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Top 451-500 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

Free vector graphics - sports logos,cliparts and symbols!

452)   Submission Manager
This is a site submission program that is remotely hosted and is a free service. Visitors can submit search engines to add to the database of search engines.

453)   Free spell checker
This program is used to check the spelling mistakes that found in the URL or in any text. It supports six thousand and one forty four characters.

454)   Message Spy
Message Spy is a program that allows it's users to keep an eye on visitors to their websites.

MyShortURL provides you a free redirection service where you can get your own URLs which will look short and elegant and completely secure for redirection. It also offers you with many other features like URL cloaking, meta tag support and much more.

456)   Google DC Check
Check your pagerank, Backlinks and indexed Pages in all Google DATA centers.

457)   Form Hosts
Form Hosts is a remotely hosted online form generating software that can also securely validate and collect user information from all your clients.

458)   Redirect It
This is a URL based redirection program with which you can run a redirection service on your website. This will help your customers to build the name branding thereby increase their revenue.

459)   Site Traffic Analysis with FastCounter Pro
FastCounter Pro is a simple hit counter that monitors and gives real time report of the website traffic. It also measures ad campaigns ROI. This is an user friendly tool for the webmasters.

460)   Bogglers
Bogglers is a remotely hosted program that provides entertaining riddles or puzzles to user's websites. This is a very entertaining program that makes visitors come again to a site.

461) - free URL redirection and directory
Offers a free domain redirection and subdirectories.

462)   Free URL Redirection From
With this free URL Redirection service, webmasters can change the long URL of their website into a shorter one which can be easily remembered by their users. It gives an option to select a subdomain name from three pre defined domain name extensions.

will count the number of visitors currently on your website in real-time. It will report the number in a small tiny customizeable box which you can place on all your webpages. Stats in real time in member area you know country, browser , pages visited ...

464)   iPBFree
iPBFree is a simple discussion board program with which you will be able to install a powerful forum based discussion board software on your website.

465) offers unique re-direction domains.

466)   HostedScripts
HostedScripts offer a wide variety of free hosted CGI scripts for your use. Scripts include mailing list manager, message board, guestbook, site recommendation, formmail, redirection, polls, counters, password protection, etc.

467)   Affiliate HeadQuarters Tell A Friend
Tell A Friend is a script which can be used by the webmasters as a site recommendation tool on their website. It is easy to use and customize this script.

468)   Remote Site Submission
NETBIZCITY acts as a tool for submitting the URLs of the site visitors to search engines on the web.

469)   Easy Chat
This is a remotely hosted chat script which was designed to work under any browser

470)   BFN Environment Data
Access visitor IP address and user agent in JavaScript variables.

471)   Edealseek's URL Submitter
edealseek's URL Submitter is a simple and useful program using which you can submit your website URL for popular search engines. This is a simple and handy tool for the webmasters.

472)   Expired domains registered in Yahoo, Dmoz with built-in traffic
This script is used to find the expired domains. This script gives you the list of expired domains and which are going to expire soon. These sites are listed in yahoo or dmoz domain names.

473)   Advanced Web Counter
Free Web site traffic and statistics analyzer. Search engine search phrases, Unique Visitors, Page Views, Top Referrering sites, Pages, Countries, Languages, etc. Far more than just a simple hit counter !

474)   Open Tracker
This script is basically for the webmasters that helps them to track number of online visitors, their country name, IP address, referring URL and more. It has password protection. Search term analysis is available.

475)   Free IP banning service, remotly hosted
Invisible, free service that allows anyone to have IP banning on any page of their website. No advertising, no pupups. A simple, free service that should have been done long ago.

476) Voting Booth Voting Booth renders service to execute an online survey system on your site without collecting any charge from you. Allows you to modify the script as per your needs.

477)   Web Announcer
This is a site submission and remotely hosted program that helps users to submit their website to 70 search engines. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

478)   Your own E-Store
Your own E-Store facilitates you to create your own e-commerce site and provides more flexlible web based management options. Searching capabilites, price promotions, highlighting products etc., are some of it's important features.

