1-8 XML and Python (Python) scripts (listed after popularity)

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1)   Intro to PYX
XML uses plain Unicode text and all structures are declared with predictable-looking tags. The open-source PYX format is a purely line-oriented format for representing XML documents that allows for much easier processing of XML document contents with common text tools and the usual UNIX collection.

2)   XML Processing with Python
This article illustrates the principle features of the Python language, and then examine the XML processing capabilities of Python.

3)   How to use Python's xml_objectify
This article presents the xml_objectify module. It describes how to use xml_objectify and the advantages of using this "Pythonic" module for working with XML documents as objects.

4)   xml_pickle and xml_objectify
This article provides some utilities for high-level Python handling of XML documents, as well as some tips on advanced aspects of using and customizing the modules. Code samples demonstrate py_obj._XML attributes, node attributes treated as objects and lists, py_obj magic attribute behavior, and more.

5)   XML tools for Python
The first two articles in this set provided an overview of working with XML in Python. Since the initial articles, the state of XML tools for Python has advanced significantly. Unfortunately, most of these advances have not been backwards compatible. This special installment article revisits the author's previous discussion of XML tools, and provides up-to-date code samples.

6)   The Python Web Services Developer, Part 2
This is the first article in the series on creating a software repository system built on Web services and developed in the Python programming language.

7)   Introduces the Python xml_pickle object
As part of the ongoing quest to create a more seamless integration between XML and Python, this article presents the xml_pickle module. The author discusses the design goals and decisions that went into xml_pickle and provides a list of likely uses.

8)   Tinkering with XML and Python
In this article David Mertz briefly describes the most popular and useful XML related Python modules, and points out the resources for downloading individual modules and reading more about them.

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