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Top 551-600 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   KlickPatrol
KlickPatrol is a free service dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and reducing Pay-Per-Click fraud. Save your advertising dollars today.

552)   Neomyz ONLINE GAMES
Enhance your website by adding a cool online game, and give your visitors another reason to come back. Set up your own flash online game today!

553)   KnowledgeMessenger
KnowledgeMessenger is an extemely versatile tool that can be plugged into your existing website to provide "Dynamic FAQ", "Ask The Expert", or "Knowledge Base" functionality. A full functioning demo and many client's usage of KnowledgeMessenger is available on our site.

554)   Projects By Geeks
This is an online business center where unlimited number of freelance jobs and webmaster listings are posted under appropriate categories.

555)   Bookmarks4U Rosipo
Bookmarks4U Rosipo is a remotely hosted web based personal bookmarking solution. It provides an easy to use environment for the website users. It provides access to the users with their favourite websites with just a click.

556)   DreamSubmit
DreamSubmit is an effective online website promotion service providing program that be installed on any active website to provide search engine submission programs for their visitors.

557) - Free Forum Hosting
FORUMMATE.COM provides FREE forum hosting service to all users around the world with their OWN domain name. You get your FREE Phpbb forum/message board activated within minutes. All users can access their forums either via or .

558)   Jiwang's Smart Counter
This script tracks your website. You can use this script on your website that helps you to view your sites visitor information and number of hits made by them daily, weekly and monthly.

559)   CyberSource Enterprise Edition
A more secure and easier way to handle all your online payments for products and services, ebay auctions can be done without any hassle by implementing this remotely hosted merchant and business application. Supports universal credit cards and several payment modes.

560)   My Leadhound
My Leadhound is an affiliate program which permits the users to pay affiliates a commission for sales. This script has ability to delete affiliates from users campaigns.

561)   Tulipstats Premium
This counter software is used in the website to track the web traffic every time. It gives the report like, daily, monthly, weekly hits, unique visitors information, country name, system configuration etc.,

562)   Vetrend.com_latest in IT Trend in information technology, latest technology, technology news, IT trend, news technology

563)   MyIkonboard Economy
MyIkonboard Economy is a simple online discussion board that provides complete solution for all websites running on a low space to integrate a full featured discussion board on their site.

564)   123Counts
This is a counter script which counts the total number of visitors entered the website up to date, unique page hits, unique visitors etc., The counter style is customizable and the output will be in graphical mode.

With you can register for your 100% FREE WebRing. You can change webring Design, add an Image in front of it. You directly manage the sites subscribed to this service in your Members Area A REALLY EASY WAY TO BRING TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE !!

566)   Standard Smart Message Board System
Group based discussions can be performed on the fly under many topics through this remortely hosted program. Visitors can post messages, answer questions, add to a thread etc.,

567)   Environment Data
This system is remotely hosted application to fetch your site visitors IP address and their browser type. This is an alternate to SSI, CGI and PHP.

568)   Site Submitter
This is an URL submitting program that helps users to submit their websites to top search engines on the net. This is a simple program to popularise your websites and to generate traffic.

569)   Mal's e-commerce
This is a E-commerce script that helps you to create highly customizable and easy to use shopping cart system on your website to sell your products online.

570)   SEO Masters .com Keyword Popularity Checker
SEO Masters .com Keyword Popularity Checker is a powerful online search engine utility that helps you to find suitable keywords and meta tags for your website.

571)   zeroCode
This is a browser based application that helps build database-backed web applications with very little programming effort. This application development framework is best used by business analysts and systems analysts to develop and maintain database enabled web applications. No downloads or installation is required.

572)   Black Fire Networks
This is a collection of CGI based remotely hosted scripts that are available for free. The collection of scripts are random links, download tracker, mailing list, clocks etc.

573) Email Service
Email Service is a email program which permits the users to check their emails. This script provides secured login with cookies.

