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Top 901-950 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   V3-URL
This is a URL redirection service where you can get your own personalized domain name and email address by selecting from hundred different options available.

902)   eToolHaven Mailing Lists
eToolHaven Mailing Lists is a mailing list program which permits the users to send messages, signatures and advertisements. The users can customize the headers and footers.

903)   DigitalWork's Search Engine Submitter
Using this search engine wizard you can submit your website on all major search engine databases every month as a means of improving your search engine ranking and web traffic.

904)   ActiveFeedback
ActiveFeedback is an useful remotely hosted script with which users can create feedback form for collecting data and can implement business process and marketing research on their websites.

905)   Link Popularity Checker
This remotely hosted link checking software will help you to analyze the performance and popularity of your website links on major search engines.

906)   INT BugTracker
INT BugTracker is a user friendly bug and defect management tool. This software is also available under enterprise licence to be used on company intranets / extranets. Its Features include: Bug management, Extensive reporting, etc. Version available is 1.0

907)   EveryBuilder Together
EveryBuilder is a powerful and dynamic content management system that is simple enough for everybody. Anybody can use EveryBuilder to create, design, and maintain their websites. As well as web designers, Everybuilder is great for graphics designer and anybody who wants to make regular updates

It is a remotely hosted investment utility which helps in earning .7% to 1.5% daily interest for 200 days. The initial investment is just $1 and additional investment can also be done.

909)   OASN
You can design an online professional storefront for your internet based business through this remotely hosted e-commerce and shopping cart software. Purchasing, billing and shipment can be done online through secured user friendly interface.

910)   Listlink
This program keeps a list of the web sites that want to exchange links. The list tells you what the site is about and who they want to exchange links with. The list is kept in a database to protect it from e-mail spiders. To see the list, you must join.

911)   Project Simple
This is a market place for IT field, where all types of freelance jobs and projects are posted under several programming categories.

912)   eZeMeetMe
This is an online video conferencing program that allows the users to enable their websites with webcamming facility. This program would be useful for personal and business use.

913) site ranking system
This system is helpful for the webmasters who want to make their site as one of the top listings. This program helps them to increase their website traffic.

914)   BizSchedule
This remotely hosted program will help you to plan and deliver event schedules to your clients through 'Interactive Voice Response' system.

915)   BidWorks - Online Auction Services Standard Plan
Online Auction services-Standard Plan by Bidworks is an online Auctioning program. This script helps webmasters to manage and track Auctions and sales from a web based interface.

916)   Free MySQL Databases
We are providing absolutely free MySQL databases to users. We are at your service to keep your databases online, up and running. That's a guarantee!

917) Estore Builder
Posses the power of e-commerce through a dynamic e-store builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store.

918)   Business Internet
Business Internet gives you web based solutions to implement a reliable and an extensive e-business site which also lets all types of your customers to utilize all provided benefits through internet.

919)   Mon8tor
This is a website monitoring service which monitors your website and checks the connection status of your web site every 30 minutes. If it finds any error, it will inform you by email automatically.

920)   Fusion Bot's Site Search Engine
This is a website search engine script that provides search box to search contents on the websites. You can place it by just adding a simple html code.

Free PHPBB forum the quick and easy way. Have your own forum up in a couple minutes or less, many templates and styles to choose from to make your forum unique!

922)   LivePerson Pro
LivePerson Pro saves your support cost with customer support and helps to integrate your internet business immensely. Effective and flexible chat features let your visitors and customers to gain a good online service from you.

923)   VirtualCart
This system helps you to build a cost effective and high quality shopping cart service for your website. It includes advanced and powerful features like secure ordering with SSL encryption, real time credit card processing and much more.

924)   Cut and Paste Scripts Voting Booth
Cut and Paste Scripts Voting Booth offers solutions to build and maintain a survey system on dynamic websties. Just need you to sign-up to get free hosting service.

925)   Boardnation Free Forum
Boardnation Free Forum is an efficient online ad free discussion board forum service provider that provides all webmasters with advanced administration tools.

926)   Alxnet Poll
Alxnet Poll is a remotely hosted poll system that helps users to gather opinions from their site visitors. This program can be easily customized to user's preferences.

