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Top 1051-1100 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   ActiveCell
You can update a cell such as paragraph, news articles etc with your own content whenever necessary. Supports many options with activecell content like format / unformat, layout etc., You can display the active cell anywhere on your web pages.

1052) News Headlines News Headlines is a cool tool for displaying top news headlines on your site. This is a very easy to use tool, just simpler codings to be inserted.

1053)   Corporate Intranet
Using our dynamic corporate intranet, you will be able manage project tasks, track company information, communicate with your employees and organize information.

1054)   Marshelp
A powerful and flexible web based help desk .The solution is a cost effective method of customer support that manages and tracks customer sales or service problems on the website without the hassles. It is free to use and uses 1.0 as its version.

1055)   Connect Daily Web Calendar
Complete web calendaring system w/ security, resource management, recurrence and other advanced features.

1056) Random Banner Random Banner service rotates advertisements on your site seamlessly and easily. It is free of cost

1057)   Autoresponder from FollowUpMarketer
Reliable autoresponder from FollowUpMarketer™. An ultimate guide on how to succeed at email marketing industry using our system. Read tips, hints, tricks about smart email marketing,grab the real marketing experience and success.

1058)   123POLLS
123POLLS is a remotely hosted polling system that helps users to conduct instant polls on their websites. This program is free to use after users getting registered to the website.

1059)   Web Recommend
Web recommend is a refer-a-friend system and it lets the webmasters to allow their visitors to refer their website to their friends. It helps to increase the popularity of their websites by doing so.

1060)   XMart eCommerce
XMart eCommerce suits for internet business people to implement their online store with optimum features. In-built secured payment integrations, unlimited bandwidth for image processing, and customizable rich storefront are provided with this remotely hosted software.

1061)   TheRealms.NetWorks Chat
Create your own chat rooms and maintain it with a few simple link clicks. You can also have a profile with privacy settings as well. Welcome to the all NEW Chat site for TheRealms.NetWorks!

1062)   Political Gateway - Headline News Feeds
Political Gateway is a remotely hosted news feeding system which is useful for the webmasters to place news feeds on their websites. This system provides an additional feature of photographs along with news.

1063)   FirstEuro High Yield Investment
FirstEuro High Yield Investment is an online private loan program that supports different payment plans to help investors to earn profits and revenue.

1064) Free 10:9 Banner Exchange is a free banner exchange with a 10:9 exchange ratio.

1065)   Alertra Web Site Monitoring
Alertra has a perfect website monitoring tool which is an user friendly system for the webmasters that monitors and gives report about their website goes down. It test the websites based onprotocol or by network services.

1066)   E-Cards by Bravenet Web Services Inc
E-cards is built for the webmasters to run a post card system on their website. It lets the webmasters to allow their visitors to have a post card service.

1067)   Mini Button Generator
This is an useful tool that has the ability to generate instant buttons for your websites according to your own specifications and enables you to save those buttons on your server.

1068)   Indian Link Exchange
Service designed for beginners and advanced users. A free 1:1 Banner Exchange service a free web site promotion service, enabling banner exchange

1069)   XSoundMan
This band and music based hosted application provides editable templates to enhance your music, song albums in a web based directory. Also, supports displaying of multiple events / shows and news. More useful for bands and musicians.

1070)   Monster dTracker
Expired Domain Names Searching and Monitoring Service

1071)   Site report Card
Site report card provides a web analysis for the webmasters to check the links of any webpage at their choice. It is an online link checking program.

1072)   ExDesk Help Desk Software
This is a complete help desk solution designed for small and medium sized business houses. It is a web based system that can be accessed from any browser and also fully configurable.

1073)   LiveGraphs - Add LIVE graphs to your website for free! allows you to show progress of a project in REAL time on your website. Create your project and simply copy and paste the code into your webpage! That's it!

1074)   Connect Daily Web Calendar
Connect Daily is a web based calendar with advanced reosurce management and recurrence capabilities. It's perfect for Schools, Universities, Churches, and Business.

1075)   Entrabase E-Commerce Solutions
This is another simple and easier remotely hosted online store program which offers plenty of solutions to integrate your e-business. Can be embedded with existing internet store and accepts real-time credit card payments.

