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Top 1251-1300 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1251)   Topsites
This is a topsite lisiting and is a remotely hosted program that helps users to create their own topsite list. This program increases your site traffic.

1252)   UserInteract Live Support
UserInteract Live Support is a customer support system with which you can provide live chat support to your website visitors thereby increasing your sales, minimising your expenses and helps you to develop customer relations.

1253)   GOdonate PayPal donation tool
This is a remotely hosted e-commerce system with which you will able to create unlimited donation campaigns from your control panel. It also allows you to display the graph for donations received by you and has many other features.

1254)   The Droplets User Interface Server
My Droplet web based E-mail. It responsively provides fast performance. It is simple and easy to integrate on any ASP based website.

1255)   V27 Redirection Service
V27 Redirection Service is a remotely hosted service which will be useful for the users in redirecting their URLs.

1256)   Sentinare's Spam Protector
Sentinare's Spam Protector is a simple online remotely hosted program that can be easily integrated on your websites to protect your mails from spams, viruses and other harmful attachments.

1257)   Anti-Spam by BFN
BFN anti spam is a remotely hosted program which can be used by the webmasters to prevent the unwanted email's reaching their website's mail addresses.

1258)   EZStreet
EZStreet is a remotely hosted service that enables users to have a multi-user web based expense and time tracking tool. This will be useful for the team which is involved in project to get organized.

1259)   Funvote
This is a simple voting program using which you can conduct online polling for various topics. This is an easy to use remotely hosted program.

1260)   Top 100 and Free Counter Website
This is a simple remotely hosted counter program that reports on the total visitors for your website and gives you a suitable position on the top 100 directory.

1261)   HomeLog
Homelog provides information about the visitors currently on your website.

1262)   Online Calendar & Event Management Software
This script is helpful for the remotely based system. It allows webmasters to create an online calendar on their site with customization facility i.e- it allows users to add or remove the events from the calendar.

1263)   Komy Net Forum
Komy Net Forum is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software designed to assist webmasters to include a full featured bulletin board on their website.

1264)   Bravenet SiteRing
Bravenet SiteRing is a system to build a directory of websites of your own with similar wavelength and like thoughts.

1265)   Shopping Cart and E-Commerce
This E-Commerce software generates your entire Online Store, and uploads the Ecommerce web site and shopping cart system ready to take online orders and process payments in real-time, including Paypal. It has a built-in HTML editor and FTP client. You can use it to build your wholesale and/or retail online store with shopping cart for deploying state-of-the-ast E-Commerce web sites.

1266)   Text Gear
Contents on your website pages like text message, quotes, tips, etc can be changed automatically whenever the page is being refreshed. Without any extra software support this remotely hosted program can be used to maintain your content pages.

1267)   Bushman Technologies - QuoteServer
Insert one of our random quotes or even our daily quote into any spot on your web site by just including one single line of JavaScript!

This is a counter script which is used for tracking the website traffic. It tracks both outgoing and incoming traffic of the website accurately. It shows the report in statistical mode. It offers many enhanced features.

1269)   The Joke Machine
This machine contains number of jokes and users are allowed to place this script anywhere on their website. It is updated regularly.

1270) is an application which can be used by the webmasters as a site recommendation tool on their website. This tool creates more traffic and hits for their website and it is easy to use and customize this tool.

1271)   Run Your Own Search Engine
It is a remotely hosted search engine software solution which provides search facility in Your website. This service helps your site visitors to search their desired category from your website.

1272)   Super Counter Free
Super counter is used in the website by the webmasters to track number of online visitors and their entire details like, visitors system configuration, referer URL etc., Last ten days visitors report can be viewed. It displays total number of visitors have entered, number of hits, todays' forecast.

1273)   bCentral List Builder
bcentral List Builder is a powerful online application to develop targeted E-mail Newsletters. This program has built in HTML Templates for mails and messages. It tracks your E-Mails easily and quickly.

1274)   KangarooCards
Kangaroocards is a program which lets the webmasters to have their own ecard system on their website. This is easy to use and customize.

