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Top 1351-1400 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   Instalink
Instalink is a web-based SMS marketing solution. Build contact groups, create and manage SMS campaigns and send out personalized SMS messages.

1352)   A Document Manager
This dynamic on-line document managment system will give you and your employees the ability to create an online repository for commonly accessed documents.

1353)   Elk Monitor Website monitoring
This is an ASP based component which is used for monitoring the website and its activities. It also monitors internet servers to find whether the server is working properly or not.

1354)   Netwhistle website monitor
This tool monitors the website service to find error and downtime of the website and it gives report to the user about downtime and error on the website.

1355)   internet dvd video and game rental software
MMS is a complete turnkey online system for internet dvd and game rentals. Skinnable public site with all the bells and whistles that your customers will want. Complete multi-level affiliate program builtin. Automated backend operations for owners and staff. Sophisticated user and inventory management. Gets you to market right now. Lets you use your money for inventory and marketing instead of programming software and building servers.

1356)   SD Remote PHP Hosting
SD Remote PHP Hosting offers hosting of a bundle of scripts. The scripts come with free trials. They also offer free email.

1357)   Commerce Manager
All needed facilities to manage web stores effectively can be obtained through this remotely hosted e-commerce system. Transferring payments, placing orders, notifying order status to customers and other functions can be done on the fly.

1358)   Spirit Counters
Use Spirit Counters to take note of number of hits on your site. Different counter styles can be chosen.

1359)   Danworld Message board
Danworld Message board is a simple remotely hosted discussion board program designed to build strong and efficient online communities for all active websites.

1360)   Banner4All Free Ad mamagement
It is a free ad management service supporting both GIF and HTML banners. The Administration module provides you with detailed statistics for campaigns and banners.

1361)   ToolZONE's WebChat
With the help of this chat room the visitors can chat with each other in real time within a user’s website as the room contains configuration options from simple text only, chat to a multimedia template, complete with avatars(uploaded images) that represent visitors in the discussion.

This script is used by the webmasters on their website to analyse their website traffic regularly. Different counter models are available.

1363)   Promotion World's Meta Tag Generator
Using this meta tag generator webmasters can easily create appropriate meta tags that suits the description and keywords of their websites.

1364)   SmartClickz Forum Host
SmartClickz Forum Host is a simple remotely hosted online discussion board software that allow admins to host a full featured discussion forum on their website to discuss important topics on the net.

1365)   Online Project Management Software
This remotely hosted system offers business solutions with document management, task management, online collaboration, audit trails and more. It has extranet and intranet features.

1366)   Remotely Hosted Password Generator
Remotely Hosted Password Generator which encrypts the username and their password. This script generates passwords for the users.

1367)   Hosted Scripts Click Tracker
This script is used for tracking the website traffic. It counts total number of times the users enter the particular page on the website and how many times they download a particular file.

1368) Polls Polls is a remotely hosted script and is a web based polling system that can be used to generate polls with multiple questions and plugin them.

1369) on-line store
A world class online business site can be implemented by using this remotely hosted shopping cart software. Several incorporated features helps to manage your product inventory, merchant accounts, and sales.

1370)   Web-enabled scientific services & applications
This is remotely hosted scientific applications to analyze sales forecasting, financial modeling, analysis of biological, physical and engineering series on www.

1371)   Anti-Spam
Anti Spam by Hosted is a program built for the webmasters to protect their email address from spamming users. It passes emails to your site after filtering it.

1372)   PollCat Surveys
PollCat Surveys would be your destination if you look for an efficinet survay manger to accquire valuable opinion from your website visitors. Supports mulitple online surveys and are highly customizable.

1373)   DiscussionApp
Set up a discussion forum for your web site, so users can contribute and share information by using DiscussionApp . It features include: Threaded messaging where topics are divided into threads by subject, Moderator Editing where you can remove problematic posts from your site. The messages don't expire after a month at this forum.

1374)   Frunder Analyst
This is an useful counter software that enables website owners to track the performances of their website in terms of its traffic, conversion ratios, search engine optimization etc.,

1375)   Omnistar Cart Shopping Cart
Omnistar Cart would be a solution for online business management with more facilities. Supports two methods for shopping cart integration. Thousands of products can be maintained.

