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1-50 Remotely Hosted scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   .CO.NR Free Domain Names
.CO.NR is a free subdomain provider where you can register and get a free domain name on your name with an extension of If you get short URL like these for your web pages, it could be easily remembered by your customers. There are also other benefits available on registering.

2)   .DR.AG URL Redirection
This is a URL redirection service where you can change the lengthy URL of your web pages to a shorter and easy to remember one by selecting a domain name from a list of pre defined domain names.

3)   012 Guestbook
012 Guestbook is a remotely hosted guestbook program that can be integrated on any active website to enable visitors to post their comments and feedback about the website and its services.

This is a site which guides the users to gain knowledge about conversion like, length, area & surface, mass, temperature, speed storage, pressure and more.

5) is a content management program which permits the users to build a web site with available services through the web interface.

6)   01FTP
This is a content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. All you have to do is just login with your username and password through the website.

7) is a web based software that offers remotely hosted service to maintain online payment processings of small business websites. All recurring payments including newsletter and email membership scubscription can be performed easily.

8)   01Publisher
This is a website building program that helps users to build powerful professional or personal websites from a web based interface. This program has 200 inbuilt templates to start designing with.

9) Online Content and Template Management System
Create sites adaptable to change and growth without having to bother about details nor HTML

10)   10 Step Ecommerce
This package comes with three versions of solutions and each one can be accessed as per your e-commerce site needs. Supports recurring billing, credit card transactions, ad monitoring and tracking, digital shipments and several other functionalities through an user friendly interface.

11)   101Emailpro
101Emailpro is a email program which provides ability for the users to manage regular email correspondence with customers. This program can track customer responses in real time.

12)   123 Lucky Polls - Polls for your website and more
Add a free poll to your web site, live journal, myspace, blogger/blog, AOL Instant messenger profile and anything else that supports HTML. No script installation required and you don't even need a web site because we offer a link that will host your poll.

Unique hosted game-service. Want puzzlegame at your website ? Image of your choice Color of your choice

14)   123Counts
This is a counter script which counts the total number of visitors entered the website up to date, unique page hits, unique visitors etc., The counter style is customizable and the output will be in graphical mode.

15)   123POLLS
123POLLS is a remotely hosted polling system that helps users to conduct instant polls on their websites. This program is free to use after users getting registered to the website.

16) Free Banners Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system that is available online which helps you to advertise your website on other webmaster's website easily in a 2:1 exchange ratio.

17)   1:1 FLASH Banner Exchange
Free banner exchange with 468x60 pixels banners, fast and reliable servers, online statistics, no erotic, good support and excellent service.

18) - free URL redirection and directory
Offers a free domain redirection and subdirectories.

19)   1st Monitor
This tool monitors the downtime of the website and it informs the user or administrator through an email. It gives vital information about the real time website activities.

20)   1st Users Online Counter
One line of code to add to your website will display how many users are online on your website. You can set it to take your site style.

21)   1stWarning
This component is used to monitor the websites down time and it gives report and alert message to the site administrator through email.

22) is a remotely hosted program that allows you to define many products on your site and let the visitors to rate them in five level depth. Viewing of rating results can be allowed.

23)   2clicks Sit -Web Search
2clicks search is a remotely hosted free search script that allows users to add fully customizable site and/or web search to their website with the option to earn commissions from affiliate links contained within web search results.

24)   2clicks Web / Site Search
2clicks search is a remotely hosted free search script that allows users to add fully customizable site and/or web search to their website with the option to earn commissions from affiliate links contained within web search results.

By registering with, you can create a shorter URL for the pages on your website. The URLs thus created can be easily kept in memory of your visitors and also you can get other benefits.

26)   2ndSite Inc
This is a remotely hosted script that offers groupware solutions to reduce administrative costs and to improve the communication between the staffs and the clients.

27) Hosted Counter
This is a simple counter program which tracks the website and shows the total number of entries arrived at yet. It shows accurate statistical report to the users.

28)   4AF Guestbooks
4AF Guestbooks is a guestbook program which permits the visitors to post comments and to view the information about how they liked your site. This script is easily customizable and easy to use.

29)   4AF Protected Pages
4AF Protected Pages is a password protection system for any website, which has to manage with authenticated people. Very easy to use it on websites.

30)   4AF's Free For All Links
This is an automated service with which you can create your own FFAL page on your website and allow your users to submit their links to your website. It offers you an option to ban certain type of links that you wish.

31)   4AllFree.Com offers a growing number of free online tools and services including guest books, daily cartoons, jokes, password protection and more.

32)   4track - Visitor tracking and site statistics
This script is helpful for the webmaster to build their site with web counter to analyse the web traffic of the site. By using this script webmasters can view their visitors entire activity.

33)   4Webmasters Free Submitter
This is a URl sumitting program and is a remotely hosted program that helps users to submit their websites on top 35 search engines from a web based interface.

34)   9GIF.COM - Free Short url Redirection
Offers free short url redirection service such as with cloaking and meta tags support.

35)   A Document Manager
This dynamic on-line document managment system will give you and your employees the ability to create an online repository for commonly accessed documents.

36)   A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software
The Omnistar Live customer support solution gives you the ability to chat with all your web site visitors in real time, manage a dynamic help desk and customize your own knowledge base.

37)   A1- Chat
A1- Chat is an online chat provider where you can chat with your online friends or look for new friends with multimedia support.

38)   Aaise - Hosted search engine
Earn cash each time one of your visitors searches the web.

39)   ABChat - free chat resource for webmasters
This service provides a full featured and easy-to-cofigure remotelly hosted chatrooms for websites. No special downloads are required for end-users.

40)   About Nuke hosting - PHPNuke, Postnuke, Xoops etc
Absolutely Free setup! Featuring 1Click Install for PostNuke, PHPNuke, Xoops and PHPWebsite. With one click you can install your site or multiple sites. Guaranteed and proven hosting solutions with great benefits. Your site will be up in seconds not days or weeks. Domain registration. Free setup!

41)   AboutFace
AboutFace offers solution to manage and publish directory information quickly and easily on your website or on your intranet. It is capable of creating white pages, yellow pages etc and many of the leading companies are using this system.

42)   Abstract Management
Abstract Management Solution is more useful to collect different opinions from many people about a same topic. Supports 3 modes for abstraction - symposiums, paper, and poster to allow people to submit through password protected admin interface.

43)   Acal Calendar
This script is helpful for the website owners to create an event calendar on their website. It has password protection for customizing events. It displays date, day, month and year on the screen.

44)   Ace Banner Rotator (Remote)
In this you can rotate any number of ads and get a detailed report on the number of exposures and number of clicks for all your ads on 1 screen. It comes free of cost.

45)   AceProject
AceProject provides an online solution to manage your projects from any web browser and at anytime. It allows multiple project management, multiple user management and has many other features.

46)   Acestats
This statistic counter is helpful for the webmasters to keep the track record of their website. It tracks number of entries on their site, number of visitors visited and their system configuration etc.,

47)   ACME Survey
ACME Survey is a simple and easy to use remotely hosted program that can be used to generate customized survey forms for collecting data.

48)   Active Commerce
Active Commerce is one of the remotely hosted e-commerce application which is adaptable for small and medium sized businesses to maintain their storefront using effective merchant account and e-commerce solutions.

49)   Active Graphics Engine
This is an online web based photo gallery application which contains thousands of images and also provides search engine software. JPG images can be uploaded directly into the server and provides automatic thumbnail display.

50)   Active Websurvey
Active Websurvey is a remotely hosted program that helps users to conduct online surveys, questonnaire etc for collecting data. This program can be easily customized to user's preferences.

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