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Check PageRank
Top 501-550 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

501)   URL`LOG
URL`LOG is an advanced remotely hosted free service that provide you with a detailed statistics based on the number of clicks on any link and referring pages sorted by time.

502)   Check PageRank
This is a web based tool through which you can get the pagerank of your web site without using the google toolbar. This tool helps you to know the rank of your web site.

503)   MyBBHost
MyBBHost is a simple remotely hosted discussion board software that allow webmasters to install web based discussion board on their website with support for unlimited posts and forums.

504)   Cyracle
Cyracle allows us to get started quickly with low up-front costs, and gives customers many ways to solve their problems and it helps in Customer satisfaction at the same time reducing customer support costs.

505)   CalendarApp
A free online events interactive calendar where one can publish and submit events also make reservation for rooms

506)   Free Anonymous Criteria-Based Instant Messenger
A free anonymous criteria-based instant messenger offering no usage limitations, remote hosting, no user enrollment/registration requirements, customizable integration into your website using simple HTML and accessible from either a new window or embedded into an existing web page.

507)   SmartService Live
This remotely hosted customer support program helps you to facilitate your customers with live chat through a web based chat window that supports multiple operators.

508)   eTapestry
This web based hosted application is an online fundraising system that will help you to handle your donors, alumni and prospects via intuitive interface. In-built search engine helps to find required donor accounts with detailed info.

509)   Activetopic
This tool offers a remotely hosted shoutbox that can be placed on your site.

510)   BidWorks - Online Auction Services Professional Plan
Online Auction Services - Professional is a system that provides services in managing Auctions and it provides unlimited usages in tracking sales.

511)   xNews
This is a newsletter script for the users website to inform their visitors about any updation on the website. With their responses to the users mail, the number of clients can be easily counted.

512)   Copyright Button
This is a remotely hosted system that allows web owners to display copyright button on their website which contains the details about copyright notice of their site.

513) is a free 2:1 banner exchange service designed to help websites trade advertising with each other.

514)   Free Banner Exchange Network offers a fast growing 3:2 banner exchange Network. The most powerful way to advertise your site for FREE! Once your account has been approved, for every 3 times you show our banners, yours will be displayed 2 times all over our banner exchange networks (not 2:1 like other banner exchange sites).

515)   Patrol Express
This script is used for monitoring different types of applications, storages, systems and networks for reducing the operating costs by monitoring remotely about the availability of storage and network devices, systems etc. It also monitors how the problems are affecting the end user experience.

516)   Madposter's Image Uploader
Madposter's Image Uploader obviously is an online image uploading program using which you can easily upload your image files to a remote server.

This is a powerful content management solution that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. This program provides high quality results. This is a completely automated program.

518)   Link Finder
This script is used to check the number of links on other sites that links back to you. This script can be used to check even competitors websites links.

519)   i-Commerce
i-Commerce is a remotely hosted shopping cart system with which you can create and manage an online store on your website and start selling digital products to your online customers.

520)   LinkTrim
LinkTrim is an useful remotely hosted program that can cutshort lengthy website URL's into shorter ones so that they can be spelt and remebered easily.

521)   Knabba appointment scheduling system
It is an Online appointment scheduling system which can be very helpful for organizations or individuals who have resources that can be booked by time.

522)   Poll service
Poll service is a remotely hosted polling program that helps users to generate their own poll with question and answers. Users can customize their polling system.

This is a hotel reservation system where visitors or surfers are allowed to book their stay from anywhere. They are allowed to check the room availability.

524)   Multimedia Website Builder
A website with professional and pleasant look can be obtained from this multimedia supported online website creator application. Supports animations with page content and keeps them in safety.

525)   Fully Developed Domain Rater Website
This is a remotely hosted application through which website owners can post the detailed information about the current appraisal domain value and its various categories. Using this application you can also promote affiliate banners.

526)   Ask Colman
Ask Colman is a fast meta searchengine that combines the biggest searchengines in the world. Webmasters can add a searchbox to their site for free.