1076)   Free expired domain tracker (bot)
Free expired domain tracker (bot), Monitor Domains up to 50 domains, Domain Digger, Alexa Analysis, Yahoo and Dmoz Analysis, Bulk Link Popularity

1077)   Advanced Graph and Chart Services
Easily Create Powerful Graphs and Charts. With the Graph Server quickly and easily add powerful Dynamic Graphing and Charting functionality to your Web pages and Applications.

1078)   Donation Booster
Donation Booster is a remotely hosted program which provides a graphical representation of fund raising. This program lets the webmasters to encourage their visitors to donate for their fund raising campaign.

1079)   META Tag Generator
With this remotely hosted program you can create instant meta tags for your website pages with just specifying the required tag types.

1080)   Free Search Engine Submission Tools For Website Optimization
It contains several tools which helps webmasters to build their successful web pages. Those tools are completely free and it has tutorial section which guides users to build their site.

1081)   All-Yours Greeting cards
All-Yours Greeting cards is a program which can be run by the webmasters to do a customizable post card service on their website. It has more features to let the visitors to have a good postcard service.

1082)   SiteGalore
It is an Online website building and publishing tool that enables ISPs, ASP’s and web hosting companies to offer private-branded, powerful value-added services to their customers.

1083)   Virtual SpinBox
A powerful ad management that provides hosted solutions to handle the ad-inventory system via user friendly web based interface. Any company that wants to advertise their products / concerns can get benefits from this application.

1084)   Site Probe
Site Probe is a tool which is used by webmasters to monitor their website activities. It helps them to find whether their website is in action or expired. If the website is in downtime an alert message will be delivered to the webmasters.

1085)   Site Gadgets Download Tracker
Site Gadgets Download Tracker is a file downloading script which tracks the number of times each files are downloaded. This script is easy to handle by the users.

1086)   eBizWebpages Website Builder
This remotely hosted online website builder program comes with lot of facilities to assist you to create a website of your choice with as much of features as you want to give through it. Supports flash files, animations, graphics with web content.

1087) Password Protection
Password protection is a remotely hosted program which is built to let the webmasters to have a protected area on their website. It is easy to use and customize this tool.

1088)   Cut and Paste Scripts: Counter and Statistics
Cut and Paste Scripts offers many different counter faces, all of which can be found in the demo. The statistics show the Referral of the person, IP Address, Browser/OS, Date, Time of visit, and it is all comes for free.

1089)   Cut and paste scripts newsletter
Cut and paste scripts newsletter is a mailing list program which permits the users to add newsletter to their website.

1090)   HostedPHPScripts Password Protected Page
HostedPHPScripts Password Protected Page is a program where the users webpage can be protected when they login through this site.

1091)   BlazeBoard Co-Branded Portals
It enables an individual to start his/her own co branded portal/CMS solution without any knowledge of coding. News is categorized into areas for easier access to particular content.

1092) - Text Ad Serving Market
EasyAdvertise helps webmasters and advertisers to outsource advertisements through which they can earn more income by creating and placing attractive text based ads on their websites.

1093)   WorldMall Advertising Services
This hosted application deals with advertising manipulation on dynamic web based systems. Lets the business people to add their ads about their sites, products into specific categories. It's enhanced marketing techniques increase your sales and rank with search engine results.

1094) - Free redirection without ads provides free domain names that are free subdomains of .net/.be/.nl free web domain name. domain name includes free URL redirection with path forwarding and URL cloaking to redirect a free domain name to an existing web site. We also provide powerful statistics and emailforwarding.

1095)   Mail My
Advanced form processing for free - no server support or programming knowledge required. Completely customisable.

1096)   Electronic Greetings
Electronic greetings is a program which can be used by the webmasters to create a postcard system on their website. It is easy to use and customize this system.

1097)   .CO.NR Free Domain Names
.CO.NR is a free subdomain provider where you can register and get a free domain name on your name with an extension of If you get short URL like these for your web pages, it could be easily remembered by your customers. There are also other benefits available on registering.

1098)   CGI For Me: Jump-O-Rama
This is a redirection script which is designed as a drop down box that contains links which when clicked by the user, directs them to the particular page on your website.

1099)   Mail a form - Free
This script is used for processing a form on websites. It supports upto ninety nine fields in each form. It supports users to use drop down box, password text box, radio buttons etc.

1100) Online Content and Template Management System
Create sites adaptable to change and growth without having to bother about details nor HTML

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