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Top 1001-1050 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1001)   Etchedweb Ecommerce Development
This is a e-commerce development system that helps you to create a powerful and automated custom E-commerce systems for your website.

1002)   Free Find Search Engine
This is a website search engine script that helps users to allow their site visitors to search their website. You can add a high speed search engine into your website in minutes.

1003)   AceProject
AceProject provides an online solution to manage your projects from any web browser and at anytime. It allows multiple project management, multiple user management and has many other features.

1004)   OnlyExtra.Com
This is a traffic exchange system that helps you to get more traffic to your website by way of displaying text ads of your website. You will be getting 100 credits immediately on signing up.

1005)   Bravenet Hit Counters / SiteStats
This software is helpful for the webmasters to view their site visitors track report. This script tracks number of online visitors and their system configuration. It has customization facility.

1006)   SiteRankMonitor
The main function of this program is to monitor the site rank i.e- in which position your website is found in popular search engines like Google, alexa, MSN etc.,

1007)   Affiliate Ad Rotator
Affiliate Ad Rotator is an useful script for the affiliates to rotate their ads and banners, affiliate links etc., even on remote servers.

1008)   .DR.AG URL Redirection
This is a URL redirection service where you can change the lengthy URL of your web pages to a shorter and easy to remember one by selecting a domain name from a list of pre defined domain names.

1009)   TridentList
TridentList is a mailing list program which allows the users to build and maintain their own opt in email mailing list. The subscribers can remove from the list by themselves.

1010)   Top Sites Lists Pro
This is a remotely hosted site rating system which permits users to allow their site visitors to rate your websites. This is a simple and very handy tool for webmasters.

1011) Free Subdomains
This is a free subdomain provider where users can get subdomain names in their own name or in their favourite names for free. In addition, it offers other features like URL cloaking and much more.

1012)   DRCGI's Website Promotion
This is an URL submitting script and is a remotely hosted program where users can submit their webpages to the search engines. This program can submit URL's to over 400 popular search engines.

1013)   Upside ProAutoResponse
Upside ProAutoResponse is a autoresponder program which allows the users to create any number of target groups to track advertising response. The users can assign the autoresponders to their target groups.

Site for setting and managing all of your personal and professional events. is easy to use, plus we email you with reminders based on your own calendar. Great for: - Birthdays and Special Event Reminders - Health & Fitness Goals/Reminders - Family & Relationships Goals/Reminders -

1015)   Site Report Card
This is a site optimising and promoting program that helps users to improve their web pages and increase website ranking on the search engines.

1016)   Hot Link Us
This is a remotely hosted image gallery program from which you can have the bandwidth to the use the images on your websites.

1017)   BN Soft Forum for All
BN Soft Forum for All is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software designed to assist webmasters to include a discusion forum to use it on their website.

1018)   JROX.COM Ad Tracking and Marketing Analysis
Webmasters can use this script for tracking their ads on their site. It gives accurate statistical details about the visitors related to their ad clicks.

1019) is an affiliate program which permits the users to provide their own affiliate program from their website. This script can track and analyse the performance of any compaigns.

1020)   Advance Mailer
Advance Mailer is an email script which sends email in text and pure HTML form. This program has the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe users.

1021)   e-Edit Content Management
This is an online content management program that helps users to create and maintain contents on the website in real time. This is the perfect way to place world wide web at your fingertips.

1022)   1st Users Online Counter
One line of code to add to your website will display how many users are online on your website. You can set it to take your site style.

1023) is an online program for scheduling budget and tracking expense for family or room mates. The users can make a good budget for their expenses.

1024)   The Real Ad Tracker - Online
The Real Ad Tracker is an online ad tracking system which helps you to track the number of clicks or impression each ad receives and displays in a neat layout and offers you with various options.

1025)   xForm
This simple form processor can be used by all your site visitors to send feedback and messages to you directly from your website.

1026)   DevCoder Web Site Analyzer and Spell Check
This efficient online tool gives you a detailed report on spelling errors, web statistics, search prases and keywords for any given website.

