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Top 751-800 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   Country Flag
This is a remotely hosted script to display your site visitors contry flag. This is an useful tool to provide security to your files or folders.

752)   Fast Counter
This software is used to track number of online visitors, number of hits per page. It has calendar which shows counter stats according to the date selection from the calendar.

753)   Yatuc
Yatuc is a free short url creation service. Offers a lot of free extra features.

754)   2clicks Web / Site Search
2clicks search is a remotely hosted free search script that allows users to add fully customizable site and/or web search to their website with the option to earn commissions from affiliate links contained within web search results.

755)   SMART e Mail
SMART eMail is a web based tool to send email messages. You can send text as well as interactive iamges using this appplication. users from the mailing list are easily removed without any lost of data.

756)   Advanced Virtual Search Engine
This is a website searching program that helps users to perform keyword searches on the web pages. Users can have option to search popular channels like, jobs, news, music etc.

757)   Envy Stats
This software is used in the website to track the sites each entries like, number of hits made by the visitors to the site, maximum number of hits per page, visitors country name etc. Statistical reports can be viewed in adobe pdf format.

758)   Free Web Polls
Free Web Polls is availabe under remotely hosted program using which accessing online poll modules can be done simply. Supports two modes with graphical result output.

759)   PhotoJerk
This is an online image hosting website where a lot of images and photos are available for the users to upload on their web based applications.

760)   SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is a remotely hosted program that can be used to generate survery with multiple number of questions. Admin can customize response path for the survey according to the user's replies.

761)   Netopia E-Commerce
Netopia E-Commerce provides remotely hosted e-commerce solutions that are suitable for small and medium sized businesses. Supports video and audio file types. Reports can be made in realtime.

762) is a web site which helps you to build your web site with enhanced features. This website provides you a strong shopping cart system, email feature, 450 professional design templates, photo albums, image library etc.,

763)   Factoid System
This is an online application which helps the user to generate images, add description and to add information. And also attractive, interactive and flexible features can be altered for the important information.

764)   Calendars Net
Calendars Net is a free interactive web calendar hosting service in which you can also copy the calendar data to your own computer and edit your calendar offline.

765)   Events Calendar
This hosted application helps you to include an event caledar system on your dynamic websites. Events are allowed for viewing and users can post their evetns through web based control panel.

766)   FanBlast Newsletter
FanBlast Newsletter is an attractive online tool which maintains newsletter or mailing list for your website. You can easily import and export subscribers using this tool.

767)   Hosted Stuff's Scripts
This site offers a wide range of remotely hosted scripts for developing needs. Some of the programs available are forum, guestbook, chat board etc.

768)   Ad Serving Solutions
A remotely hosted ad managament advertising solution providing centralized, outsourced ad management, delivery, roi tracking, reporting, geographical targeting, and CPM CPC CPA and timed campaign options.

769)   Anime Chains Banner Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system that helps you to increase the customer traffic to your site by displaying and exchanging your ads for banners of other sites. It allows you to display banners of gif or jpg format.

770)   Mine The Web Live
Mine The Web Live is a content retrieval system that can grab web content from other sites and manipulate it to suit your needs.

771)   TalkLive121
A very useful hosted application for call centers to give support to their customers through telephone. Many features like call logs, no-hold option, call inversion, IP banning, redial facility, auto-responders and a many more are available.

772)   Optin Mailer
Optin Mailer allows you to control a list of your customer contacts making it a breeze to send group marketing e-mails. need for managing your email marketing campaigns. Because the system is hosted on our servers, all you have to do is log in to you

773)   baseportal - free web based database system
Whether news system, message board or product database - create your own web database in a few minutes - for free!

774)   Free Stats Service
Sitehosted Stats Service is the best web site tracking service on the web. And it is FREE! Our Stats Service will track your web sites statistics around the clock and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world! Our service is very easy to use and offers more valuable statistics than any other service.

