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Top 851-900 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

851)   Athenagold eCommerce Membership
Our eCommerce software will run a complete membership site with forum, calendar, private members area; wysiwyg editor to edit your pages; easy template selection for your site.

852)   Free Web Counter
This script is a powerful online counter which tracks how many visitors are online and number of hits per page made by the visitor. It has customization facility to change font color, font type, theme etc.,

853)   NY Freelancers
NY Freelancers is a remotely hosted service which acts as an intermediate between people who are looking for website design and low level to high level projects and the programmers who offer the same.

854)   Multicity Message Boards
This hosted message board application can be used with online community websites. You can implement this communication system with more facilities to enable people to contact each other easily.

855)   HostedScripts Random Link
This script is used to display different URL links on the website. Those URLs should be stored in the database initially. Users can customize the URL links from the database. This script is simple to install.

856)   Somewhat-Useless Message Board
Somewhat-Useless Message Board is a simple remotely hosted discussion board software with powerful and efficient discussion board utilities and fuctions.

857)   SiteSpotting
SiteSpotting is an easy to use online web statistics analyzer tool. Using this tool you can generate various reports such as Web traffic analysis reports, Page View analysis reports, Visitors Demographics analysis reports etc.,

858)   EbusinessManagerPro
Increase your sales and save on your marketing budget

859)   Webtraffic Stats
This script is useful for finding the traffic of the website. This script collects the visitors information. Webmasters can access statistical information about their site visitors.

860)   Google Pagerank
This Service was created to enable webmasters easily know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar.

861)   Content Management Web Service
With the help of web based editor and HTML module this remotely hosted application will assist you to integrate your content pages like news listings, office releases, newsletters etc., Without spending much time and money you can design your content pages easily.

862)   AIMpromote - Generate More Leads and Increase Sales
The easy to use system for managing leads from first contact through fulfillment in one place. Combining visitor tracking, SFA, and CRM. A truly professional solution.

863)   Crazyrhino
This is a website searching program helping site visitors to search contents for their matching keywords. This program is easily customizable and free to use.

864)   Listbid freelance marketplace
Listbid freelance marketplace is a program where freelancers can bid for projects provided by the users. This script includes several job types for freelancers.

865)   EMailForm
EMailForm is a web based Software to send email messages from website forms. This is more compatabile with all browsers. You can setup multiple email accounts easily using this sofware .

866)   Online Messenger Service
This free online messenger service lets you see who is visiting your site right now. Installation is very easy just add 8 lines of HTML to your site.

867)   AllAffiliatePro
AllAffiliatePro is a tracking software and a affiliate script which provides some range of solutions to fit their companies need. This tool embedded into any order processing system.

868)   PhonoZone is a web site which helps you to access the email messages from any land line phone or mobile phone. Your email messages are converted into speech and delivered to you.

869)   Eminder
Eminder is a email program which permits the users to sign up for receiving auto reminders through email. This script provide option for the users to view the pending eminders.

870)   Lane Consulting Contract Plans
Lane Consulting Contract Plans enables the e-commerce traders to run their business through Yahoo store and can administer their storefront and orders through the provided maintanance solutions.

871) Gold Store Builder
An easier way to implement a storefront and integrate it on global level can be got through this remotely hosted internet business program. Product manager, customer interactive tools, banner exchange system and several other online tools simplify your tasks with online business.

872)   Trivia engine
Trivia engine is a remotely hosted page view creating program that helps users to enhance traffic on their websites and giving a good online experience to the users.

873)   Quick Polls
Quick Polls is a remotely hosted program that helps users to create online poll system for collecting data. This program supports three types of polls such as "several selections", "either or", "one of ten" and "multiple questions or form to email".

874)   UPOINT Remote Web Publisher
UPOINT's Remote Web Publisher (RWP) is an online editing tool that updates the contents of your web pages, which reside in your own server. No FTP or chmod needed. Update is instant. RWP is completely under SSL connection.

