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1)   Active Python
This is a quality-assured binary build of Python, available for Linux, Solaris and Windows. It provides the ActivePython binary packages free. In addition to the core binary code, it includes commonly used external modules including expat for XML processing, zlib for data compression; a suite of Windows tools developed by Mark Hammond, including the Pythonwin IDE, support for Python ASP, the PythonCOM system; and more.

2)   ActiveState - Python Resources
ActiveState offers open source for Python and other programming languages.

3)   Addon for phpPowerCards 2.1
This is an addon written in Pyton for creating the configuration files for phpPowerCards 2.1. Features uploading the pictures to the right folder, and much more.

4)   Aether
Aether consists of python coded modules that allows you to build and maintain weblogs and websites more easier. Supports Apache server and no database is included. Images can be uploaded with site pages.

5)   ASPN : Cookbook : Python Cookbook
ActiveState Open Source Programming tools for Perl Python XML xslt scripting with free trials. Quality development tools for programmers systems administrators database administrators network administrators and webmasters.

6)   BoboMail
This tool is a webmail application which can provide mail access through a webpage interface.

7)   CCQ BBS System
This tool is a high level BBS language which has the basic features of common web message boards and allows posts to be organized by multiple, user configured ways.

8)   cgi_buffer
This is a group of scripts that can be used to handle performance improving HTTP features automatically. The script include ETag generation and validation and much more.

9)   Charming Python: Parsing with the SimpleParse module
Many parsing tools have been written for Python. This column discusses a high-level parsing language built on top of Python. SimpleParse provides an EBNF-style syntax on top of mxTextTools that can greatly clarify the expression of grammars.

10)   Charming Python: Text processing in Python for beginners
This article brings out the ability of Python to scan and manipulate textual data. It explains some general concepts of regular expressions and offers advice on when to use regular expressions while processing text

11)   ChartDirector (Python Edition)
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable. Comes with numerous sample codes.

12)   Cyphx
You can use this script to encrypt and decrypt text files. This is a handy tool for all webmasters in securing their web contents.

13)   Daily Python-URL
We provide tools to help you develop applications better, faster, and cheaper... Pick three.

14)   Developing a full-text indexer in Python
As the volume of information grows, effective means of locating specific information become ever more crucial. This column discusses the field of full-text indexing, with a focus on the author's public-domain indexer module.

15)   Elgoog
Elgoog is a funny program that consists of python driven modules which executes the functions to reverse text contents and outputs them with data table. Works as google mirror joke site.

16)   Extending Python and Zope in C
Extending Python in C is easy once you see how it all works, and an extension of Python is equally easy to package up for Zope. The hard part is wading through the different documentation sets in search of the nuggets of information you need, and this article has collected them for you. Article includes code snipets.

17)   Five Minutes to a Python CGI
This is a quick overview of Python script language. Discussion includes comparison to other scripting languages, Using the Python CGI Module, debugging, and more.

18)   Functional programming in Python
This article discusses general concepts of functional programming, and illustrates ways of implementing functional techniques in Python. Despite the thought that Python is a procedural and object-oriented language, the tutorial contains everything you need for a completely functional approach to programming.

19)   Functional programming in Python, Part 2
This article is a continuation of the introduction to functional programming (FP) in Python. It offers various programs of problem-solving and demonstrates several intermediate and advanced concepts of FP.

20)   Functional programming in Python, Part 2
This column continues the introduction to functional programming (FP) in Python. The introduction to different paradigms of program problem-solving demonstrates several intermediate and advanced FP concepts. Article includes code snipets.

21)   Functional programming in Python, Part 3
The Part 3 of the series continues the discussion by illustrating additional capabilities, like currying and other higher-order functions contained in the Xoltar Toolkit. Article includes code snipets.

22)   Functional programming in Python, Part 3
The article is part 3 of the series on Functional Programming in Python. It illustrates additional capabilities of FP like currying and other higher-order functions contained in the Xoltar Toolkit. Article also includes code snippets

23)   FutureQuest Inc
With an honest service and public message forums as the foundation, FutureQuest has built positive relationships with the site owners, in addition to providing a way for the site owners to give and receive valued input regarding the development hurdles they may encounter, as well as the servers they share.

24)   Getting started with Python
This article shows how Python will give you results quicker and more reliably. Whatever programming you're doing now, Python can improve it. You'll want to understand how Python's careful engineering offers an easy-to-use, interactive, clean, object-oriented, extensible, scalable language.