775)   Instalink
Instalink is an easy to use web based tool which allows you to send SMS to the mobile phones through internet.

776)   SEO's Meta tag Analyser
This is a meta tag analysing program where webmasters can analyse meta tags on their websites using search engines. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

777)   HumanVerify
HumanVerify is a remotely hosted service that enables webmasters to check whether someone who is filling the web form is a human being or not.

778)   Live Help, Live Support, Live Sales, Live Chat!
Live Customer Service Chat for your Web Site.

779)   Xplanner
Xplanner is a simple and easy to use remotely hosted browser based user management program enabling webmasters to administer their site visitors and customers.

780)   Bpath Tell-a- Friend
Bpath Tell-a- Friend is a powerful online tool that helps your website visitors to recommend your website to their friends and colleagues. This tool helps you to increase your website popularity.

781)   Ad Serving Solutions (Remotely Hosted)
A remotely hosted ad managament advertising solution providing centralized, outsourced ad management, delivery, roi tracking, reporting, geographical targeting, and CPM CPC CPA and timed campaign options.

782)   XPanel
XPanel is a powerful remotely hosted user management application offering optimum solutions for site owners by providing several management modules to administer their visitors.

783)   ExpressWebTools Voting Poll
ExpressWebTools Voting Poll is a ready to use polling script that supports customization with this module to a higher degree. All functions and services can be utilized at free of cost.

784)   TrafficMagnet's Engines List
TrafficMagnet's Engines List is an useful web promotion tool that helps you to submit your website to more than 300,000 search engines and directories.

785)   Web Postcard System
This is an online web postcard system, through which the user can upload limited number of images to the selected categories, they can include messages and they can preview the images they are going to send to their neighbours.

786)   PartnersManager affiliate software
PartnersManager affiliate software is a program which is capable of implementing marketing program. This program can track IP address and cookies.

787)   PageSearch is a free remotely hosted search service that allows webmasters to add search on their site.

788)   w3exit exchange
This is a banner exchange system that is designed especially for web development related websites. With this system you can increase your website traffic instantly.

789)   Web Portals Pro
Web Portals Pro is a customer portal system that provides tools for creating, managing and marketing your business. With this system you can provide customized content and information to your customers as well as for your staff.

790)   ChangeDetect
This is a cool webservice which allows one to know when their favourite website or page has been updated or modified.

791)   Another Exchange
Another Exchange.Com allows any one to place advertisements and banners freely. Banners can be exchanged easily and the credit will be given for each of the displayed banner.

792)   MyOwnCams
MyOwnCams is a script and a communication service program which acts as a remote hosted web cam for the online users. This script provides several functions for the users.

793)   Usability Market
This system is stock market simulation. This system allows user to fill the usability surveys for websites and receive $10 when visitors clicks the link on their webpage.

794)   Cache me
This script is helpful for accessing the required webpage if the server is down or very busy to access. It gives you the web link through cache. It is fast to access and saves servers bandwidth.

795)   Premier Authorize
This is an online ecommerce solution provider that helps you to start and run an online store for selling your products and managing the products and orders online.

796)   ETI Chat
Workers, staffs, users and others in a group based system like corporate, private concerns, intranet and internet can talk with one another through this online hosted instant messaging application. No additional software is needed.

797) Mailing List Mailing List is a mailing list program which permits the users to publish newsletters to the subscribers. This script can deliver emails to the users. This program need not be installed on users servers, and functions from server taking care of the mailing solutions.

798)   Enhtech - Advanced Content Management System
In addition to content and image management this software provides you the solutions to handle an advertisement module on your website. Helps you to display any number of banners anywhere on your web pages.

799)   Sitenews
With this news publishing software you can start to post news and important announcements on your website pages with customizable layout and design.

800)   Bravenet Site Search
Bravenet Site Search is a type of search in which visitors can perform search on site. It also helps the visitors to find their needs during the site searching.

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