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Top 801-850 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

801)   AuthPro Free
AuthPro Free- Membership and password protection is a simple way to manage upto ten members, this will be of great use for small membership sites.

802)   Free URL Redirection
Get your own FREE URL redirection - Redirect your LONG URL to a SHORT URL.

803)   NetSuite Web Store
NetSuite Web Store has all available functionalities to build and manage any kind of internet based business site and comes with several in-built templates to construct product pages easily.

804)   Precision Counter
Precision counter provides a counter tool remotely for the users who want to have their site with online counter to track their websites traffic regularly.

805)   CGI Spy Random Image
This script is used to display random images on the website. The images are stored in the database. The images are picked from the database while changing the image from one to another.

806)   Simple Counter
This software is helpful for the webmasters to view the track report of their website. This script tracks number of online visitors and their system configuration etc.,

807)   GlobalSHOUT
This is a remotely hosted online site communication utility bundled with the combined features of tagboard, guestbook, news management system etc., This program is free to use and comes with no advertisements.

808)   BFN Graphical Clocks
Add graphical clocks to any web page. Customizable time-zone.

809)   4AllFree.Com offers a growing number of free online tools and services including guest books, daily cartoons, jokes, password protection and more.

810)   ZeNetwork Partner Program
This hosted application is more useful for the partnership sites to communicate among them using various features. Also, useful for internet service providers to include a powerful interactive tool.

811)   SMART Survey
SMART Survey is a remotely hosted survey form generating program that can be used to build survey with multiple questions for getting visitor's opinions and to improve their business online.

812)   Dynamic Submission
This is a remotely hosted web promotion software that helps webmasters to promote their websites to a number of search engines. This program helps to generate traffic for websites.

813)   smc WebStore Lite
smc WebStore Lite gives you a fully functional online shopping cart features that are highly adaptable for small sized websites. Includes optimum facilities to manage your products and sales on dynamic websites.

814)   EbusinessManagerPro
Increase your sales and save on your marketing budget.

815)   php Net Hosting
Php Net is an easy to use free hosted eCommunity.

816)   Advanced Expired Domains Search
This is an advanced tool in PHP that helps you to look and hunt for popular domain names and websites on the net with all kind of extensions. This program will also help you to find the search engine ranking for those particular domains.

817)   QuikPolls
QuikPolls is an online polling system and is a remotely hosted script that can be used to obtain particular product feedback information from the site visitors.

818)   Site Guardian- Website Monitor
This tool is used for monitoring the website and its activities. It monitors several functions of the websites like, keyword, URL, Image downloads etc.,

819)   About Nuke hosting - PHPNuke, Postnuke, Xoops etc
Absolutely Free setup! Featuring 1Click Install for PostNuke, PHPNuke, Xoops and PHPWebsite. With one click you can install your site or multiple sites. Guaranteed and proven hosting solutions with great benefits. Your site will be up in seconds not days or weeks. Domain registration. Free setup!

820) Send A Site
Send a site is an application which can be used by the webmasters as a site recommendation tool for their website. It is easy to use and customize this script.

821)   eyucca form processing
Advanced and easy to set up form processing. Integrates into any design, specify a wide range of properties and use all fields.

822)   Classifieds Network
It is a hosted classified ads system. It uses simple forms to set up your classifieds site. It has many important features like Keyword Notify for setting up automated search agents, and much more.

823) Free Counter
We tried to make this free web counter as simple as possible, still very versatile. It can be used both text and image based.

824)   OwnYourShop
More suitable for any kind of businesses to sell their products throughout the world which is available with plenty of layouts to build the product pages and real time payments supports for money transactions online.

825)   FormStep
Create HTML forms and collabortive processes.

826)   DashChat
This tool is an internet messaging system which can be used as part of your web based business, a room to meet friends or a place to visit relatives avoiding the expensive telephone charges.