527)   MyGiftList Gift Registry
MyGiftList Gift Registry can be utilized to increase your product sales over internet using affiliate module. Useful for all kind of internet shopping carts to enable their customers to buy products through MyGiftList gift lists.

528)   Scrolling Text Ads
This is an online banner exchange system but uses different method to display the ads. Your ads will be shown as scrolling text ads which will be displayed at the corner of the screen and can be closed easily by the user after viewing it.

529) - Whois Search is a free remotely hosted domain WHOIS lookup script. Supports almost every domain extension that exits. Very fast and reliable.

530)   NetshopperUK
This remotely hosted software lets you integrate various modules on your site like shopping cart system, online payment transactions and designing web pages. You can access existing modules with the help of given individual solutions.

531)   Nuked Web Services Topsite
This a topsite listing and is a remotely hosted program where users can create their own topsite list. This program generates legitimate targeted traffic.

532)   Bookmarks4u
Bookmark4U, helps you can access to your favorite web sites anywhere just by a click. Import your local bookmarks from Netscape, i.e. or a .txt file. You can backup and much more.

533)   Ranking Blog
You can sign up and get your own free shout box for your website where visitors can post their message along with their name and website URL.

534)   Free image hosting
This site is helpful for the users which allows them to upload their pictures, movies, flash files, graphics etc., Users have to just browse and upload their pictures from their system to this site.

535)   TPW Text-to-Hyperlink
This is a converting script which turns normal http:// and mailto prefixes into HTML snippets and users can make use of this snippets on their content or on their websites.

536)   AddPro's Manual Search engine submissions
This is a site submission program where users can submit their URL's to popular search engines manually. This program submits URL's to 22 search engines allowing users to manually submit for each search engine.

537)   Web Form Buddy
This script allow users to create an email form on their website and then the website owners can allow their visitors to send their feedbacks to the web owners. It has autoresponder, SSL, email validation etc.,

538)   smc WebLinks
This is an interactive link indexing system through which you can manage your directory of links and listings easily. It also comes with unlimited customization options like web based administration, ability to import and export links etc.

539)   Add live chat for help-support to your site in $8.99
CRM solution for live chat providing live help & support for sales and support response, real time visitor monitoring, proactive chat invitation, hits counter, 1operator multiple chat, chat transfer, Pro Active POP-UP etc

540)   Sell Downloads
Sell downloads online on your site and Ebay using PayPal. We provide instant download of your product to your cusomters. Our links are secure and expire after download. You accept payment directly in your PayPal account. You can sell mp3, photos, software, ebooks, games calling cards etc.

541)   Coop Advertising Network
This is an advertising network where you can share and exchange your website's banners and text ads with other websites.

SPONSOR RESULTS 100% Free Web Stats and Hit Counters ECounters will track your detailed Web site statistics - hits, page views, and more around the clock and you can check them at any time using a Web browser from anywhere in the world.

543)   Host Tracker
This remotely hosted networking tool is used for monitoring the website behaviour around the clock and if any problem found it sends clear report to the specific administrator through email, SMS or via instant messanger.

544)   XPulse Free Monitoring
XPulse is an online website monitoring tool which performs to search the websites day to day function and provides alert message and report to the specific administrator through email.

545)   Eywe: Form2Email
This script is used by the webmasters to contact with their site visitors. It helps their site visitors to send feedback or comments to the web owners through the email form.

546)   eyucca sendpage
Send page is bult for the webmasters to be used as a site recommendation tool for their website. It is easy to use and customize this application.

547)   BuildTraffic
This is an online traffic builder that provides search engine optimization, URL registration and promotion solutions which can generate and increase traffic for your websites.

548)   Webnhance Web counter
This online tracker script is used to count the number of hits per page made by the visitors. Users should put the code of this script in all pages in the entire website to count each page hits. It has different styles of counter and it is customizable.

This is a site which guides the users to gain knowledge about conversion like, length, area & surface, mass, temperature, speed storage, pressure and more.

550)   Image Optimizer
Use this online tool to easily optimize regular gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs, so they load as fast as possible on your webpage.

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