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Top 651-700 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

This is a hosted e-commerce system which allows you to create your own online store and start selling your products and receive payments through credit cards processed by PayPal.

652)   eXTReMe Tracking
Extreme tracking is an online counter script which is used in the remotely hosted systems. It gives the report of total stats of your website. It has extensive referer tracking, time zone, total and average number of hits of the website etc.,

653)   Form Pros
With the help of this program you can generate both form-to-file and form-to-email web based forms with customizable colour, background and images. You can even import the form results to MS excel spreadsheets for later reference.

654)   Amazia MarketPlace
It is an Online store builder that comes with a wide range of functionalities and features to execute small or medium sized internet businesses without any additional software support. A simple way to increase loyal customers to your site.

655)   SiteExpress
SiteExpress is a suitable remotely hosted software for internet company / MLM firm which like to have a website for universal based business. Site maintanance can be done without much effort.

656)   No Spam Email
No Spam Email is a web based communication tool which allows you to have private email addresses with your own domain. It supports pop3 protocol and all types of web browsers.

657)   Form Builder Pro
Form Builder Pro is an easy-to-use visual form generator tool with automated form processing. You can create contact forms, order forms, feedback forms, online polls, forms with calculations, forms with attachments & many more.

658)   Select A Designer
Select A Designer is a remotely hosted program which allows the users to select designers to design for various purpose according to their needs.

659)   Hyper-Search
Hyper-Search is a Professional search engine which enables your site with a search engine. Your site visitors can search the web right from website without having to leave it.

660)   Nexus Free Webmaster Resources Website Tools
Services include free webmaster tools and services, free graphics, screensavers, hit counters, statistics, polls, surveys, email, forms, CGI Scripts, classified ads, etc.

661) Classified Ads
This free service features over 10 categories and fully customizable. Put a free classifieds section on your site today.

662) Hosted Counter
This is a simple counter program which tracks the website and shows the total number of entries arrived at yet. It shows accurate statistical report to the users.

663)   ChatLive121
This remotely hosted chat module lets the webmasters build an online interactive tool to enable their visitors, customers to contact sales personnel to clear the doubts about web services and the software program and other electronic products they offer on their sites.

664)   Real Estate Ad
This is a great way to supplement a newspaper real estate ad. Just put the URL in your newspaper ad. You can add photos of every room in your house to your online ad. You have all the room you need to describe everything about your house. You can change your ad yourself at anytime.

665)   Syndicated weather content
This is a remotely hosted weather forecast service provider. Webmasters can use this script to build their site with weather forecast indicator. It allows site visitors to view their countries weather report.

666)   BFN Quiz and Tests
BFN test and quizes is a program which can be usd by the webmasters to create and conduct online quizes and exams by linking to BFN site.

667)   Enhtech - Standard Content Management System
Both the content and images on your web based systems can be manipulated through this web based content management system. All available web content can be kept more securely in a seperate location.

668)   TWSC's URL Submitter
This is a free remotely hosted website submission program where users can submit their websites to 175 popular search engines. This is a simple program to popularize and drive traffic to websites.

669)   Link Counter
This is a counter script which is used for tracking the website traffic. It tracks both outgoing and incoming traffic of the website accurately. It shows the report in statistical mode. It offers many enhanced features.

670)   CustomerConnex
This is a simple and efficient user management program using which you would be able to administer and provide site visitors, the level of access on your website.

671)   Google Page Rank Comparision Tool
Check Google Page Ranks for multiple URLs at the same time.

672)   GameCounter
Free vistor counter with multiple image styles based on video games, anime, television, and movies. Other features include optional transparency, background color, reload blocking, blocking one's own visits, and some statistics recording.

673) - Pro
This script is used for tracking the websites. Webmasters can monitor their sites traffic. They can view who is online currently, calendar summary, recent visitors etc.,

674)   Get1on1
Get1on1 strives to be the premier supplier of the most cost effective, reliable, and user-friendly online customer support application.

675)   TextBoxTraffic
This is a new method of banner exchange in which text links are placed inside banners rather than the old fashioned pop up ads and large banner images and will attract more visitors.

