Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Mailing List Managers (Perl) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   iMailing List CGI Script
iMailinglist Pro is a complete collection of CGI and MySQL scripts that will let you run your own profitable, high-traffic mailing list site with complete control with a few clicks of the mouse. With a complete administrative section and members' section.

2)   Post Office Pro
Post Office Pro is a way to stimulate your email marketing through it's in-built perl and CGI enabled features. You can build a community tool and can manipulate in a way to increase your website traffic as well as revenue.

3)   iReplikate CGI Script
Complete Multi-Level-Marketing Website CGI Script The iReplikate script allows you run a full blown Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) website and profit very well from it. This script has all the features you'll need plus many more. (Installation instructions included

4)   List Mail
List Mail is a mailing management package that is powered using perl and CGI scripting. Allows your non-members to subscribe themselves through web based admin forms.

5)   Bulk Mailer
People who need to send mass mails to a group of members via web based interface can utilize this Bulk Mailer. Requires perl and CGI support on your site.

6)   SimpLISTic SQL
A simple way to manage your e-mailing list. Run multiple lists with one script. Allow your visitors to specify HTML or Text format. Save your email templates for later use. Optional email confirmation to avoid abuse. Requires Sendmail.

7)   Email Grabber
Email Grabber deals with email listings and is a smaller CGI script used with bull email sending softwares. It can grab out entire email addresses from a specified location.

8)   Power List Plus
Power List Plus tracks all user mailing contacts with multiple lists which are handled by MySQL and perl modules. Supports double opt-in and opt-out functions to obtain valid email addresses.

9)   Power Safelist Pro
With the help of this program you can generate a fully featured online safelist program for your site visitors with automated paypal billing system.

10)   Mailing List Manager
Webmasters who need a mailing List manager with perl support on their websites to allow visitors to include their address with email subscription list can utilize this perl program.

11)   BigSender
BigSender is a suitable perl script for people who wants to manipulate their members, customers, clients etc, in an easier manner. User defined customization, broadcast details, language interface and a lot more are available with this script.

12)   Subscribe Me Enterprise
Subscribe Me Enterprise is an adaptive tool for webmasters to keep track of their customers / visitors mailing info with several number of maiiing lists. This script is based on perl programming and Sendmail, BLAT, and SMTP can be used to mail.

13)   SQL QuickEmail
SQL QuickEmail will render the automated email services to website members who have joined with subscriber mailing list. Perl based platforms can utilize this mailing manager.

14)   Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager FMLP v4.19 PRO
Features include: multiple autoresponders, multiple mailing lists, multiple domains, personalized followup messages, scheduled mailings, double opt-in, email duplication check, unsubscribe link, link tracking system, unlimited custom fields, multiple file attachments, powerful mySQL database (tested with 1 million subscribers)

15)   Acc Subscrite
Mailing software for automating newsletters, managing mailing lists.

16)   OptinMaster
OptinMaster is a full featured perl supported mailing list software with which sending personalised HTML and text based messages to all subscribed users can be done faster and easier.

17)   Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager FMLP v4.0 Lite
Features include: multiple autoresponders, multiple mailing lists, multiple domains, personalized followup messages, scheduled mailings, email duplication check, unlimited custom fields, multiple file attachments, powerful mySQL database (tested with 1 million subscribers), easy-to-use interface, no monthly fee, plus much more. Easy to setup perl cgi scripts available for free download.

18)   ABTi Guest Book
This script takes user inputs and writes them to a file. Then, it displays a thank you page that contains a link to the guest book. It has an admin panel.

19)   iPaid 4 Clicks
Complete Paid-4-Clicks Website CGI Script iPaid4Clicks is a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Clicks website with complete control of it at the touch of a button. The iPaid4Clicks script comes with a complete and very useful members section, ad

20)   MySQL-Bounced Email Tool
This script reads a pre-defined bounced mail file and gathers email addresses that have bounced back to the mail server. The script writes email addresses to a text file, and deletes the records from a MySQL database. It also send an admin email notice.

21)   ApplyLeads E-mail List Manager
ApplyLeads provides more facilities for webmasters who wants to build an efficient subscriber and unsubscriber module with their mailing list manager. Supports perl platforms. Newsletter and announcements can be sent unlimitedly.

22)   ABTi Mailing List
The ABTi Mailing List allows users to subscribe to/unsubscribe from a mailing list. It allows site administrators to circulate text files (e.g., news and announcements) to subscribers. This updated version allows viewing and editing of the mailing list. The gateway to admin pages is password-protected. This version also includes confirmation mails to new subscribers and alert mails to site administrators.

23)   AcmeList Plus
AcmeList Plus utilizes both Perl and MySQL modules to provide easier ways to access web driven mailing list processings. Single / double opt-in and opt-out are supported with subscrption and non-subscription.

