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Top 1151-1200 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   Create IE toolbar online
Create Dynamic IE toolbar online. Build your explorer toolbar in seconds.

1152)   Shopdesigners is a web site that offers you the shopping cart systems for your web site. This shopping carts program comes with Basic and advanced search engine and thumbnail images.

1153)   HumanHelper
This is an online customer support system which enables your online customers to interact with your support staff in real time. It comes with a wide range of features to provide quality service to your online customers.

1154)   WunderCounter
Track IP numbers, referring URLs, browser/OS of web visitors, time of day, browser resolution, search engine keywords and even more. Upgrade to a paying account and get even more professional features, reports and more detailed stats.

1155)   blogtricks
This is a remotely hosted system which has collection of script. The script has enhanced features and no programming knowledge is required.

1156)   Free graphs for your website! In real time!
Add a graph to your website for FREE. It can be used to show the progress of any event or project, such as software development projects, fund raising targets, Web site projects, and more.

1157)   Topsite World
This is a remotely hosted topsite list program that users can create topsite list on their sites. Users have complete control over the list. This program is able to generate more traffic and earn revenue.

1158)   Instahelp
Instahelp enables live customer support on your website. Eduinfo InstaHelp is completely Web based, it also provides real time sales and customer support service

1159)   Disco Flash Ad Management System
Disco Flash Ad Management System provides web publishers and advertisers easy, affordable and powerful Flash banner administration, serving, tracking and reporting services.

1160)   Pliner.Net Message Boards
Pliner.Net Message Boards is a simple online remotely hosted message board software with which website owners would be able to sign up for their own discussion forum.

1161)   CGI For Me
CGI For Me provides you with the space, services and tools you need to create an online presence. It is one of the largest free CGI script hosting sites.

1162)   Live Site Builder
Live Site Builder will run with any kind of website and it offers it's remotely hosted service to manage a professional e-commerce system dynamically. Indefinite email accounts, auto-responders, products, categories, bandwidth still much more enables to run an extensive online store.

1163)   Whiz-Mail
This script is used for processing a form. It helps webmasters to create any type of forms like, contact form, order form and more. Autoresponder is available.

1164)   EbusinessManagerPro
Increase your sales and save on your marketing budget.

1165)   EB Suite Web Based CRM - Marketing Automation
This is a web based Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software that helps your marketing team by laying a strong foundation for making their follow up calls successfull. It contains various features to automate the tasks of your marketing team.

1166)   AdXpress
A client can access AdXpress, upload creative and pinpoint to specific publishers. With AdXpress you have access to optimize, target and utilize the most advanced Ad Servers on the market! Forget about having to deal with banners for each site - simply send the publisher the simple HTML code also know as "ad code.

1167)   BFN Clocks
This script is used for displaying clocks and date on the website. This script is customizable. This script is simple to install.

1168)   e-Classifieds Basic Edition
e-Classifieds Basic Edition is a remotely hosted script where the users have ability to run advertisments on their websites for developing businesses through ads.

1169)   Website Toolbox - Links Pages
This is a link indexing system with which you can increase unlimited traffic to your website by allowing your users to submit their URLs and allow you to have unlimited categories and sub categories.

1170)   TaskPortal
TaskPortal is a powerful and flexible online collaboration workspace that empowers you to manage all your projects, work tasks, requests and teams from a central location available anywhere, anytime.

1171)   Direct Submit
Direct Submit is an unique website promotion tool that enables website owners to submit their website on the search indices of 'overture' and 'askjeeves'.

1172)   Advertmarket
This is a powerful advertising system with which both the advertisers and publishers can avail number of benefits by placing ads on their website. Apart from banner advertising, it also supports text based ads and charges them only when a web user clicks the advertisement.

1173)   Website Tracker Corporate
This script is used to track the website traffic. It helps webmasters to view their sites track record regularly. It gives the reports of their site visitors information and who is online currently.

1174)   Linkateer's Reciprocal Links
Linkateer's Reciprocal Links is a website promotion tool through which you can acquire link patners. You can generate these links dynamically either through ASP or PHP.

1175)   Buenomart
With a site, you will be able to create a feature rich, easy to use, and highly functional affiliate online store. The version being used is 1.0

1176)   The WebWizard
The WebWizard takes care of all tasks related to your website upgradation such as uploading files, images, increasing traffic, managing mailing lists etc at a low price.

