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Top 701-750 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

701)   ePageCity
You can easily create a website with all facilities using this remotely hosted ePageCity program. Powerful marketing tools lets you improve your business to a greater degree. Customer supportive tools helps to increase your visitors satisfaction.

702)   Amazon WebServices Tools
Using Our Amazon WebServices Tools you can add dynamic content to your site, providing any kind of items you want from to Entire Catalog of both Amazon.Com or Amazon.Co.Uk.

703)   MyPageRank
This is a remotely hosted tool using which you can work out on google page ranks for your website pages. This tool guides the users to improve their website standard with good page rank and to retain their visitors.

704)   Store Builder Designer's Store Builder Designer helps you to create and manage online shopping cart for the products on your website. It contains multiple options to design your cart to suit your choice.

705) Clock/Date
Free hosted service that allows you to add a customizable clock that will display the time on your website.

706)   Hot Project Extranet
Work Smarter with your Clients! Hot Project allows you to easily manage content, documents, artwork, tasks and feedback through your website. No training and no special software required! 1gb of storage available from $99 per month.

707)   InterCart
Intercart comes with lot of facilities to help you to include an effective shopping cart module on your internet store. Unlimited products, multiple shipping options, protected payment processing and many more are available with this remotely hosted e-commerce application.

This software is used for tracking the website. It allow webmasters to view, their sites unique visitors, total number of hits per page, users can view last and top entries of their website etc.,

709)   SiteReportCard: WebSite Optimization Tools
This is an optimizing tool for your website to check for broken links, spelling mistakes, check keywords, meta tags will be checked and the results will be sent to your mail.

710)   WebsiteGear
This is a remotely hosted polls and voting program which permits any number of polls per account. This script can be customized with headers and footers.

711)   BFN Source Protection
Protect any HTML document’s source code. Source code protected with this service is not only encrypted with a private key, but the decryption source code and private key are also protected by several different systems.

712)   EB Suite Customer Service Help Desk
This is a web based customer support help desk module offered by EB Suite with which you will be able to serve your customers, solve their queries and allow them to browse your knowledgebase and participation in forums by setting up a self-service portal.

713)   Neomyz Web Poll
Neomyz Web Poll is a poll and voting program which allows you to conduct voting programs and the visitors can vote according to their likings on any subjects.

714)   e-Classifieds Commerce Edition
e-Classifieds Commerce Edition is an automated program for real time credit card processing available as distributed and remotely hosted versions. This script supports, ATS bank and commerce exchange payment gateways.

715)   EIOBoard Electronic In and Out Board
EIOBoard Electronic In / Out Board is widely used with group based systems such as private / corporate concerns, clubs, schools etc., Employees, staffs on office can use this messaging system to indicate their current status. Can be accessed from any location.

716)   Global Promoter's Search Engine Optimization Tools
This remotely hosted program is designed solely for improving and optimizing search engines. Using this program you can create keywords, meta tags, meta spiders etc.,

717)   NukedWeb WebPolls
NukedWeb WebPolls is a remotely hosted poll and voting program where the visitors are allowed to vote for the program conducted by the users. Easy to handle and customize for the users.

718)   Judge Photos
Judge Photos is a simple online image gallery software that has been remotely hosted to allow website visitors to upload unlimited number of pictures, images and photos online.

This is a remotely hosted script that can generate website statistics along with visitor profiles and can also be used to generate marketing reports for your company sales leads.

720)   total-submiter
total-submiter is the highest rated submiter in internet: we offer for :FREE Site Submission to the major search engines and others!, FREE Search Engine Ranker! FREE Meta Tag Analyzer! FREE Keyword Density Analyzer! .....

721)   Website Tracker Pro
This software is helpful for the webmasters to track their website that allow webmasters to view the track record of their website daily. It tracks entire information about their site visitors. It gives IP address, system configuration, visitors location etc.,

722)   AIM Away For You
AIM Away For You is an online service that enables people to leave message to their friends or relatives.

723)   Nuked Web counters & Stats Tracking
Nuked Web Counters is used by the webmasters to track their site every day and displays tracked information in the screen. It tracks number of online visitors, where they are coming from, total number of hits per page etc.,

724)   Insightstats
This program is used for tracking the website visitors history. It searches and tracks the information about the visitors and keep the track record for later reference. It displays the information in statistical mode. It gives accurate statistics about them.