1275)   Refer-A-Buddy
Refer-a-Buddy is a script which can be used as a recommendation tool for any website. In this script the webmasters can have the option to select the colors and styles to be easily customized.

1276)   Fanblast Newsletter System
Fanblast Newsletter System is a mailing list program which permits the users to send newsletters in plain text and in rich HTML form. This script adds existing list of subscribers.

1277)   Rajsoft FTP application
Rajsoft FTP application is a program which allows the users to perform file uploading and downloading process. This program is a user friendly and easy to operate.

1278)   Monkey Mailer
Monkey Mailer is an email program which permits the users to send informative messages. This program allows the users to create messages. This program has the capability for categorizing the members.

1279)   Appointment Scheduling Software
Appointment scheduling software is a simple program to schedule appointment services online. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use.

1280)   VItools Calendars
This is a hosted event calendar for your site. You can set up several users who is allowed to post events. It can be used for several purposes, like listing special days, listing special events, occupancy assignment etc.

1281)   Polling Engine
Polling Engine is a remotely hosted polling system with which site visitors can post their opinions. This program can be used to increase site traffic.

1282) offers a free remotly hosted messageboard with of a number of advanced features like moderators, message formating, easy admin interface etc.

1283)   AskWeb
AskWeb is a powerful polling system which allows you to create and manage internet and email surveys on your web sites. You can also monitor survey process during all its stages and examine the results.

1284)   Build Your Own E-store
This is a remotely hosted E-Commerce system that allows you to create and manage your own online store for your website. It offers you with many advanced and powerful features to run your online store effectively.

1285)   EZpolls
EZpolls is a remotely hosted program that can be used to drive site traffic and to get opinions from the site visitors. This program comes with enhaced features.

1286) Portal Service
The goal of the portal system is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, just similar to Slashdot and many others.

1287)   BazaarBuilder E-commerce Software
BazaarBuilder provides a solution for small and medium sized business houses to build a fully hosted ecommerce software with advanced features like order notification, sales tax and VAT calculator and much more.

1288)   Dotcommunity
This is a website generating program that helps user to build community websites. This program takes care of organizing files and resizing images.

1289)   Check Secure
This hosted online payment module lets the e-traders to process their payments through cheques. Encrypted server technology helps the customers to transmit the payments securely and easily. No additional software support is needed to access this remotely hosted payment program.

1290)   Getting Your URL Listed With Top Search Engines
By just filling a simple form through this program you would be able to automatically submit your website URL to several major search engines like google, rediff etc.,

1291)   HostedPHPScripts Text Counter
This program is a simple online counter which helps web owners to keep the track record of their website up-to date. This script is simple to setup in the website.

1292)   Pure Promotion
This script is used for checking the meta tags to find errors and also it checks for any major problems that affects search engine ranking.

1293)   Bpath Poll
Bpath Poll is an useful online polling tool for your web sites. You can know the opinion about your web site and your products from the visitors of your website easily by this tool.

1294)   Robots Generator
This is a powerful remotely hosted web search program designed as a robot rule generator using which you would be able to control the level of search engine spidering on your website.

1295)   Link checker
Link checker is a powerful remotely hosted online link checking software that can be used to check the availability of image URL's on your website database.

1296)   PyramidTools Help Desk
PyramidTools provide remotely hosted help desk service for your site Visitors reach your website seeking personal assistance. This fully automated system accepts their claims, and routes their support request to the appropriate technicians.

1297)   Ad Management Software
A great useful remotely hosted software for any sized websties and ad agencies to adminster a web based ad manager without any additional server side support and database utility. Supports CGI banners, rich media ads, Flash etc., with ads.

1298)   Atomz Search
This is a website searching program that also doubles up as a sales and marketing tool helping users to track and learn from visitors. This is a plug and play program that easily synchronises with any websites.s

1299)   SiteMiner
This is a website searching and indexing program that provides search box to search the webpages from a browser based interface. You can open up new site navigation using this program.

1300)   ProjectCentral
ProjectCentral is a program, using which users can effectively manage and organize their personal and business projects.

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