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Top 1101-1150 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   Urchin 5
This program allows webmasters to track their website and keep that track records upto date. It gives accurate traffic report of the website. It helps webmasters to increase their revenue.

1102)   Group SMS
Group SMS is a powerful Message sending application. You can send the messages either through mobile phone or private oline form.

1103)   HitVendor
HitVendor provides solution for webmasters and publishers for online advertising and increase the viewer traffic to the publishers websites. In addition, it provides webmasters the ability to purchase ads directly from webmaster created areas or through pay-per-click network.

1104)   Feedback Gear
Feedback Gear is an easy to use remotely hosted program and is a form processing tool that helps users to get comments from their site visitors without giving their mail ID's.

1105)   myImgSrc
This is a hosting company that offers remotely hosted solutions on image hosting services.

1106)   Polls
Polls is an easy to use online poll system and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to conduct polls and surveys on their websites. There is a free version and a professional version that is priced.

1107)   Search Engine
This is a site search engine script that helps users to create their own search engine. This script provides all the basic features a search engine will need.

1108)   Leechbuster
Leechbuster is a remotely hosted program which can be used by the webmasters to protect their links from surfers. It is easy to use and customize this program.

1109)   LiveTask
With the help of this remotely hosted live updation program, most of the recurring tasks on your site can be performed automatically. Notifying upcoming events, expiring services, membership billing, database maintanance etc., can be done easily.

1110)   HostedScripts FFAL
With the help of HostedScripts FFAL you will be able to create and manage a link directory on your website easily. It contains a bundle of features for managing your FFAL page effectively.

1111)   BillingOrchard
BillingOrchard is a complete, online billing application for freelance developers, web design firms, and contract employees.

1112) Web Services provide fast and powerful free guestbooks, message boards and tell-a-friend master for anyone who wants to enhance their web site.

1113)   Bravenet's Site Search
This is a website search program allowing visitors to perform keyword searches on web pages. This program could be easily customized by users to match their site themes.

1114)   MPads
MPads is a simple banner exchange program intended to increase your web site traffic by displaying ads and banners on the website depending on the theme of your website.

1115) Free Banner Exchange offers a free banner exchange service. Offers 500 credits upon registration, and the ability to check your stats from your mobile.

1116)   Attaboy
This is an online testimonial service that allows clients to express their satisfaction on a website. This program offers a password protected admin facility to edit or delete the testimonials.

1117)   GameClock
Free clock with multiple image styles based on video games, anime, television, and movies. Other features include optional transparency, background color, daylight savings time, and time customization.

1118)   LiveOperator
LiveOperator is a customer service script that allows your customers to chat with you in an instant message. Establish great and trustworthy customer support.

1119)   Check UP and Down- Website Monitor
This tool is helpful for the webmasters to monitor their website functions regularly. It monitors whether the website is up or down and it will inform the user through email if their website goes down.

1120)   CQ Counter - free web page hit counter
This software is used to track the number of visitors online and it displays each visitors entire information like, from where did they come from and what is their system configuration etc.,

1121)   Smart Autoresponder
This is a remotely hosted auto responding program that helps users to boost their sales and traffic. It has customizable admin panel that could be accessed from any web based browser.

1122)   BN Soft Formmail Service
This script is used for creating an online email form to get email messages from the site visitors. It supports unlimited forms with multiple fields.

1123)   CutPay
This is a simple financial tool using which e-commerce professionals would be able to create paypal discount coupons for the customers with their own specifications.

1124)   CONK Online
CONK Online provides a collections of remotely hosted scripts for webmasters and developers. Programs like, MP3 player, web publishing, audio blogging, PDF creation etc are available.

1125)   Your IT Help Desk
This is a customer support system which is designed especially for the purpose of IT companies. In addition, it also provides you with advice and consultancy services.

1126)   Vioclicks
This script is used to track the website. This script tracks the details about the site visitors. It tracks the reports like, visitors system configuration, where they are coming from and more.

