1-6 Miscellaneous (Python) scripts (listed after popularity)

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1)   Charming Python: Parsing with the SimpleParse module
Many parsing tools have been written for Python. This column discusses a high-level parsing language built on top of Python. SimpleParse provides an EBNF-style syntax on top of mxTextTools that can greatly clarify the expression of grammars.

2)   Vorras Antibot
Vorras Antibot is an image generation program that prevents automatic form submission by robots. If your web site is being overwhelmed with spam, automatic registrations, automatic forum or classified ad submissions etc., Vorras Antibot solves this problem by introducing a picture in your HTML forms that only a human can recognize.

3)   Addon for phpPowerCards 2.1
This is an addon written in Pyton for creating the configuration files for phpPowerCards 2.1. Features uploading the pictures to the right folder, and much more.

4)   Extending Python and Zope in C
Extending Python in C is easy once you see how it all works, and an extension of Python is equally easy to package up for Zope. The hard part is wading through the different documentation sets in search of the nuggets of information you need, and this article has collected them for you. Article includes code snipets.

5)   Text Fader
Text Fader uses math fucntionalities to fade the text to a particular degree of your choice. This can be used with designing contents for a website that supports python prgramming.

6)   Python for the PalmOS
Pippy is a subset of Python to the PalmOS. With this you can create custom applications to run on Palm devices, and also as an interactive environment on the Palm. This article brings out the strengths and limitations of Pippy.

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