875)   claimItFor - Web Site Statistics
This script is used for analysing the website traffic. It tracks the information of the website visitors and display it on the website in statistical mode. It gives the report like, total number of hits per page, number of clicks made by the visitor to enter your website etc.,

876)   Bpath Banner Exchange
Bpath Banner Exchange is an useful application that helps you to increase your website popularity. This helps you to place your banner adversitement in the websites.

877)   HostedScripts Password Protection
HostedScripts Password Protection is a remotely hosted script for secured user authentication. Member and non-member area can be differentiated.

878)   Promotionstat
This script is used for checking the website visitors activities and tracks their entire information and displays on the website. It displays the sites traffic report in statistical mode. It tracks which search engine is used by the visitors.

879)   EB Suite Web Based Sales Automation
This is a web based sales force automation system that can be used in any type of organization. It comes with a complete set of marketing tools to satisfy your customer.

880)   SimpLister - Auction Listing Software
SimpLister - Auction Listing Software is a program which can be used by the webmasters to create and list ebay ads on their site.

This program is used for creating an email form on the website that allows users to receive emails from their site visitors regularly. Facilities available in this script are, autoresponder, encryption, file attachments and more.

882)   Membership Manager
Membership Manager is a program which has ability to manage registered users on a website. This program can redirect logins to the webpage of the users.

883)   SiteHunting
SiteHunting is a simple online searching tool that enables website visitors to look and hunt for their favorities on all topics and categories with appropriate keywords.

884)   Photo Inventory
This photo inventory module helps you to sell your products online. All features with displaying products are available in this remotely hosted product inventory system. You can get a snap of your product using provided camera facility.

885)   HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic
This is a remotely hosted site submission system that submits user's websites to 100 top search engines. This is a simple and easy to use program that generates traffic to websites.

886)   iTopsites
You can start and run your own online topsite list with back office administration through which you can add and edit user groups for your topsite.

887)   QuickBizSites Shopping Cart
This remotely hosted online store application lets you build and manipulate your e-store with unlimited products and provides features to manage your shopping cart system. New orders can be notified automatically.

888)   BFN Counter & IP Logger
This software is basically for counting number of visitors to your site have entered and whoever currently online. It prevents double counting. It tracks visitors system information.

889)   Omnistar Live Online Chat Support
Omnistar Live! is a popular alternative solution to Human Click (a.k.a. Live Person) Live Customer Support Chat system.

890)   FastSite Zip Code Locator
FastSite Zip Code Locator helps to find geographical location of the visitors, there by customers are able to find the store and distributor located adjacent to them.

It offers an Enterprise Content Management system, is an Application Service Provider (ASP). Its features include Page history / rollback, Meta tags, titles and keywords, WYSIWYG, and security, etc.

892)   PHPCart
PHPCart is an adaptive remotely hosted program for web based traders to establish a small sized business. Supports multiple language, several payment modes, currencies and requires no database.

893)   TellMe
TellMe by is a tell-a-friend system which lets the webmasters to permit their users to refer their website to their friends. This is built as a simple application to carry out the needs of the webmasters in advertising their website.

894)   FREE iBrowse web search
Free web search for your site. No advertising banners, pop ups or pop unders.

895)   CausalMotion E-commerce Solutions
Those who want to build an e-commerce system on their website can utilize this remotely hosted e-commerce solution. You can add any number of products and can process orders online. Shipping cart can be choosed from the available ones.

896)   Submit It
Submit It is a powerful search engine submission program offering custom solutions for all website owners in optimizing their search engine submissions.

It is a free service designed to help web sites trade advertising with each other. With 500 free hits on sign up and various options to buy hits.

898)   Bravenet's Tell A Friend
Bravenet's Tell A Friend is a template based website promotion program using which you can encourage your visitors to recommend your website to all their freinds.

It is a simple remotely hosted application that can be used to publish free blog, diary, news etc., on your website.

900)   Online Poll
This is a web based polling solution and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to obtain opinions from their site visitors and to develop their products.

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