479) is a powerful remotely hosted e-store builder that can be used to generate professional e-stores with powerful administrative backend.

480)   Questionnaires
This is a simple and easy to use remotely hosted application that helps users to build web based questionnaires for collecting data. This program can be used to conduct online surveys.

481)   iHelp
iHelp provides you a cost effective solution to conduct live chat with your customers online which helps you to build the relationship with your customers.

482)   Bookmark Factory
Importing your existing bookmarks from your Internet browser made easy by Bookmark Factory. Its simple web interface makes adding, deleting and moving your bookmarks and folders a snap.

483)   inClick Pay-Per-Click Advertising Server
inClick allows you to sell and serve text based ad banners within your site quickly and easily and contains numerous features like pay-per-click, auto bidding, XML data feeds for total customization, reporting to advertisers and publishers, credit card and Paypal payment gateway, and much more.

484)   NovoBoard
NovoBoard is a simple online discussion board software designed to allow admins to include a fast processing discussion board application script in their website.

485)   Turn-key Postcard Sites
Turn-key postcard sites service is a program which can be used by the webmasters to build and maintain a post card service on their website.

486)   Watch Dog
This tool is helpful for the users to monitor their websites downtime and it dispatches real time report to the administrator accurately. It monitors all HTTPS websites.

487)   Beanbasket - E-commerce
Using this remotely hosted shopping cart program, creation and manipulation of an online store can be performed easily and effectively. Many features like mailing list, coupons, discounts, automated order notification, sales reports and much more helps to conduct a powerful e-business.

488)   Free LIve chat customer support
Live chat customer support software will help you to monitor the traffic of your site. You can easily chat with them and solve thier problem . By this way you can increase your site's performance and reliability. We are now giving the solution absolutely free. Just create a account from us. Download operator software , Generate tag ,place it in your site and use it.

489)   CerebusTools FFAL page
FFAL stands for Free For All Links. This service gives you a personal page where your visitors easily can add their links without needing your interaction.

490) Clock and Date
This script is used for creating a clock on the website. It supports both 12hrs format and 24hrs format. It is customizable. Timezone and style selection are available.

491)   Webstat
This scrit is a simple online counter that allow webmasters to track the website traffic. It tracks the reports like, marketing report, visitors profile reports and website traffic report. Users can find who is visiting their website, where they are coming from etc.,

492)   iOraBugFinder
This is a web based tool which scans Oracle's alert log files, ORA-600 and ORA-7445 trace files. It helps in generating information from them. This is free of cost and the version that this tool uses is 2.0.0.

493)   speed-survey
This is a remote networking tool with which you can get status reports about the performance of your websites quickly. It helps webmasters to analyse their work and their hosting network services.

494)   ezWaiter Online
This is an online menu system with which restaurant owners can display their menus online and get orders from the customers online. It does not require any separate website, contains a control panel to update or change your menu anytime.

495)   Iprosite
This is a content management solution that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. Users need not to have FTP or HTML knowledge to use this program.

496) Free Remote CGI Hosting offers over 30 free remotely hosted CGI scripts. It Includes auction scripts, web boards, counters, guestbooks and much more.

497)   iMailer
iMailer is a mailing list script which is capable of sending personalised email to the subscribers list. The messages can be sent in text and html formats. This tool is used to develop sales leads.

498)   RSS Scrollbox Widget
Liven up you site by adding dynamic self-updating content from up to three RSS feeds with just a copy & paste. Nothing could be easier! Not only that, but the look is completely customizable.

499)   The Web Host Directory Community Forum
The Web Host Directory Community Forum is a simple online disscussion board script providing custom solution for all webmasters to have remotely hosted discussion board board on their website.

500)   MyHotStats
This software is a simple counter script which is used in the remotely hosted systems. It tracks total number of clicks made by the visitors, who is currently online, their system configuration etc.

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