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Top 951-1000 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

951)   Gammapoll
Gammapoll is a web based polling solution with which admin would be able to gather particular topic opinions from their site visitors. This is a remotley hosted program.

952)   Bpath Banner Exchange
Webmasters can increase their site traffic and make their site more popular by using this ad-rotator remotely hosted program. Using banner creator you can create your own banners within seconds.

953)   01FTP
This is a content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites. All you have to do is just login with your username and password through the website.

954)   FineExchanges
This banner exchange program is available with flexible exchange ratios for the ad impressions and can drive heavy traffic for your website.

955)   SuperStatz
This software is helpful for the webmasters to develop their site web counter. This script allows users to find, from where and when did the visitors enter the website, who made a purchase using the website etc.,

956)   Ready Bulletin Board
Very popular and powerful bulletin board system, no software to download or install. No advertising placed on board. ReadyBB is a leading provider of customizable website message boards. Visit now to instantly create a message board for your site.

957)   ActiveVotes
This is a remotely hosted poll management solution that can be used to create, modify or delete polls on the websites. This program uses MSSQL database to store all data.

958)   SiteStudio Express Site Editor
This is a website editor that helps users to create and edit contents on the websites from a web based browser. This program has WYSIWYG text editor for editing text.

959)   1stWarning
This component is used to monitor the websites down time and it gives report and alert message to the site administrator through email.

960)   InsightExpress
InsightExpress is a survey form generating program and is a remotely hosted script that can be used to build complicated survey forms to enrich your research conclusions.

961)   Free URL Submission
Webmasters can submit their websites to search engines for free using this service.

962)   Formsite
This is a remotely hosted system that allows webmasters to create their website with form for receiving message from their site visitors. It supports attachment files, can download data, image upload etc.,

963)   LinkChecker by 2bone
Link checker is a remotely hosted program which can be used by the webmasters to have an online link checking for any website of their choice.

964)   Gpmon WAP or GPRS site monitor
This is an alert management tool that can be used to monitor your website constantly and is capable to report the availability or error status to your GPRS phone.

965)   Phone Number Lookup
This is a phone number searching program in canada only. The phone number of a person could be found giving his name and province. Pasting a simple html code on your website enables the searching function.

966) Group Mail
Group Email is a email program which promotes users group with the signature sent through email. This program also add new members and connects with existing members. This script also provides administration tools for managing members.

967)   Move Announcer
Move Announcer is a remotely hosted web based program which helps you announce the change in your website URL to others. This tool can increase your new site's popularity and maintain your revenue stream and it needs only few steps.

968)   Site Gadgets Mailing List Builder
Site Gadgets Mailing List Builder is a mailing list program which permits the users to send newsletters to their subscribers in text and html format.

CGIAxis Internet hosts a collection of over 20 CGI Scripts. Some of these include Voting and Survey; a web chat used a lot for roll playing, Calendar Script and many others as well.

970)   FlyLip Interactive Suite - poll
FlyLip Interactive suite - poll is a program which allows the visitors to vote. The voting results can be shown in the form of bar graph with percentage level.

971)   LanMail
LanMail is a email program that permits the users to create several email accounts which has a control through the admin interface. This script provides admin security for the users.

972)   Boardhost
Boardhost lets you to know your visitors by Adding an easy to use, customizable message board to your website. Your new board will be up and running in minutes. Your board is capable of holding up to 200 messages. It is a free service and runs on Version 2.0.

973) DBApp DBApp is an online database application.It is always on the internet so users can use it whenever they want. You can also specify if visitors can submit data, view your database or both.

974)   ECatalogs
Internet based buisnesses that deal with unlimited online products can implement this shopping cart solution system to handle their sales, product management, shipping and payment trackings. Easily you can integrate this remotely hosted program into your existing site design.

975)   Plug-in-Search
This is a website searching program that helps users to search popular site search engines from a browser based interface. This program also increases your site traffic.