AlbumTown is a place where you can store your photos online in a reliable and in a safe manner. Users are allowed to use 30MB of space in the free package and more space is available in commercial version. It offers an option to regulate and separate between public and private albums.

677)   Bravenet HumanClick
This script is the only authorized distributor of the Free Human Click program. It has a number of features like people knowing when you are available to chat, Customizable graphics and colors, no complicated programs to install, etc.

678)   Monster Submit
Using this Monster Submit you can submit your website URL's to as many as 185 search engines. The advanced metatag tool helps you to create appropriate meta tags for your website contents.

679)   BuildDotCom's
This is an online collection of several e-commerce templates with which you can build web based online auction websites to sell products online.

680)   ToolZONE: Sound Player
ToolZONE's Sound Player allows users to add looping music, background sounds, etc. Users can also pick from a library sounds and music, or upload their own.

681)   LegendSoft SPoTS
A powerful and effective solution to track the shipments and services to the prompt address can be done through this remotely hosted application. Widely used to integrate the CRM system. Supports multiple addresses to an individual customer.

682)   An Online Article Manager
Using this dynamic press release manager, you will have the ability to post late breaking news, company news or any announcments.

683)   HyperSubmit - High Traffic
This is a site submission program that is remotely hosted. Users websites are automatically submitted to 400 popular search engines and includes basic traffic plans.

684)   NextEdit
All links, contents and page layouts etc on your website can be updated / modified anywhere from the world dynamically by implementing this hosted software on your web based systems like small organizations and individual websites.

685)   Whiteboard
Whiteboard is a content management system, allowing anyone with average computer skills to create their own web site quickly and easily. Whiteboard helps you update a web site without any complications.

686)   The Anti-Leech Project
Track, protect and perform many types of control over your sites downloadable files.

687)   Sohodo CRM
This is a web based customer relation management system which allows you to enhance the customer response time by solving the pending tickets quickly, ability to transfer the ticket to the experts for quick assistance etc.

688)   KariChat: Live Chat for website sales and customer support
Chat with your website visitors, offer them instant assistance when they need it, before they go away. KariChat helps you answer your visitors questions in real-time, and at critical moments, to engage them in a sale.

689)   BlogTalker
BlogTalker provides you a free URL redirection service that allows users to redirect an easy to remember homepage subdomain to their current homepage. By using this service, an advertisement will be displayed on your website.

690)   Free Javascript Search Engine
This is a website searching script written in java where users can search top site search engines through a browser based interface. You can easily add it into your website by just adding a simple javascript code.

691)   adRevenue Text Ad Network
It is the advertising platform of choice, if you're interested in ROI. It is designed so advertisers or affiliates can start in a few minutes with simple signups and easy JavaScript or XML integration into webmaster's sites.

692)   ammonet ImageServ
This is a server based image managing system that allows 75 MB space for members to upload images on their gallery, and offers various functions like cropping and resizing the images.

693)   The Link-Tool Network
The Link-Tool Network is a tool which promotes your site on other websites. Using this Link-Tool Network you can get four times more exposure for your website. This tool increases your website popularity.

694)   Read Notify
Read Notify is a email program and an activetracker email plugin which tracks the informations like email sending, email reading, location of reader. This script works with all email programs.

695) is an application which can be used by the webmasters to let their visitors to recommend their website to their friends. It is easy to use and customize this script.

696)   Masti message board
Masti message board is a simple and efficient discussion board software that allow website visitors to post topics for online discussions through the available forums.

697)   SiteStudio Plus Site Editor
This is an online content management software that can create and manage contents on the websites through a web based interface. You can add, edit or delete using image manager and can resize any images.

698)   PHPElement Link Monitor
PHPElement helps website owners to add dynamic features to their sites, such as newsletters, ecards and forums - without the hassle of installing them.

699)   Link exchange script
Link exchange script is a free program that helps webmasters to have link exchanges. It comes with features like link checking and testing, partner checking, and more.

700)   Web Store Creator
This is another web based remotely hosted e-commerce solution that is available with advanced features to improve your e-sales and customer responsiveness. Supports partial shipment, several shipping addresses, real time reports on orders, invioces, payments etc.,

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