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Top 1201-1250 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201)   Parlis E-Mail
Parlis E-Mail is an instant Email sending tool. Using this tool you can send and receive Emails. You can even send picture, music or any other text file using this program.

1202)   ForumEngine
ForumEngine is a simple online discussion board sofwtare with three -tiers application system to enable users to provide users with unicode template driven message board.

1203)   PHPElement Newsletter
PHPElement Newsletter is a mailing list program which permits the users to send newsletters to their subscribers. The subscribers status can be viewed by the users.

1204)   Live Support Chat pro
Live Support Chat is a communication program which facilitates the visitors to chat with the helpdesk people online for product support trouble shooting etc which helps in increasing sales.

1205) Free Domain Service
This is a free domain service where you can create a domain name for your website with a short and easy to remember one with an extension of and also offers additional features.

1206)   searchcentralonlines free flash counters
This service allows you to create your own Shockwave Counter for your site. You can count the hits on your site. It is available free of cost.

1207)   Imagemapper
Online creation of image-maps.

1208)   123 Lucky Polls - Polls for your website and more
Add a free poll to your web site, live journal, myspace, blogger/blog, AOL Instant messenger profile and anything else that supports HTML. No script installation required and you don't even need a web site because we offer a link that will host your poll.

1209)   Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a communication tool that helps to start email campaigns easily using wizards. Subscriber lists can be automatically created using this tool. It can be installed and maintained easily on your website.

1210)   OmniCrawler Co-Branded MetaSearch Engine
OmniCrawler is offering a free co-branded metasearch engine to web site owners. With this service, the power of a world-class metasearch engine can be instantly added to any web site.

1211)   News Release Publisher
News Release Publisher lets you update any type of news and contents on your dynamic website using in-built templates. You can define many user groups to update news through web based interface without any knowledge in HTML.

1212)   PracticeTrack Online Recruitment Software
PracticeTrack is a complete Internet based recruitment solution which is very user friendly and is priced reasonably.It has a lot of easy to use interfaces

1213)   Exit Pilot
ExitPilot offers a FREE service, available to anyone with a website, which converts exit traffic into valuable targeted advertising.

1214)   SuperUpdate
This web enabled hosted application would be a adaptive solution for website owners to maintain their content up-to-date. Enables them to manage files and images upload, new html pages, links creation, database tables, etc effectively by easier means of features.

1215)   Metaverse Content Server
This multi-use content management software offers lot of solutions to integrate your content as well as documents, knowledgebase, images etc on your web based systems. Supports XML module with content management.

1216)   Search Engine Optimization
This is an article about search engine optimization which deals with classification of search engine spam, creating rich keyword page, site ranking and more.

1217)   Picosearch
This is a site search engine script that helps users to allow their site visitors to search content on their web pages. You need not to download any software to use this program.

1218)   MMS Internet Video, Movie, Game and DVD Rental Software
This is a remotely hosted system for internet based video, movie, game and dvd rentals. It offers unlimited features for subscribers, affiliates, syndicates, and for the owners.

1219)   eBanYan Ecommerce Software
This is a remotely hosted e-commerce software which is designed especially for small to medium business organizations to start their e-commerce functions immediately without the use of costly IT resources.

1220)   Co-Projects
This is a remotely hosted application to post your needs and let the others contact you if your service satisfies them. It is an useful tool for entrepreneurs.

Intuitive tools to manage all ads at one place. No technical knowledge required. Some features include rotation of weighted ads, detailed visitor info, frequency caps, geo-targeting, advertiser accounts, pop-up/under code, text-links, custom ad sizes.

1222)   Secure-Mail
Secure-mail is a program which can be used by the users to send encrypted messages through email. This is an easier method to encrypt and decrypt messages.

1223)   Code4Money
This Code4Money is very much helpful for the freelancers and webdevelopers in providing the required resources. From this resources administrator can hire developer for their task.

1224)   LiveStoryBoard CMS
LiveStoryBoard CMS provides you easier and effective means of content management solutions which are widely useful to administer stories, templates, user accounts with the help of web based XML and WYSIWYG editors, content repository, file manager and several other in-built tools.

