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Top 51-100 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   ESL Class Websites
Create your own class web site! It's quick and easy. Just fill out a form, press the create button, and you have your very own class web site. Add activities and your students will have a place on the web where they can have fun while improving their English skills.

52)   Free flash based MiniChat for your website
Create a topic of your choice or choose and existing one, login to the chat room and we will provide you with the html you need to have us remotely host your own chat rooms.

53)   Pik Counters
Pik Counters is a free and very special counter/tracker service. It includes everything the best counter services offer and much much more. There are over 60 styles to choose from and you can change all the colors of your counters so that they look exactly like your site.

54)   BFN Guest books
Fully customizable guest book, with many features.

55)   Free Guestbook
Free and Easy to set up Guestbook. Plus, you can change the way it look if you want. It comes with 60 smileys.

56)   Freegb's Free Guest Book
Using this guestbook application you can provide your visitors an opportunity to express their views and thoughts on your website and its services.

57)   ezboard Gold Community Message board
ezboard Gold Community Message board is an online remotely hosted discussion board software that allow admins to integrate it on their website to enable users to post messages.

58)   SD Remote PHP Hosting
We host a variety of full-featured scripts and provide them to visitors on a free trial basis with free email, true FTP access, your own virtual URL and prompt, courteous 24/7 service and support.

59) Free Booking System
This script is helpful for the business persons that allow their clients to book and reserve online. This program is understandable and easy to use.

60)   iPasswd .htpasswd password generator
iPasswd .htpasswd password generator acts as a password generating tool online to protect the files that has secured contents and needs to be protected.

61)   Erimax's Professional Guestbook
Erimax's Professional Guestbook is an easy to use online guestbook application through which users can post their comments regarding their experience on the website.

62)   Music Chart
Music Chart is a program which allows unlimited members and get voting results from them anywhere in the world.

63)   RentCalendar Availability Calendar
RentCalendar is a free web based vacation rental availability calendar. It is designed to help homeowners and agents easily display the availability of their holiday properties on the web.

64)   Free Web Polls
Free Web Polls is a poll and voting program which permits the users to vote for polls. This script can be handled and installed easily by the users.

65)   Free PHPBB French / English
Your own forum http://YourForumName.foru - Complete PhpBB Authorisation System - Translated in 55 Languages - Upload your OWN LOGO !! - Full Administration Section

66)   Free Boards
This remotely hosted discussion board is available with full admin access to help you to support unlimited number of members with posts and threads.

67)   Global GuestBook
Through this remotely hosted 'Global GuestBook' website visitors can post complaints and suggestions for site owners along with their mail address, name, URL and the time of the post.

68)   whois-online Pro Books
Like all our services also this new guestbook service is banner and pop-up free. The guestbook includes visitor name registration, statistics, guestmap a user ban option and much more.

Completely customisable guestbook with user defined entry fields, custom inline field validation, intuitive HTML template system, ip blocking, profanity filtering, BB code support, emoticons, custom thank you emails, ability to edit and delete existing entries and much more.

70)   Community Message Boards
This is a hosted message board solution. It takes no programming knowledge and only about 15 - 30 minutes to set-up and link a CoolBoard to your website. This also offers business solutions option, which provides highly customized message board and community solutions to larger and more sophisticated companies.

71)   Bravenet Guestbooks
Bravenet Guestbooks is a guestbook program which allows the visitors to post comments for webmasters in their guestbook. This guestbook can be installed and handled easily by the users.

72) Guestbooks Guestbooks is a guestbook program which permits the visitors to post comments for you and for other visitors to view and read. This script provides optional fields for the users to enter more details.

73)   Free Box
Free Box is a remotely hosted chat application using which you can organize online chat with your friends and associates and you have several language options to chat with.

74)   ezSupporter Message board
ezSupporter Message board is a simple online discussion board software that provides complete and optimum solution for all webmasters to own a discussion board utility on their website.