574)   ASPSMS
ASPSMS will send sms over TCP/IP protocol from any program. It has lot features like sending simple, multiple, Flashing, Blinking SMS etc.

By registering with, you can create a shorter URL for the pages on your website. The URLs thus created can be easily kept in memory of your visitors and also you can get other benefits.

576)   TDStats - Free Website Statistics
This online counter program is basically for tracking the website traffic. It has several main features like, referer stats, traffic stats, search engine referers, search keywords and system stats.

577)   101Emailpro
101Emailpro is a email program which provides ability for the users to manage regular email correspondence with customers. This program can track customer responses in real time.

578)   MP Submit
This is a simple online search engine submission program using which you can submit your website and its URL to popular search engines available on the net.

579)   BFN Feedback Form
Create a custom feedback form that will be mailed to up to 4 email addresses, custom response, anti-SPAM security, flood protection, input validation, successful submission URL, No Ads.

580)   GoECart Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software
GoECart Shopping Cart is a high-featured online store that provides effective functions to integrate your professional shopping cart. All orders, credit card payments are manipulated in real time.

581)   DigiChat Pro Server
DigiChat gives more solutions that are widely adaptable for smaller websites to interact with users via web based interface. Can be used with online customer service tools.

582)   Internet Store
You can build a remote shopping centre on your dynamic website by using this remotely hosted internet store program. It is available with as much of features you seek to integrate your online store.

583)   BuildAforum
BuildAforum is an efficient online community service provider that hosts commercial discussion board on your website with several advanced features.

584)   Formbuddy's form processor
This script allow users to create an email form for their website with full of security. This script automatically send an instant message to the submitters after their form submission.

585)   My Free Bulletin Board
This is a simple discussion board program offering unlimited number of customizable forums for websites with moderators, categories, etc.,

586)   Online Now - Current Visitors Hit Counter
This script is used for tracking how many visitors are online currently. It tracks your website in the current five minutes. It has customization facility to change colors.

587)   BFN Site Search
Provide visitors with a way to search your website for content.

588)   iHelp
iHelp - online sales and customer support for your web site iHelp offers a timely and cost-effective solution to communicate live with your web site visitors at the right time, converting them into loyal customers and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships

589)   Merchant Central
This remotely hosted application is suitable for those who want to build and administer an online store through web based interface. Themes, catalogs, order review options, promotion tools etc lets you have an efficient e-store.

590)   Winstar Business Internet
Any kind of business applications can get more benefits from this internet based business solution. And a wide range of services are given through this remotely hosted application that lets you run your business globaly and helps you to get more profit.

591)   TAGword
This is a text based advertising server which helps you to earn more money from your visitors by attracting them towards various advertisement placed on your website.

592)   MyIkonboard
MyIkonboard Free is an advanced remotely hosted discussion board software that allows website visitors and users to post topics for online discussions on the board forums.

593)   Netmon
This tool is helpful for the webmasters to find out whether their server is up or down. It shows statistical report to the administrator. This tool helps online business persons to offer their customers with fulltime support by monitoring their server performance upto date.

594)   Document Builder System
A web based document manager can be maintained through this remotely hosted program. Any number of documents can be published on website with paragraphs, links etc., Database can be used to maintain all existing documents.

595)   freemerchant
This is a remotely hosted online store building tool with a shopping cart utility. It comes with various features which enables you to easily integrate with the existing website design.

This is a free banner exchange service Easily update your banner whenever you want to Earn Free credits by showing other members' banners on your page

597)   Site Pro Website Rotator
This is a simple URL rotator that has the ability to randomize and redirect your site visitors to different websites from a single URL.

598)   BFN Password Protection
Password protect any web page with unlimited users. Many features.

599)   BFN Quiz and Tests
Create and moderate online quizzes and tests.

600)   School Days
This school days script is basically for building an online event calendar on the website. Users can add, update or remove the events from the calendar. Users can access this event calendar from anywhere. It has password protection facility.

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