1127)   UK Link Exchange
This is an useful link exchange program specially designed for UK based websites, through which you can find suitable partners to exchange your website links.

1128)   Blogger
Using this remotely hosted blog you can maintain your website with updated news and pics. You can allow anyone to post any articles, comments, pictures using bolg system. An useful way to communicate people online.

This is a secured online donation form solution that is designed especially for the use of non-profit organizations. It contains new features like integration with, automated monthly donations etc.

1130)   1st Monitor
This tool monitors the downtime of the website and it informs the user or administrator through an email. It gives vital information about the real time website activities.

1131)   Custom Form
Custom Form is a form generating program and is a remotely hosted script that can be used to generate online forms like, survey form for collecting data.

1132)   Gumball-Tracker
Gumball Tracker is used for counting the number of hits made by the visitors every day and from which country they are coming from. This script is simple to setup and to use.

1133)   MSH Whois Query Generator
This is a remotely based whois query generator which you can install on your website to provide your users to perform a search for the availability of a domain name in popular domain name extensions like .org, .net, .com and .edu.

1134)   Free Web statistic service
This program is helpful for the webmasters to view the web statistics report. This script gives the statistical report about the downloads and banners.

1135)   Google AdSense Charts and Graphs
This powerful tool can generate multidimensional charts according to the total number of hits and impressions made on your website ads.

1136)   WebPTS
WebPTS is a Web-based problem tracking system. Users will be able to enter and review problems anywhere, anytime. There is no software set up. WebPTS is s fully-hosted application service.It was designed with everyone in the development process in mind; from developers, to project managers.

1137)   HostGuardian Tools
HostGuardian is a powerful monitoring tool which offers several tools and each performs different monitoring functions. The tools are, host guardian, content guardian, router and bandwidth guardian entries and contact entry.

1138)   Rent-an-ad
It is a Fast and low-cost advertising program available on Rent online, you get all the options used in yahoo, excite and double click.

1139)   Brandsberg's polls
Brandsberg's polls is a remotely hosted program that helps users to conduct different types of online programs such as, poll, questionnaire etc on their websites.

1140)   The Daily Joke
This program is helpful for the webmasters to display their site with different jokes daily. Open source code is given to access this facility on the site.

1141)   Form to E-mail: Unlimited
Free Form to E-mail assists the webmasters to create browser based forms to allow the visitors to submit their messages, requests, etc., on dynamic websites. Email form supports many advanced features.

1142) offers an auction program. User can have a web store. Buyers and one who sells can have item watch, special listings and more.

1143)   Online Store
Need a place to sell your goods online? Rent a store from us and start loading your products immediately. Your pre built web store can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on your orders. Need a place to sell your arts and crafts but don't have the money to open a store?

1144)   Dot TK Free domain
This is a free domain name service provider where you can get a domain name and email address in your own name with a .tk extension. There are four different types of domains to choose from like, etc.

1145)   Realty Port
Realty Port is a hosted complete listing and client management system designed for realty professionals. One can post new listings in just minutes all from your web browser and Internet connection.

You can utilize this remotely hosted child website to create a own site to place all your baby photos, and can upload info about your child which can be kept more safer. Changes can be done on pages on the fly.

1147)   Trellix SiteBuilder
Trellix SiteBuilder is a content management program which provides a way for the users to build compelling web sites. This script permits the users to advertise to their customers.

1148)   Citrix Certification Online Practice Exams
Provider of Citrix CCA, CCEA, and CCIA certification practice exams, study guides and study material. Take free or purchase Citrix practice exams for CCA, CCEA, and CCIA Citrix certification.

1149)   Amazon PageManager Service (Ads)
Affiliate PageManager is a service that allows anyone to incorporate dynamic content into their websites. The Amazon affiliate software is put on your website through a simple HTML iFrame and automatically updates a sidebar on your website with new products.

1150)   Global Domain Name WHOIS
This is a remotely based whois lookup script which can be easily integrated with your existing website to provide your users to perform whois search for the availability of domains names.

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