976)   HostedScripts Graphical Counter
This is a remotely hosted tool which is used for installing a website with website counter that tracks the website and provides report in graphical mode which is customizable.

977)   4AF Protected Pages
4AF Protected Pages is a password protection system for any website, which has to manage with authenticated people. Very easy to use it on websites.

978)   BFN Browser Redirection
This is an URL redirection system which redirects your users to different URL's depending upon the type of their browsers. It is simple and easy to use.

979)   View-IT!
This is a simple program through which you can create your own 3 dimensional image gallery in real time. There are eight different types of gallery to choose for displaying the images.

980)   Blackpool Hotels Directory
Blackpool Hotels Directory is a simple online booking system which is remotely hosted allowing you to reserve for hotel rooms online by specifying the type of room you require.

981) Free Domain Service offers a free domain service where users can register themselves and get URL redirection for their websites. The users can get their own domain name with an .dk3 extension.

982)   Only Counter
This program is used to track the website and to view the accurate statistical report of the website. MySQL database is used to store the tracked information. Users can view the visitors browser and OS stats.

983)   ServuStats
This counter is used for tracking the regular hits of the website. It allows webmasters to view the track report of their website. It tracks how many visitors are entering the website and where are they from etc.,

984)   Livehelper
This is a remotely hosted customer support utility that can be integrated into users website inorder to provide live help facility for their site visitors.

985)   Metanet Free Search Engine Promotion
This is a remotely hosted URL submitting and promoting software that can submit user's websites to top search engines. This program can submit URL to over 300 search engines and directories.

986)   Create Surveys
Create Surveys is a remotely hosted program and is a form generator that helps users to build online survey form to gather data from the site visitors.

987)   Neomyz ONLINE GAMES
Enhance your website by adding a cool online game, and give your visitors another reason to come back. Set up your own flash online game today!

988)   Sentinel MP Advanced Server Monitoring
This is an advanced site monitoring system that uses simple network management protocol to provide application level monitoring solution. This system identifies and alerts of potential system failure before it happens.

989)   Advance Emailit
Advance Emailit is a email script where emails can be created for the visitors by clicking the icon. This script can keep and remove pictures on the website.

990)   DigiChat Advanced Server
DigiChat Advanced Server is available with plenty of chat solutions and supports around 100 individual sites on a single server. Supports moderated chat and keep track of chat events. Other functionalities helps to unlimited concurrent users.

991)   PHPElement Survey
PHPElement Survey allows you to utilize the features of inbuilt poll module after sign-up. Survey system supports unlimited questions and unlimited reply options with a combo box.

992)   Help Meister
Help Meister provides remotely hosted help management solutions to enable the webmasters to keep their users, visitors to be clear about every aspects of their website. Supports customization with forms and fields and pop-up feature is included.

993)   OrbitCycle
OrbitCycle is remotely hosted, statistical tracking, banner rotation engine. The service requires 10% of the banner impressions run through your account to be usable by OrbitCycle.

994)   DK3 Discussion board
DK3 Discussion board is an efficient discussion board software remotely hosted to allow webmasters to upgrade their website with discussion board utilities.

995)   Submission Engine
You can use this submission wizard to submit your website to all major search engines. This search engine submission tool enables you to focuss more on international markets.

996)   Karaferis.NET - Google Page Rank
Karaferis.NET - Google Page Rank is a simple and useful remotely hosted tool that gives you google page ranking for any specified website.

997)   BuildDotCom's Auction Website CGI
This is an online collection of several e-commerce templates with which you can build web based online auction websites to sell products online.

998)   Boldchat: Free Live Chat for Your Web Site
Chat with visitors on your web site. Great for sales and customer service chats.

This script is a online web editor solution for web owners and webmasters. To make the editor run from your site completely you can co-brand it. It enables you to update your web pages

1000) - Polls - Polls can be run with any kind of websites to conduct online contests, quizzes, etc., through poll system which increases visitors interactivity on your websites. This software provides remotedly hosted service for all members.

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