827)   Vevolution's Content Management
You can utilize this remotely hosted content manager on your website to maintain all dynamic content more easier and faster. Navigational tools, search engine, user module and automated content etc can be handled effectively.

828)   greatplaces4u
This is a place where you can remotely host any application for your websites like, job market, work for freelancers, yellow pages and more.

829) Random Link
This program displays different URL links on the webpage for each page refresh. Each URL link allows the web visitors to move to different website.

830)   InterestAlert Free News
News section and dynamic contents on your website can be displayed up-to-date with the help of this remotely hosted real-time news updation service. Supports affiliate program, newsletter and a lot more with news session.

831)   Website Toolbox - Stat Logger
This script is used to track the website. It gives the report of the website visitors like, currently online visitors, visitors monitor resolution, referer URL, type of OS etc., It has password protection facility.

832)   SurfCMS
One of the easier ways to manage your web content pages can be included by using this remotely hosted content editor. You can access this risk free content updator round the clock from anywhere in the world.

833)   SB Site Control
This is an online controlling website software that helps users to control webpages from any remote location. Simple and very handy tool for webmasters.

834)   WebEdit Platinum
WebEdit Platinum is a online website builder which permits your customers to edit their web sites through a web browser. Websites on any server could be edited from any where through a web based browser.

835)   Free Professional Counter and Logger
This script is simple to setup your site with online tracking facility that allows webmasters to track their site visitors and their entire information for later review. This script has protection and customization facility.

836)   Commerce Server Hosting
Commerce Server Hosting lets you utilize all server side modules which you need with your internet commerce website. Provides online communication tools to let you improve your customer satisfaction.

837)   Form Processors
A free service to process forms to e-mail/admin area. No limits, spam filters, file processing, IP banning, advert free and more.

838)   Banner Ad Central
Banner Ad Central offers you a solution to promote your website by advertising your site in unlimited number of websites free of cost. The exchange ratio provided is 10:9. The system support all type of media types include flash.

839)   Plug-in Chat Room
This is a free, HTML and java-based clients supported tool available in 18 languages with instant translation and sending live chats through e-mail.

Create now your image hits counter, we have a 150+ counters style to you !

841)   Content Integration
Content Integration offers lot of remotely hosted features for instant content upgradation with images that could be viewed immediately on users sites as well as affiliates sites. More useful for internet merchants to update their product info.

842)   internetVista
Internet vista is a remotely hosted service center which helps in monitoring the users website. The monitoring of website can be processed by internetVista service centre and they involve in monitoring the websites of the registered members.

843)   Remote Hosted Web message Board
This is a remotely hosted message board sevices which offers customized forum to the users, inorder to make their website more interactive. This forum can be customized according to the users need.

844) - Free Domain Forwarding
We provide free domain forwarding/URL, forwarding/URL redirection service for your domain name. Unlike other URL redirection services, our service is a free URL redirection/free URL forwarding service. It also includes meta tags for search engines optimization.

845)   Cut and Paste Scripts
Cut and Paste Scripts offers free and advert free remotely hosted CGI for you to use on your website. Scripts offered include counter, guestbook, voting booth script, form processor, redirection and more.

846)   Web Traffic Box
This is a remotely hosted online counter program which is helpful for the webmasters to view their websites regular traffic. It shows the track report in a statistical format.

847) - Quiz
You can attract your visitors by implementing a quiz module on your websites by using this remotely hosted program. Results can be shown in real time at once answers are made.

848)   UserInteract Live Support Pro
This is an online customer support system through which you can provide live chat session on your website which will build the relationship with your customers and to serve them immediately. It will be helpful for you to support your website visitors and to monitor your website.

849)   Poll Gear
Poll Gear is an easy to use remotely hosted polling system that helps site visitors to register their votes. This program adds interactivity to a site.

850)   ConverseLive
ConverseLive is an online customer support on your site. It is a cost effective, reliable and user friendly Online Customer Support Application.

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