Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Email Systems (Perl) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Mail-A-File
Mail-A-File is a script based on perl that permits any users for sending an email from a web based form to anyone. It supports multiple attachments.

2)   mail2mysql
mail2mysql is a perl script that is used for reading mailbox files. This program displays the database entries on a webpage using PHP as html files.

3)   A Perl Version of the PHP Mail Function
A Perl Version of the PHP Mail Function is a perl script created to do the exact work of phps mail() function. This script prints outgoing messages.

4)   Form to Mail
Form to Mail script is a perl based email form processor that helps webmasters to receive email from the regular recipients of their site visitors. This script is handy for webmasters to create an email form and to use.

5)   Autoresponder Unlimited
This is a perl based autoresponding system that emails followups to website visitors. This programme is great for affiliate programmes, network marketing or any other followup systems.

6)   Sending mail with sendmail
This script shall teach you how to use send mail from within your script or a self generation program. This offers a program that enable emails confirmation to a user when a request to subscribe is accepted.

7)   BrowserExpress
BrowserExpress is a script based on perl and an web based email client that provides the users a web based email from any web browser in remote locations.

8)   Publication Manager
Publication Manager is a script based on perl where the users can face their online email needs. This program has a capability of sending several emails by the users.

POP2PIPE is a full fledged online email piping program capable of performing server mail processes. You can access and send messages directly to the reciepients in the standard format.

10)   Souper Mail
Souper mail is used for creating an email form. This script is very simple to install and it makes webmasters to create their own mail form easily. Error checking and autoresponder are the added advantages of this script.

11)   EasyMail .Net Edition
EasyMail .Net Edition is a set of full featured, easy to use, reliable, 100% managed .Net assemblies for creating, sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Parsing.

12)   Limitless Follow Up Autoresponder
Limitless Follow Up Autoresponder is a script based on perl which provides several informations for their customers and prospects and follows up with them by day, month and year.

13)   Dansie Anti Spam
Dansie Anti Spam is a script based on php and a server side anti spam email filtering solution where spam is moved into a quarantine file and out of users pop email account.

14)   CGIresponder
CGIresponder will be more useful for the webmasters to send automated emails to their new users and can track the recipient email addresses. Supports HTML messages unlimitedly. It supports perl based platforms for execution.

15)   AutoTopper Secure Email Attachement Tool
This is an useful tool that securely detaches and saves all your mail attachments on a FTP/HTML server enabling you to decide whether to view those attachment.

16)   TGMAIL
TGMAIL is a script based on perl and acts as a sendmail for NT that do not require any configuration. A simple and handy tool for webmasters.

17)   Web Mailer Script
Web Mailer Script is a perl script which is used to send multiple email messages from users browser. In this program the webmaster can edit the existing contacts.

18)   AutoMailman- Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager
Automatic sequential email autoresponder with powerful mailing list manager.

19)   MHonArc
MHonArc is a script based on perl which is used to convert the email messages to the html for the users. This program provides support for MIME.

20)   vacation
vacation is a script based on perl where users can set up the appropriate files for enabling automatic responses for incoming email messages. The email message acts as a template that consists many tokens.

21)   MasterWebpageMailer
MasterWebpageMailer is a simple Perl based application which allows your site visitors to send the content of the specified web pages on your website through email.

22)   PureMessage
PureMessage is a script based on perl that initiates the users company to have a control over email traffic by providing protection against spam for multiple language mail streams.

23)   SPAMbaffle
SPAMbaffle is a perl script and an email filtering program which is created for working with QMail function in perl. This script filters mails based on the terms set by the users in the program.

24)   Add2it AutoRespond Pro
Add2it AutoRespond Pro is a script based on perl which permits the users to advertise their products to the group of prospects. This script sends the autoresponse messages at anytime.

25)   AutoMailman- Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager
Automatic sequential email autoresponder with powerful mailing list manager.