1177)   xCounter
This counter software can evaluate the total number of unique visitors for your website and displays the counting on a image format.

1178)   UperBoard
UperBoard is a simple online discussion board sofwtare with which you will be able to post topics for online discussions through the password protected forums.

1179)   ListApp
ListApp is a mailing list remotely hosted program which lets the visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe and the users to send newsletters to the members through a web browser.

1180)   Chattalooga Live Help
Chattalooga Live Help offers flexible customer care solutions and allows you to utilize this hosted service without any extra server software, installations and plugins support. Using web based interface, you would be able to manage any number of customers, visitors on your site.

1181)   YOURsoft affiliate program
YOURsoft affiliate program is a script which allows the affiliates to keep their advertisments on their website and get paid for every visitors sent.

1182)   NetBizCity's Free Site Submission
Using this web promotion tool you can enable your visitors to submit their website to various search engines like google, try america, search hit etc., They can choose their own search engines to place their website.

1183)   WebContactPro Shopping Cart
A web based shopping cart solution can be obtained from this remotely hosted internet commerce suite. e-traders can handle their customers orders, payments and shipping process through highly secured user friendly interface.

1184)   CQ Counter
This script is helpful for the webmasters to view the track records of their website. It tracks important information of the web visitors daily. This script displays entire activities of the visitors of your site.

1185)   Netbula's Any Board
Netbula's Any Board is an online discussion board program that offers full featured message board forums for all website visitors to post topics.

1186)   Home Log
This script is a simple online tracker which is used in the website. It displays statistical report of the website like, number of current online visitors, number of hits made by them in each page, referer page etc.,

1187)   Virtual Search Engine
This is a pay per click search program that helps users to generate revenue. Users don't need any programming knowledge to use this program. It is easy to integrate this script into any website.

1188)   AutoresponseWizard
AutoresponseWizard is a autoresponder program which permits the users to keep contact with their associates and clients. This script tracks responses, downloads and clicks.

1189)   Desi Banners Network
This is a free banners network which is dedicated to Indian and Pakistani websites and helps to promote their websites by increasing the traffic to their website.

1190)   Swiftedit - The online WYSIWYG website editor
SWIFTEDIT is a powerful online web editor solution for all web owners and webmasters. Featuring an online WYSIWYG editor which enables you to update your web pages in real-time.

1191)   Fido7's free-cgi WebForum
Fido7's free-cgi WebForum is a remotely hosted online discussion board software that provides optimum solutions for all webmasters to launch a forum based discussion board program on their website.

1192)   01Publisher
This is a website building program that helps users to build powerful professional or personal websites from a web based interface. This program has 200 inbuilt templates to start designing with.

1193)   Bravenet's Email forms
This script is used on the website to create a feedback form. It allows web visitors to send their feedbacks to the webowners. It has fully customization facility. Autoresonder is available.

1194)   emetasearch
This is a metasearch program that searches keywords on six popular search engines. The search results are displayed on user's websites that could be easily customized.

1195)   A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software
The Omnistar Live customer support solution gives you the ability to chat with all your web site visitors in real time, manage a dynamic help desk and customize your own knowledge base.

1196) is a poll and voting script which allows the users to create polls and users can customize this script with fonts and background colors. Users just have to sign as a member to use this program on their websites.

1197)   FlexWindow
FlexWindow is a Web service that allows users to update their web site by e-mail. Send an e-mail with the content you want to appear in that "FlexWindow".

1198)   ePowerGuestbook!!
The ePowerGuestbook!! is an incentive-based leads-capturing tool designed to provide web site owners the ability to build their own database of qualified leads. This is accomplished by awarding prizes to visitors for completing an online questionnaire. It features auto-notification of completed surveys as well as mass-mailing functions giving the site owner full e-marketing capability.

1199)   Service360
Without any technical knowledge you can access this Service360 business suite to integrate the sales on global level and the provided online customer support tools lets you gain the customer satifaction.

1200) Forums
A powerful and easier forum module that provides several hosted solutions and benefits for web based systems to add an intuitive interface to enable everyone to communicate, to send comments to various topics, articles and forums.

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