This script displays the number of visitors currently logged on, in real-time on a web page. This offers a built in protection against pages being reloaded by the site visitor. You can set the time range in which the visitors need to be counted.

4)   Users Online with Cookies
Users Online with Cookies is a script that uses ssi tags or javascript to watch the amount of users on your website.

5)   CosmicClockHit
Free web page hit counter script including the day, the date, the time and a hitcounter.

6)   Visitors Counter
Visitors Counter is a graphical counter that keeps track of the Hits. It requires SSI to run and is written in Perl.

7)   Advanced Text Counter
This counter uses a javascript or ssi tag to retrieve a text-based output to monitor the hits of a website.

8)   Multiple page hit counter
Counts multiple pages with ease. No serverside includes, updates the page counter with a JavaScript tag that calls the Perl program - this program has been tested with most browsers and so far has proven to be 100% compatible. Easy to install, takes only minutes. This hit counter displays the number of hits on the page.

9)   vhcount
vhcount is a graphical hit counter that will send you an email every adjustable set number of hits. It also features referral counting and creating pages with the statistics. It also has a feature of not counting your own ip-address as a hit. It does not require SSI.

10)   EasyStat
This easy to set up perl script requires a javascript counter to show traffic information in the status bar of your browser. This does not require SSI and its text is customizable and allows you to show a greeting.

11)   Grad-Net Counter
This counter script allows you to use inline images or a text based counter using server side includes. This counter also has the feature of counting unique hits only, repeat hits are eliminated.

12)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Text Counters
This script offers two different text counters. A basic text counter ; that can count only one page and has no options. The other one is an advanced one that can handle multiple pages and allows custom leading zero padding. Both these counters require SSI.

13)   Easy Counter
Easy Counter script is used by the webmasters on their site to view how many visitors are online and who have visited earlier. Webmaster can get their site visitor's system configuration with their IP address. It requires no SSI.

14)   Quick Count
This is a hidden counter script made in perl. The counter is hidden within an image url, the script stays behind the scenes counting your visitors. When you run the script, direct display of all the statistics for the page counters along with showing the total takes place.

15)   MultiCount
This is a flexible counter script that displays the hits count in text based format. It requires SSI. The script can give you monthly, weekly and even daily counts. This one script can handle information from all your counters.

16)   Be Counter
Webmasters can use this Be Counter to view the tracking informations like, how many visitors are online, hits per page etc. Installation of this script is easy.

17)   Visitor Activity
This script is used for counting number of visitors who are online currently and to count when did they come into your site and what did they look up etc., It is highly configurable.

18)   CountSSI
Countssi.cgi uses SSI to help you get hints for each page of your website that contains the SSI tag. It will also capture the environmental variable of operating systems and browsers’ information from your visitors and present it in a customizable manner for you to use.

19)   Mamak Counter
This is an easy to install counter where one script can be used to have counters for a number of pages. The counter can be displayed in text or graphic image or can even be invisible. It offers a password protected admin page, where all counter statistics can be viewed in one page.

20)   L10 Hit Counter
Advanced yet easy to install hit counter with Flash based web site statistics reporting. Counts site visitors and page hits by hour, day, week, month and year. Display up to 10 scrolling messages for different statistics. Unique Flash based admin provides graphical and tabular site traffic reports.

21)   Clicks Counter: Download Counter
Clicks Counter is a script that will keep track of all hits and clicks that take place on any links of your Web pages. This comes with an online viewer to view the log files online. You can also use it as a download counter.

22)   Aborior's Simplex Web Counter
Aborior's web counter is helpful for webmasters to create their own web counter on their site. It helps them to count their site visitors online. SSI support on your web hosting account is required. It stores the data in simplex database.

23)   Global Count
This script is meant for applications where you need to display a count of all pages, as well as individual page count across an entire Website or multiple Websites. You need to simply insert a single line of HTML in the pages for which you need a count.

24)   ixxCOUNT©
This counter script will help you count multiple websites. The counter for each site can either displayed in text or graphical format. It offers a self protection system and reload protection.

25)   mbcount
mbcount is a Webpage counter program. It uses database tables on backend instead of text files. This script presently uses PostgreSQL database.

26)   Users Online
Users online is a simple perl based online tracker. It tracks and displays the number of visitors online at the moment and how many hits made by them in every page on their website.