25)   Gypsy Mail
This is a well featured and flexible python clone of the familiar cgiemail script which allows you to set up an HTML form on your website, collect information from your site’s visitors and send a well formatted e-mail to yourself or the other e-mail addresses.

26)   How to use Python's xml_objectify
This article presents the xml_objectify module. It describes how to use xml_objectify and the advantages of using this "Pythonic" module for working with XML documents as objects.

27)   htmltmpl
htmltmpl is a content management system and in php and python versoions. This system helps web developers to separate program code and design of their web projects.

28)   HyperSQL
This tool is used to hypermap the SQL views, packages, procedures and functions to HTML source code listings and showing all code locations where these are being used.

29)   Improving the social infrastructure of Python: pydoc and distutils modules
The introduction of several modules and tools in recent Python versions has improved Python, not so much as a language, but as a tool. This article reviews these modules that make the job of Python developers substantially easier by improving the documentation and distribution of Python modules and packages.

30)   Indexed Network Graphic Archiver
This is a network-centric Graphic/Photo database program using Python/MySQL which uses a robot to crawl through the network paths stored in the database, searching for new graphic files.

31)   Intro to PYX
XML uses plain Unicode text and all structures are declared with predictable-looking tags. The open-source PYX format is a purely line-oriented format for representing XML documents that allows for much easier processing of XML document contents with common text tools and the usual UNIX collection.

32)   Introduces the Python xml_pickle object
As part of the ongoing quest to create a more seamless integration between XML and Python, this article presents the xml_pickle module. The author discusses the design goals and decisions that went into xml_pickle and provides a list of likely uses.

33)   Karrigell
Karrigell is a simple web programming solution which includes a web server. It was designed for web sites with moderate traffic, such as personal sites running on a home computer. It allows execution of Python scripts and of pages mixing Python and HTML

34)   Klops
Klops will be used as file sharing module on python based websites with which you can include a CVS tree for your software products to allow your users to get a outline of your project status and can allow them to browse the CVS tree.

35)   LinkChecker
This is python script which checks the broken links of your HTML documents.

36)   MailForm.py
MailForm.py can be used as an online community tool on the web which supports Python / CGI script for execution. You can specify an email address to receive mails through forms.

37)   Mailman
This is a Python based software which helps to manage email discussion lists, giving each mailing list a web page, and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe etc over the web.

38)   Maios
Maios enables webmasters to offer web-based email to their visitors. It is quite similar to Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail. Maios supports multiple users, and new user registration. It can be configured to read remote email also, allowing users to consolidate their various email accounts into one location.

39)   makefaq
This is python script which is accessed from a specially formatted text data file to create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

40)   Merchant Empires
This merchant empires is a game of space exploration and economic competition which is a PHP/Python/PostgreSQL-based multiplayer

41)   Ming (Python/Zope module)
Ming is a library for generating dynamic SWF ("Flash") movies. It comprises all of the functionality of Flash 4, except for sound events, in place of which mp3 is supported. The Python wrapper presents the movie components as objects in the Python environment, making programmatic movie generation easy and intuitive.

42)   MoinMoin
This is a python Wikiclone which was based on PIKIPIKI.

43)   Monty's Postcard Server
This server written in Python is a CGI application that makes putting up a post card server a breeze. One thing that is done by the Admin is to supply the images.

44)   MSOffice2PS
MSOffice2PS is a Microsoft Office (ppt, xls, doc) to Postscript Converter.

45)   Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server
Nuxeo CPS is the web content management solution for Zope. Users create and manage content in Workgroups and publish them in Publications spaces. Nuxeo CPS also features office document integration, indexing, and conversion to HTML format; versioning; attached comments; interactive services (e.g. mailing-lists); and skinning of hierarchies.

46)   O'Reilly Network: Python DevCenter
O'Reilly Network's source for Python developer news and information.

47)   O'Reilly Python Center
O'Reilly is a leader in technical and computer book documentation for Python programming. The center features Python books, articles, resources, and news.

48)   Object-Oriented Language: Python
Object-Oriented Language: Python offeres resources and information about Python related subjects.

49)   Oedipus
This tool is a collection of classes and modules which is written in python to maintain a hierarchical directory of web links.

50)   OpenRPG
This game which is released under GPL including some d20 system specific game tools is a suite of tools for online and tabletop gaming

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