1376)   reWeb
This script is used to track the website. It tracks who is online currently and whoever visited earlier. It displays referer URL on the website.

1377) - Polls - Polls gives easier means of features to build an effective poll and voting module on your website without spending money. A simple way to attract your visitors and let them visit your site again and again.

1378)   Xtreme Dealer Locator
This is a hosted version of the Xtreme Dealer Locator software which will be helpful to locate the dealers, stores and companies that sell your products through phone or by Internet.

1379)   Aaise - Hosted search engine
Earn cash each time one of your visitors searches the web.

1380)   Dating-Central
Dating-Central will take care of all processes related with dating services that you can offer on your website. In-built stylesheets and HTML editor helps to re-design content pages to match your site.

1381)   backBlog
backBlog is a remotely hosted program and is an online feedback system that helps users to allow their site visitors to post messages on the websites.

1382)   Bpath's Tell-a-friend
Bpath's Tell-a-friend is a remotely hosted online website promotion program using which you can create your own Tell a friend recommendation entries for all website pages.

1383)   The counter
This script is helpful for the webmasters to get their sites daily track report. It tracks visitor information like, screen resolution, type of browser, type of OS etc.,

1384)   BV eXchange
By joining in the BV eXchange network, you will be able to get targeted hits to the ads on your website. You can get credits for displaying ads on your site.

1385)   Free hit counter
This user friendly remotely hosted application helps in generating hit counters on the users website for counting the number of hits faced by the website and also helps in displaying the site statistics.

1386) Auctions Auctions can be customized for the look, and with features like user registration, closed auctions, and built in help sections, one cannot go wrong.

1387)   Online Events Calendar
Online Events Calendar is a script used for creating event calendar on the site by the web owners. This script is fully customizable that allow users to customize events, font types, colors etc.,

1388)   eBoards4all Message Board Service offers a free remotely hosted message board. It has many intresting features like unlimited messages, IP banning, a search feature, view today's messages option smileys, password protected boards, full control panel and more.

1389) - Counter provides free remotely hosted scripts for webmasters. No programming knowledge needed!

1390)   FlyLip Interactive Suite - survey
FlyLip Interactive Suite - survey is a survey program which allows the users to conduct survey and the visitors provide the inputs for the questions available on the site.

1391)   Board 2003
Board 2003 is an online remotely hosted discussion board software that allow users to post topics on the forums to discuss various issues online with other communities.

1392) is a knowledge base application that easily and simply integrates into your website. It has multiple levels of security to track both your internal and external information. Data is handled by an administration control center. "admin", "editor" and "reader" accounts have access to your settings, edit and approve your knowledge base content and view internal only information respectively.

1393)   Free Hit Counter - Free Counters
This script is a simple online counter that displays statistical report like number of hits per page, how many visitors are online currently.

1394)   BannerServer
This sotware offers remotely hosted banner management to allow advertisers to add and customize any number of ads. Supports many targeting schemes with banner display. Reports can be made in real time.

1395)   Enterprise Instant Messenger
Enterprise Instant Messenger will be a suitable hosted web based interactive tool for websites to enable people to contact / send messages to others in no time. Supports formatted text, IP filtering function, smilies with messaging and a lot more.

1396)   Myfree Counter
This counter software is helpful for the webmasters to view the accurate stats of their website daily. It has customization facility to change the design and settings of the counter.

1397)   Fastweb counter
This script is used for tracking the website and displays the track records on the website. It tracks number of online visitors and their each hits on each page of the website.

1398)   ELot Automotive Dealership Web Services
Internet based auto mobile traders and dealers can get more benefits from this remotely hosted car dealership service. You can control your inventory with as much products you want to add into online store and can present the products in a way you like.

1399)   InquisiteASP
InquisiteASP is a remotely hosted survey management program that helps users to add, modify or delete online surveys and to deploy them. This program would be helpful for corporates.

1400)   Ad-Free WWWToolz Refer-a-Friend
Refer-a-Friend by WWWToolz is an application which can be used as a recommendation tool for any website. It is easy to use and customize this script.

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