725)   WCWS Live Helper
WCWS Live Helper is an easy way to enable support on your site and it works on version 4.1 and is reasonably priced.

726)   Sycamore Office
Sycamore Office provides a web based application to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in team work for your organization. It contains a lot of features like project management, time tracker, human resource etc which will improve the productivity of the staffs in your office.

727)   BFN Mailing List
Maintain a mailing list with many features, including double opt-in, and opt-out.

This script allows webmasters to track their sites entire information like, online visitors, IP address, country name, type of OS etc., It tracks and gives the statistical report periodically. Traceroute facility is available.

729)   WebsiteGear Click Tracking
WebsiteGear click tracking tool records visitor clicks to, from and within a website. Use the link tracking tool to evaluate your advertisement, cpc, email or newsletter campaigns. Track the clicks sent to your affiliate sites.

730)   LiveStart.NET
This is an online customer support system with which you can provide live chat service on your website for your customers and online visitors with various features.

731)   freecounter
This script is a counter service that is fast and free to use. It is helpful in counting the number of visitors to your site.

732)   Ad-Free WWWToolz Form-2-Email
This script is helpful for the webmasters to create an email form for their website. This is a remotely hosted system that helps users for form creation. It allows users to receive email from their site visitors.

733)   eCatalog Order
eCatalog Order would be adaptble for all kind of companies of any sized to integrate their online store with the power of this remotely hosted i-trading application. Presenting products, controlling inventory, providing customer service can be done in real time.

734)   Web Page Monitoring Services
This is a remotely hosted application which monitors the content on your website and if found any changes, mails you immediately to your inbox.

735)   Banner Tracking System
Banner Tracking System is another simple yet efficient ad management system which allows you to display any number of ads at anywhere on site pages. More useful for e-traders to make their products to be known universally and to improve their sales.

736) Randomizer Premium
This script is used to display the images on the website which changes randomly. This script is a secure online image management system.

737)   SubmitForce
SubmitForce is a program through which users can submit their websites URL and email to a set of twelve search engines to populate their websites.

738)   Amazon Ads
This is a simple remotely hosted application through which the users can display ads from website. Just by copying the code on the users website they can add ads from the amazon website.

739)   4AF's Free For All Links
This is an automated service with which you can create your own FFAL page on your website and allow your users to submit their links to your website. It offers you an option to ban certain type of links that you wish.

740)   Wired-2-Shop
The powerful but an easy way to implement a web based business on your dynamic websites adaptable to make changes for future development. Online tools lets you process payments, orders, inventory control, customer interaction etc., through secured interface.

741)   Whois Online Script Collections site offers a number of remotely hosted programs for webmasters and developers. Users can signup for programs like, guestbook, poll service, real time counter etc.

742)   e-Classifieds Lite Edition
e-Classifieds Lite Edition is a remotely hosted program which allows the users to place entry level classified ads on their websites.

743)   Syntax Wireless
Syntax Wireless allows users to chat with each other or as a group in a conference. Syntax mobile can be accessed from both mobile WAP browsers supporting wml and from Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

744)   CGI For Me: Chat Room
This is a java chat room script which has features like having color, bold, underlining the text and having whole control of your chat room.

745)   v27 Free metasearch and webindex
Offer your visitors a free metasearchengine and webindex so they stay on your site

746)   SAFERStore
This remotely hosted commerce application is more useful for those who need to build an online store with all facilities like secure payment processing, product catalogues, customizable tax and sales rates, online order features etc through a user friendly interface.

747)   HaloSites - Church Site
This remotely hosted software offers you several features to build a church website. Consists of several tools like online bible, animation gallery, daily verse and many more.

748)   ForumCo free discussion forums
Add forums to your site. It includes unlimited categories like hot topics, member ranking and more. It is free to use. Discussion forums have many names, message boards, bulletin boards etc.

749)   EasySnaps is the next generation of image hosting service which allows you to have private, semi private and public image galleries. Customize the galleries change skins, frames, slide shows, editing tools, or add music to provide your personality. Get feedback from your visitors with guestbook

750)   e-Classifieds Photo Edition
e-Classifieds Photo Edition is a remotely hosted script which permits the users to upload photos from their system for online classified ads.

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