1027)   Rad Inks MMS Composer
Rad Inks MMS Composer is a remote hosted communication program which adds multimedia message sending ability to the users website through a web based browser. This script is capable of creating slide shows with images.

1028)   Live Support Person
This is an user-friendly online chat tool through which you can interact with the visitors of your web site, guide them through your web site providing necessary information to them. This tool helps you to increase your business volume.

1029)   GoodCounter
This is a remotely hosted online counter software that keeps track of your website hits and traffic and facilitates you with a statistical report on the same.

1030)   Quick Draw Trivia
Trivia is one of the most popular game resources on the internet. If you need content and a game for your website, Quick Draw Trivia wraps up both needs in one package. And It's free. No MySQL or PHP programming. Just copy and paste the scripts to your web page.

1031)   Free Travel Tools For Your Website
Place the travel tools on your website for free. Fully customizable. Tools include: Flight Tracker, World Time Zones, Travel Checklist, Currency Converter, Currency Cheat Sheet, International Calling Codes, Current Airport Conditions, Airline Seat Maps, & Airport Codes.

1032)   Physician Scheduling Software
Offers web-based software which automatically generates schedules for medical staff.

1033)   eCom Resource Center
eCom Resource Center gives you the solutions that are required from building and promoting an online store on the web. Creation of articles, pricing products, handling payments and other aspects with e-commerce system are hosted effectively.

1034)   eCartSoft
eCartSoft is a remotely hosted shopping cart program that helps you to create and manage your own shopping cart on your website and start to sell products online. It contains various advanced and powerful features like real time credit card processing etc.

1035)   Bravenet Web Services
Bravenet provides a variety of the interactive Web Site tools for a personal or a commercial page. Each service is designed for all users, from beginners to advanced.

1036)   Active Graphics Engine
This is an online web based photo gallery application which contains thousands of images and also provides search engine software. JPG images can be uploaded directly into the server and provides automatic thumbnail display.

1037)   GoldStats Webstats
Goldstats is an online counter script that tracks the website traffic and the reports of tracked information will be displayed on the website. It displays, where the visitors are coming from, which search engine helps them to enter the website, total number of hits of the website etc.,

This tool is used for monitoring the performance of the server and the website functions. If the website function is down or it fails to response to the site visitor in a respectful manner this tool helps the webmasters to avoid such irresponsible function by monitoring the website content regulary.

1039)   myadn Chat Server
To create and load a chat room on a web site, make a link and enter the chatroom name at the end of the link.

1040)   Quickie Quiz
This script is setup to randomly selects from a library of trivia questions. This script is design to fill up spaces and provide content for your website. It does not require PHP and MySQL. Just copy and paste the HTML script.

1041)   eyucca newsletter system
eyucca newsletter system is a mailing list program which allows the visitors to subscribe newsletters in html or text format. This script initiates the users to use statistics.

1042)   Hostik Live Chat Service
Hostik Live Chat Services give your web site visitors live sales and customer service - Monitor your traffic, qualify leads and engage your visitors. Live Chat Support & Live Customers.

1043)   2ndSite Inc
This is a remotely hosted script that offers groupware solutions to reduce administrative costs and to improve the communication between the staffs and the clients.

1044)   Free Hits web site helps you to get more vistors to your website. This makes your website to become more popular.

1045)   Random Domain Generator
Get a great pronouncable, brandable, and or memorable domain name randomly

1046) WebApps
Add functionality to your website by using a reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain and customizable applications.

1047)   Pliner.Net Banner Exchange
This is a banner exchange system with which you can advertise your website free of cost by displaying other advertisements on your website and earn credits for each time your ad is displayed.

1048)   Digital StoreFronts Pro
Compatible to work with existing e-business based websites to upgrade online store features. Inventory can be maintained for up to 2,000 products. Reports can be generated on the fly.

1049)   Web Security Services
This script is helpful for the system administrators to make a secured web services. This tool performs firewall operation, spyware removal, anti spam etc.,

1050)   AliveChat LITE
This remotely hosted chat system is suitable for websites to offer real time support to their medium sized customers. Supports two modes of chat rooms for operators and customers. Comes with many facilities to include an effective chat system to your website.

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