75)   MultiChat
With this tool you can run different chat pages or channels at the same time.

76)   BFN Country Flag
Add your visitors home country flag to any HTML document.

77)   Bpath's GuestBook
Bpath's GuestBook is an easy to use online guestbook program that can be easily installed on your website to enrich user interface for all your webservices.

78) Guestbook Guestbook is a guestbook program which permits the visitors to post messages and comments on webpages. Admin have right to edit and delete the visitors postings.

79)   Hosted PHP scripts Message Board
Hosted PHP scripts Message Board is a simple online message board software designed with powerful administration tools to enable website owners to have complete control over the board.

80)   xPoll
This is a poll and voting script using which you can create and maintain opinion polls on your website with different options for your visitors to vote.

81)   Free invisible counter and stats
This counter is used by website owners on their site. Users can make the counter on and off from their site. Traceroute facility is available. It supports multiple language interface.

82) - Free URL Redirection
Offers a free url redirection. Can transform long urls to short ones.

83)   Google Page Rank Checker
This google page rank checker will give you the current page rank of your website pages according to google ranking system.

84)   EasyStoreCreator
EasyStoreCreator lets you to sell your products online and handles all credit card payments more securely. Supports digital coupons, automated software download, customizable templates for building product pages.

85)   ExCo
ExCo is a remotely hosted discussion board script that provides webmaster with unlimited number of message board forums to allow website visitors to enter their messages and discussion topics.

86)   Bytecharge Guestbooks
Bytecharge Guestbooks offers a free guestbook script for your website. Requesting a link back.

87)   Web Sloth
By submitting certain information, Web Sloth builds an information page about your web site that is constructed for search engine submission.

88)   adRevenue Text Ad Network
It is the advertising platform of choice, if you're interested in ROI. It is designed so advertisers or affiliates can start in a few minutes with simple signups and easy JavaScript or XML integration into webmaster's sites.

89)   ABChat - free chat resource for webmasters
This service provides a full featured and easy-to-cofigure remotelly hosted chatrooms for websites. No special downloads are required for end-users.

90)   Celoxis Project and Time Management Software
This is a web based project management tool that offers solutions for various business aspects like workflow analysis, time and expense, collaboration and provides you complete help in managing your office online.

91)   HTML form builder
HTML form builder is a form generating software and is a remotely hosted script that can be used to generate various types of HTML forms like, reservation forms, order forms, survey etc.

92)   HostedScripts Message Board
HostedScripts Message Board is an interactive message board where users can interact with each other as well post messages. It is free to use and has a lot of features like Headers and Footers, Threaded Messages, Instant Installation etc.

FREE GUEST BOOKS is a guestbook program which permits the users to add comments and messages in the guestbook through a web based browser. Easy to handle and install for the users.

94)   Sineris Survey
This is an effective remotely hosted application and is an online survey creating program that can be used to conduct surveys for gathering data. This program is suitable for both novice and advanced users.

95)   icGuestbook
icGuestbook is a guestbook script which permits the visitors to post unlimited messages in a virtual guestbook. The guestbook HTML layout can be customized by the users.

96)   Mailaform Form building provides free and paid form processing for easy html forms, features include easy to use form builder, build drop down lists, test boxes and upload fields, (upto 99 fields) per form, easy to use cpanel and very good upgrade prices...

97)   Dreambook
Dreambook is a guestbook program which permits the users to add comments in the webpage through a web browser. This script can be customized and configured by the users.

98)   eMartCart system
eMartCart system gives you hosted features to build and manage your storefront easily. Unlimited products can be displayed on pages and a catalog can be included to describe all products with detailed information.

99)   Xencoders ChatAnywhere
This completely hosted application offers several phenomenal technologies including ChatAnywhere, PrivMail, and XenShield.

100)   eFreeGuestbooks
eFreeGuestbooks is a guestbook program where the visitors can post private entries in the guestbook through web browser. This script can be easily customized by the users.

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