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Top 1301-1350 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   Solid iWebCommerce
You can open your own online store with this great feature filled script.

1302)   Superstats
Superstats is a simple online hit counter that tracks the number of hits made by the visitor to your website. It gives full report of the visitor that the website received.

1303)   Antispam
Antispam is a page which has a collection of randomly produced email addresses to help users in detecting and protecting themselves from spam distributors.

1304)   NetSuite
NetSuite is a high featured internet business management application which provide you powerful CRM tools to acquire a good relationship with your customers and orders, sales, inventory, marketing systems are available to implement renowned online business.

1305)   NetCRM
Webmasters has the ability to maintain their front-office section to improve their business and customer satisfaction and marketing techniques. Several in-built tools are provided for the purpose of handling your business in real time.

1306)   MangoBery Website Solution
This is a remotely hosted content management tool which is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website content with maximum features. It offers several enhanced features.

1307)   WebAds360
This banner rotating service allows webmasters to track the click-through rates of their advertisements. Many advanced advertisement management and reporting features are included.

1308)   shopping_basket
This is a remotely hosted shopping cart utility that enables you to create and manage an online store on your website where you can sell your products and services.

This script offers remotely hosted scripts for webmasters. It Keep a track of your visitors, and keep them coming back. It also comes free of cost.

1310)   Calendaric Events
Calendaric Events script is basically for creating an online custom event calendar. It allow users to customize their important events from the calendar.

1311)   Mailing List
Mailing List is a email program which allows the users to keep contact with their clients and customers. This program is capable of sending newsletters to every subscribers on the list.

1312)   Search Engine Blaster
You can submit your website, services and products on all popular search engines as a means of increasing your site traffic and search engine ranking.

Real-time website traffic statistics include views, unique views, hosts, link tracking, download tracking, visual traceroute, paths, referrers, search engines, browsers, top keywords, and more.

1314)   Rotating home page tool
Rotating home page tool is a remotely hosted service that allows users to view one of their favorite pages in a random motion whenever they open the browser.

Are you having problems with webmasters trying to copy your download links and then use them on their own websites? Or does some of your visitors leech up all the bandwidth on your file server? Then this is the perfect tool for you.

1316)   Bigstep
Using this program net based traders can build a website for their business with product manager, shopping cart system, product catalog, etc., and can include customizable shipping and tax calculations. Supports paypal for realtime payment transactions.

1317)   PromotionWorld's Search Engine Submission
You can use this search engine marketing program to submit your website on major search engines. This supports mass URL submissions at a time.

1318)   Function Tagger
This is a web based service which is capable of creating neat and organized comment tags for your function library. This can be done in real time.

1319)   AddPro's European search engine submissions
This is a remotely hosted site submission program that helps users to submit their URL's to search engines only in 13 european countries. Users have the option to select from more than 80 search engines in the 13 european countries.

1320)   ASP Membership Subscription
You can create your own subscription programs with unique user name and password for all your site visitors with five different accessing levels for all your members and users.

1321)   E-Commerce - MechandiZer Basic
One of the web based online commerce solution which has lot of remotely hosted solutions to help you to advance your e-sales by providing intuitive e-commerce tools to access product, catalog, order and payment systems.

1322)   EB Suite Web Based Project Management
This is a web based project management software that helps you to develop your business automatically. It supports the development team in your organization to track files, patches, and keeps them targeted towards their aim.

1323)   Ultra Register
Ultra register is helpful for the webmasters to register their domains. It offers website content management, custom transactional programming, e-commerce etc.

1324)   Babylon Pro Genius
This script is used to find the meanings for japanese words in english. This script is helpful for the japanese to find accurate meaning for their words in english.

1325)   PingA Link
This is an ASP script that monitors website transactions, protocol functions and network operations. It provides alert message in real time to the administrator.

1326)   Ad Rotator
Ad Rotator offers you a solution for hosted banner rotation system. It displays random ads that are related to your website and provides you with statistical information regarding the number of clicks and impressions.

1327)   Keywords Generator
Keywords Generator is remotely hosted utility to create keywords for your website and thereby increase traffic to your website.