26)   Ace Web Mailer
Ace Web Mailer is a script based on perl which permits the users to send emails from any system that is connected with the web.

27)   Qadmin-TMDA
Qadmin-TMDA is an online tool for administration and configuration for TMDA Anti-Spam solution.

28)   Script to retrieve bounced email and delete from MySQL DB
This script reads a pre-defined bounced mail file and gathers email addresses that have bounced back to the mail server.

29)   @Mail WebMail Solution
@Mail WebMail Solution is a perl script and a email solution which permit users to access email through internet or any WAP enabled mobile devices. This program has a email server package that maintains users mails on your domain.

30)   Sendmail Emulator
This powerful email system will help you to send emails to any desired mail address from your web server even if your web server doesn't have a send mail option.

31)   WebUMake Mail
WebUMake Mail is a script based on perl where you can offer the email addresses to your clients, members and users. It provides spam filters for the users.

32)   CuLy Mail
CuLy Mail is a script based on perl where users can provide free email addresses with POP3 mailbox. It is easy to integrate with the several applications by the users.

33)   WebUMake Mail
WebUMake Mail allows you to provide web-based email to your users with a browser interface. You can provide unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a 1 email accnt

34)   DMZS SPAM Tools
DMZS SpamAssassin sa- learn/MAIL::IMAPClient is a script based on perl that permits users to create two public shared folders on their imap server like spam and not-spam.

35)   Easysponder
Easysponder is a script based on perl where the users can follow up with their customers to offer upgrades and new products for maintaining their business. This program sends more messages in a specified interval.

36)   NikoSoft WebMail
NikoSoft WebMail is a perl script which permits the users for retrieving and sending mails with POP3 and SMTP server. This program avoids the duplication of mails.

37)   Blacklister
Blacklister is a script based on perl which acts as a spam email blocker for qmail. This script permits users to create a fake email address which collects blacklist entries.

38)   RemindMe!
Remindme is a PERLscript, which can be used by the users to receive auto reminders through email. It lets the users to have the options to edit, delete and view any pending reminders.

39)   Pro@utoReply Autoresponder
Pro@utoReply Autoresponder is a script based on perl which allows the users to send unlimited number of follow up emails to the subscribers in a certain time interval.

40)   BlockedMail
BlockedMail is a script based on perl which permits the users to delete all mails in the mailbox on a server. A simple and handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

41)   Follow up Autoresponder Pro BASIC
Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited messages, Personalisation of Emails, Unsubscribe links in outgoing emails, Html code generation, File attachments, Export and Import of email addresses, No hassles with Cron, Easy deletion of subscribers and many more features...

42)   PowerForm
Powerform is used for generating a form processor with the facilities like, autoresponse, email validation, custom template pages and can send message to multiple recipients at a time.

43)   Follow Up Autoresponder
This script features unlimited autoresponders, unlimited messages, full personalization, admin interface, file attachments, and unsubscribe link.

44)   Email This
Email This is a script based on perl which emails the requested page to the users with the support of hidden tags. It is easy to install and access.

45)   MaSoWeb Mail It
Masoweb Mailit is used for creating an email form on the website. This script delivers ID for recognizing to the specific email address. This script secures the data.

46)   Ultralines Webmail
Ultralines Webmail is a webmail solution based on qmail and vpopmail. It has the most of features you would expect from webmail softwares.

47)   Simple Mail form
This script is a perl based contact form. Simple mail form is used by webmasters on their site for receiving feedback from their site visitors.

48)   Ruckus MailFILTER
This is a perl based spam filtering program for emails. This program analyses mails for spams and adult content on corporate systems. This program utilizes the state of the art smart bayesian artificial intelligence system to filter out spams.

49)   Magic Autoresponder
Magic Autoresponder is a script based on perl which permits the users for sending unlimited email message followups to their current and potential customers.

50)   AutoFollowup
AutoFollowup is a script based on perl where users can send unlimited autoresponders to their customers and followup with them. This program can add newsletters and lists.

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