27)   akcanSoft Aktif
Aktif is a simple perl based online counter. It is used to count how many visitors are online and who have visited before. It is useful for webmasters to access their site tracking information easily.

28)   Click Manager
Count the number of clicks your links are getting. Provides graphs, link monitoring, and outputs for a single link as well as the sum of all links. Quick and easy installation procedure which require little editing.

29)   b3 Counter
b3 Counter is a flexible counter script that can be customized as per requirement. The options of text, standard or deluxe settings allow for different kind of looks including vertical alignment, background images, font control and more. It can work with any .gif files you specify.

30)   Animated Counter (SSI)
Two versions of this script are available: the PHP version and the SSI version. This is an animated counter and each time a page is reloaded the counter increases the digits "live".

31)   Ascad Text Counter
This is a popular and widely used CGI text counter. It will help you track pages on your website. Will allow you to have a customizable look for your counter. It is available for free.

32)   Alain's Webcounter
This is a javascript based web counter and works as a text counter or a simple graphical counter. It is especially good for multi user sites. It can manage multiple counters by placing counter.cgi scripts in several directories. When working as a graphical counter, digit appearance can be configured

33)'s ezCounter
ezCounter is a counter program that will help you count all visits to your site. This script can help you count unlimited number of pages together or individually. This script requires SSI to operate but also has a feature that if your site does not support SSI , then it will be able to access it with javascript.

34)   IC-HitCounter
Counts multiple pages with ease. No serverside includes, updates the page counter with a JavaScript tag that calls the Perl program - this program has been tested with most browsers and so far has proven to be 100% compatible. Easy to install, takes only minutes. This hit counter displays the number of hits on the page.

35)   GT Counter
GT Counter is a perl based counter. This script counts how many visitors are online at present and who ever visited earlier. IP address of the site visitors are also tracked by this counter.

36)   CS Counter
This is a perl based online counter which is used for displaying a website with daily reports and number of hits made by the visitors on each page and it has password protection facility.

37)   AskMe! Counter
This is a text counter and can be displayed on any page of the website. You can view the page hits statistics from Show Logs Utility feature of the script. This script can also run in hidden mode. It can be setup in SSI or non- SSI mode.

38)   SSI Text Counter
This is a simple counter script that helps you to display a text counter on your web page, to keep track of the traffic on your site. It can be used if you have SSI installed on the server.

39)   Count 01
This is a counter that can be used either as a graphic, text or Hidden counter. With the help of SSI placed on your server, you can count all your pages with this one script. It also offers the feature of checking statistics for all pages at the same time.

40)   Worldsubmitpro WebStats Counter
This script will help you to give your users a report on traffic, hits tracking and traffic analysis services. It will also send these users a weekly report on the current statistics of traffic and hits.

41)   Multi-Page Text Counter
This is a simple Text Counter script. The script is called Via JavaScript. It needs Perl 5 to run and does not require SSI.

42)   KCScript Statistics counter
This counter program is helpful for webmasters to keep the informations like, total visitors information, daily, weekly and monthly hits report and visitor report, top referring website, top pages etc.

43)   A&M Text Counter
This is a text based access counter that can work simultaneously on multiple pages. This is the latest version and has good file locking on the counter, which will not allow the counter to reset often. It requires SSI and will work on any machine with Unix Operating System.

44)   Chatologica WebStats SQL
This is a perl software which will allow you to offer services related to web-sites statistics. For this you will need to put a HTML counter code on the web pages of the clients and have web masters who will track the web site visitors and traffic.

45)   Ace Text Counter
This is a Text Counter that is free and easy to set up. You just have to upload it and put the code on your site. There is no requirement to set any variables but can use an IFRAME tag or SSI with a .shtml ending.

46)   SSI Graphics Page Counter
This is a simple Graphics Counter. The counter appears at the bottom of the page, either left justified or centered. You can enhance the look of the table by making a table around it or can even use plain text through the options available in the script. This requires SSI.

47)   MultipleC
MultipleC is a simple to setup perl text counter that counts unique, personal and total visits, include a visitors online indication.

48)   Advanced-Basic.Com: Image Counters
Add a little more graphic to your website by adding this image based counter. Instead of using text, this counter uses images.

49)   Simple Count
This is a simple hit counter which is text based. It requires SSI and counts multiple pages.

50)   AAA Contador
AAA Contador offers features like IP log, Date log, Add and Reset counter. The script requires SSI and is easy to install you have to modify only one file.

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