24)   Mail Dispatcher
Mail Dispatcher is useful for website owners who need to send regular mass mails to their subscribed members automatically. Future mails can be set on queue. It is fully template based where with you can use your own formatted ones.

25)   AutoMailman- Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager
Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager

26)   iMailer Email Marketing Solution
This is an useful perl driven tool for e-traders to integrate their internet sales through automated online mailing lists. Ability to manage subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, tracking bounces, sent emails and much more.

27)   Minimalist
Minimalist offers as many facilities as to make your mailing list processings easier through it's incorporated perl and CGI driven modules. Features included are: archiving sent message , blocking lists, viewing and much more.

28)   Majordomo Archive
Majordomo Archive will perform it's functions together with mailing list program where it tracks all sent emails with a text file for later use. Runs with CGI and perl supported websites.

29)   Auto Address Collector
If you want to add your email address in mailing list of any website,don't try to confuse yourself. Here is the code. Its easy to use.

30)   Easymailer
Easymailer is a simple perl supported program that allows you to send mails to a group of people with your own created content. Sent messages can be stored with flat file system.

31)   MaxSponder Autoresponder System
Autoresponder System activates internet marketing through emails and is designed for perl driven websites. Also, supports email campaigns with subscription revenue module. Autoresponders keeps the subscribers notified of up-to-date data.

32)   Mailing List Pro
Mailing List Pro provides flexible functions to manage newsletter functionalities with member subscription system. This module requires perl driven platforms for executing mailing features.

33)   Subscribe Me Pro
Subscribe Me Pro is more helpful for website owners to keep track of their customers / users mailing list on their dynamic perl websites. Supports importing of maiiing lists.

34)   Add2it Mailman Free
Mailman Free gives perl oriented features that are more useful for website owners to send mails for a group of people. Any number of newletters can be sent with in seconds using web based interface.

35)   Opt-In Pro
Opt-In Pro gives easier means of perl features to manage member email address lists on dynamic web based portals. Webmaster can add as many lists as they want to include for their subscribers.

36)   JSMAIL.cgi
JSMAIL.cgi is a perl driven tool that can be used to track your website visitors mailing contacts with a database and also helps to earn more profit through subscription module.

37)   Dave's Mailing List Manager
Dave's Mailing List Manager is built for perl based websites to implement a subscribing module for their customers, visitors. Admin supports full control over mailing list addition, deletion and customization.

38)   CommunityMailer
CommunityMailer is made of perl driven modules that lets you access mailing list manager more easier using in-built features. Supports automated and password protected signups with subscription system.

39)   Dada Mail
This is an web based email Management System. It is easy customizable and setup can be done easily. This will run on any hosting accounts. You can send email either in HTML or in plain text format.

40)   Follow Up Mailing List Processor PRO
Powerful, MySQL database driven, mailing list software with follow-up email autoresponder. When someone sends an e-mail to the auto responder, they are automatically added to the mailing list, and follow ups begin.

41)   Consolidator
Consolidator is a full featured perl based mailing list manager that has numerous flexible functions to handle the mailing functions. File attachment, auto responder, subscription module are few of the in-built features.

42)   Sven Neuhaus's Notify
Sven Neuhaus's Notify has been written with perl and CGI classes that lets the webmasters to inform their subscriber about the changes with pages whenever they occurs.

43)   E-Lists
E-Lists is made of perl and CGI modules that can be used to create and manage contact lists for subscribed members. This program would be more useful when works together with other two scripts of this package.

44)   iPaid Email CGI Script
Complete Paid 4 Email Website CGI Script iPaidEmail is a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Email site with complete control of it at the touch of a button. The iPaidEmail script comes with a complete and very useful members section, advertisers

45) lets you create your email subscribing account with just one click. It is more beneficial for all perl supported websites. Supports customization with HTML templates to produce output forms in a way you like.

46)   CGI-Subscribe
CGI-Subscribe is generated using perl modules that can be used as an online communicative tool on web based systems. Users can login via secured admin interface to become a subscrber on your mail list.

47)   Newsletter SCRIPT
Newsletter SCRIPT are Newsletter Solution and Ezine Machine for your Online Business. Unlimited mailinglist with unlimited autoresponder and followup with unlimited domain. Schedule with cronjob and powered MySQL backend. Easy to install and compatible with many webhoster.

48)   GuzZzt MassMail Pro
GuzZzt MassMail Pro is an advanced mailing list program that is fully driven with perl modules. Seperate templates are used to send mass number of mails with an unique look.

49)   Easylist
A quick and simple solution to adding a mailing list to your web site. Also created to be very easy to install. Comes with and extensive admin panel, subscription form, a mailer to mail members, confirmation email, export/import email addresses, customizable HTML/Email templates for responses.

50)   Power List
Providing an easier and effective way to communicate the visitors on a website and enabling webmasters to earn good revenue are the motivation of this perl driven module.

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