1225)   MySiteSpindle
MySiteSpindle is a script for website creation which permits the users to create a professional website for business purpose and for personal use.

1226)   Automatic Traffic Generation System
This is a remotely hosted traffic generation system that helps you to increase the traffic to your website automatically. It offers you credit system where you can earn credits for displaying other member's ads on your website.

1227)   Calendar by Online Web Apps
Powerful online system that allows for multiple calendars on one account. Each calendar can have a different look and features.

1228)   Spriteworks Development's .htaccess Hosting
Password protect files, store and manage backups, operate a "members only" service or securely deliver content to registered users.

1229)   LivePerson Service Edition
LivePerson Service Edition would be an adaptive solution to the large sized e-business to provide customer service through powerful 24/7 chat system. All conversation can be stored into database with encrypted SSL support.

1230)   eZ publish CMS
This is an open source content management software based on content management framework. This program helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites.

1231)   FormBreeze
This is a remotely hosted program that assists webmasters to generate instant professional online forms for their websites using the HTML editors.

1232)   Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a mailing list program which allows the users to send emails to the subscribers and can get immediate response for the mail sent to the recipient.

1233)   AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor
AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor is a simple remotely hosted ad management software with which you can track and analyze marketing campaigns for your website.

1234)   Daily Cartoon
This program is helpful for the web site owners to display their site with different cartoons every day and also it allows visitors to send cartoons to their neighbours or to friends through email.

1235)   Form Processing, with optional Auto-Response
This script is used to create an effective email form on the website by the webmasters. Autoresponse, data order, required information are the facilities included in this program.

1236)   e-Classifieds Professional Edition
e-Classifieds Professional Edition is a remotely hosted script which has unlimited number of databases with search facility for the users.

1237)   SITE PRO - Autoresponder Service
With the help of this remotely hosted email system you can create and edit autoresponders, send bulk mails, generate HTML forms, list active prospects for your mailing lists etc.,

1238)   Multi Mailing Newsletter Manager
Multi Mailing Newsletter Manager is a mailing list program which permits the users to target their customers with custom newsletters.

1239)   Printmypage
Printmypage is a remotely hosted service that enables webmasters to allow their site visitors to print the web page content for themselves.

1240)   Templatedepot Hit Counter
Hit counter is used to count how many visitors are online and count their system information like type of OS, browser type etc., This script is simple to configure and to use.

1241)   Website Tracker Hosted
This script is a simple online counter. This script is used in the website to track the website visitors information. It displays the report in statistical mode.

1242)   Omnistar Live Customer Support Manager
It gives you the ability to interact with any one visiting your site in real time. The remotely hosted version is $24.95/operator and the installable server version is $99.95/year.

1243)   CGI For Me - Search Engine
This is a search program that uses a database to search for keywords by users. Visitors and users can contribute to the database. This program is easily customizable.

1244)   CGI For Me: Clock and Date
CGI For Me provides you with the tools you need to create an online presence.

1245)   Go2poll
Get Free poll, vote, polling, voting for your site

1246)   PHPElement Shoutbox
Easy to use shoutbox it here to help website owners to add dynamic features to their sites, such as newsletters, ecards and forums - without the hassle of installing them.

1247)   CartSnap Manager
This remotely hosted internet business application provides web based solutions to integrate your e-commerce session on your websites. This program helps you to design the storefront, product catalog, shipping and pricing options and still a lot more.

1248)   Active Websurvey
Active Websurvey is a remotely hosted program that helps users to conduct online surveys, questonnaire etc for collecting data. This program can be easily customized to user's preferences.

1249)   Homestead
Homestead comes with all facilities to help you to manage your website. And this remotely hosted software is also more suitable for e-commerce based websites and provides features to promote your websites to a higher level.

1250)   mnoGoSearch Search Admin
This is a website searching program developed with asp that helps visitors to search contents on their web pages without installing this program on their server.

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