1328)   Functional Forms
This is a remotely hosted script used for creating an online form. This program is easily customizable according to users preferences. The form data can be stored either in excel, access, etc.,

1329)   Uptilt Calendar
Uptilt Calendar is a remotely hosted application that helps you to build a time sheet for your users, resource usage, upcoming events etc., Supports three type of calendar formats.

1330)   An online remote access calendar system
This script is basically for the webmasters to create an online custom calendar which allows them to customize the events like, appointment, meetings etc.,

1331)   Infowit Creative Manager
Infowit Creative Manager is a program which lets the webmasters to run an automatic creative business by verifying whether the product has been delivered at the right time with correct budget or not.

1332)   Live2support
The best CRM solution to Chat live one to one with your customers, offer your special promos, resolve queries in real time and close sale. It provides support/sales from anywhere and any computer and support multiple customers at the same time, thus reduces cost and improve response time.

1333)   Bravenet Announcers
Bravenet announcer can be used by the wemasters to let their users to recommend their website to their friends. It is easy to use and customize this tool.

1334)   Online Payment Processing
You can access all your online payments through this remotely hosted payment program. Supports multiple types of payments range from local to global. Provided security modules helps to keep your transaction details in secret.

1335)   Advanced graph and charts
This script is used for creating a graph chart on the website. It has different categories in chart designs like, 3d pie chart, line graph, bar graph in horizontal etc.

1336)   2clicks Sit -Web Search
2clicks search is a remotely hosted free search script that allows users to add fully customizable site and/or web search to their website with the option to earn commissions from affiliate links contained within web search results.

1337)   Site Gadgets: Tell-A-Friend
Tell-A-Friend by SiteGadgets is a system based on word of mouth which can be used by the webmasters as a refer-a-friend system for their websites. It is easy to use and customize this application.

1338) offers free customizable, and easy to use online store creation & hosting services.

1339)   Pilot Group Dating
Pilot Group Dating is a program that comes with a package of software that helps administrators to build and manage an enhanced match making system on their websites.

1340)   Keynote Red Alert
This utility monitors the website applications and its properties for four times in an hour. It monitors the errors like, incorrect return data, slow responsibility, inaccessibility of the website etc.,

1341)   CGI Spy's Email form
This script is used for making an email form for the website. This script supports multiple forms with unlimited number of fields. It is used for receiving emails from the web visitors.

1342)   Data Warehouse System
This hosted application lets the users, clients on a website or staff in a company to utilize all data resources such as files, content pages etc through centralized interface with idividual username and password facility.

1343)   syIT Amazon Tools
This is a remotely hosted e-commerce solution with which you will be able to include more information on your website in real time. This system allows you to put regional Amazon product information on your website.

1344)   WWWToolz
This is a collection of remotely hosted web programs available for webmasters and developers for free. Some of the offered programs are mailing list, message board, FAQ manager etc.

1345)   Whiteboard
Whiteboard is a content management program which works over internet and allows the users to create their own web site. Updating contents can be easily done anywhere from a web based interface.

1346)   Webdev Store
This program provides many remotely hosted web based tools and resources for webmasters and developers. All these tools are available for free. No installation is needed for these programs.

1347)   webmasters sms nokia ringtones
This remotely hosted service allows you to offer free ringtones for your nokia mobile phone visitors.

1348)   WorldSSP - Online Store
WorldSSP - Online Store is an adaptive online solution for small business to promote their productivity and sales. Any type of products and service can be handled by this remotely hosted e-commerce application.

1349)   Develop All's Offshore and Onshore
Develop All is an onshore and offshore consultancy services helping the clients to meet their needs in the field of Software, Web Development, IT Services, BPO etc., It also helps in outsourcing management.

1350)   HelpDeskOnline.Net
It is a reasonably priced fully automated Web based help desk service. Features include: unlimited forwarding for escalation and additional info requests, automated FAQ maintenance, templates based customization, easy setup, etc. Customers can submit requests 24/7 from anywhere in the world and your staff can access the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Serve first 20 requests for free.

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