927)   Build a Feed
Build a Feed is a powerful online web fetching program that grabs and extracts news feed from RSS sources along with the channel name and date of posting.

928)   ListingsPro
This is an online list manager that helps users to manage listings in real time. This program is suitable for websites like real estates etc. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

929)   Born on this Day
This is a remotely hosted program that displays the name and birthday of celebrities on your website along with the age and year of birth.

930)   Content Pro
This is a content management software that permits users to create and edit contents on the websites. You need not to download any other software to use this program.

931)   Live Web Site Traffic Analysis
This script is a simple website traffic analyser which tracks the website visitors information. It analyse marketing campaigns and visitor profiles.

932)   Gif & JPG Image Optimizer
Use this online tool to easily optimize your gifs, jpg, or png files for faster download on your site. Optimized images also save you bandwidth costs from your web hosting company.

933)   Fean Network
Services come free of cost, they include Free Downloads, E-cards, E-Gallery and more.

934)   PollToolkit Free Polls
Free Web polls are fully customizable with your own logo, color & font choices, layouts, expiry dates, automated poll rotation and more. Compact polls allow poll results to be integrated into your website page, so that the user does not know that the poll is remotely hosted.

935)   Veraci Scheduling Software
This program offers remotely hosted service to implement a calendar module with your website with flexible features. You can create a scheduling table for employee, entities such as computers, cars, rooms etc.,

936)   Tulipstats
This script is used in the website to track and collect the visitors profile. It tracks and gives the real time website tracking information. It displays stats by hits, unique visitors, country name and language etc.,

937)   BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter
BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter is a powerful website promotion tool that helps webmasters to list their services on all major search engines and ads sites.

938)   JoiPal PayPal IPN logging and notification system
This is a remotely hosted PayPal IPN logging and notification system that is designed for those who sell products on their website using PayPal service and notifies them through phone with the information regarding their paypal sales.

939)   TNT Mail
TNT Mail Solutions provides flexible features to manage shipments easily and properly. It is capable of handling more than 4000 items. More useful to provide quality service to your customers.

940) Free banner exchange
This is a remotely hosted banner exchange system that allows you to exchange your ads with other webmasters. The exchange ratio available to you is 10:9 which means for every 10 banners shown on your website, you can display your own ad nine times on other websites free of cost.

941)   Display Banner
Allows the user to increase a website's revenue by placing advertisements. By placing animated and well designed websites this tool will be very useful for webmasters to increase their profits.

942)   ultimate Web hosting reseller
In less than a minute, you can own a complete web hosting company, absolutely free. -Sell Domain Names -Sell Web Hosting -Sell Website Design -Sell Templates -Sell eCommerce Solutions -Create your own resellers We do all the hard work, including Free Support to your customers.

943) Free Insane Redirection Service
The world's fastest and best short URL service! Insanely Tiny and Insanely Small!

944)   BV Topsite
This is a remotely hosted topsite listing program where users can create and manage their own topsite listing. All you have to do is just create an account and login with your username, password and email.

945)   Acestats
This statistic counter is helpful for the webmasters to keep the track record of their website. It tracks number of entries on their site, number of visitors visited and their system configuration etc.,

946)   Junkeater
Junkeater is a remotely hosted program which lets the webmasters to prevent their guest book from unwanted spam entries. This program analyzes each and every visitor's entries on guest books.

947)   Yourcgi- Access Counter
This script is used for tracking the website. It is used by webmasters and they can view number of current online visitors. It has customization facility to customize the model of the counter.

948)   SimplySearch4it! RSS Feed Creation Tool
Increase your sites content by freely adding the newest articles from our articles directory into your site using our rss feed. We offer an RSS Feed Creation Tool where you can easily customize your own RSS Feeds to implement into your sites content.

949) Banner Exchange
The goal of Banner exchange is to help you promote your Web sites. Your banners will be displayed and seen on thousands of Web sites around the world free of cost. 500 free credits and 2: 1 ratio.

950) is a free news headline provider for any website, this can be inserted websites running in any platforms.

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