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Top 1401-1450 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401) Ad Free URL Redirection
Get a short URL for your website. Easy to setup. Ad free. Completely free.

1402)   Cut and Paste Scripts: Redirection
With cut and paste scripts, you can provide your website users with a drop down box that contains links to different pages on your website that enables them to navigate your website easily.

1403)   Hosted Scripts Text Counter
The main function of this utility is to count the visitors entry in each day and shows the report in text mode. Users can set the number for counter to begin from.

1404)   Lottery Number Generator
This is a remotely hosted system to generate lottery number to select six random balls for the visitors to play online lotto.

1405)   Hosted Java Chat
Hosted Java Chat is a simple remotely hosted online chat program using which you would be able to access your Internet Relay Chat channel.

1406)   Homepage Tools UltraBoard
UltraBoard is a powerful, easy to use, easy to navigate, fully customizable and FREE bulletin board system. It can be set up very fast and it hardly takes 2 minutes to set it up. If you want a bulletin board system that is one of the most selectable, reliable, and flexible, then UltraBoard is what you need and what you could ever want in an online message board system.

1407)   Bizhosting
This remotely hosted internet trading software offers several in-built themes to display your products more attractively and gives many promotional tools to obtain more customers. And inventory session enables you to maintain prodcuts by easier means of functions.

This is a remotely hosted system that helps you to create your own shopping cart system on your website to sell the products, downloadble products or services. It is also completely customizable.

1409)   Dapper Desk Online Help Desk
Organize your customer requests. Create tickets via login or via email. Unlimited end-users and unlimited customer service reps. Color coded status codes. Customizable autoresponses. Mutliple themes.

1410)   Neomyz RSS WEB READER
Latest news on your website, updated automatically for you 24 hours a day. Get your own reader today!

1411)   Stock Photo Site
This is a website to place your digital photographs or art online for sale. This website has an in-built shopping cart for members to buy your products and download them instantly.

1412)   CorporateVisions HelpExpress Enterprise
This web based help desk is Accessible anywhere in the world Help Express requires no client no installation, no programming, no downloads to interfere with your current computer configurations just a web browser.

1413)   Counter4all
The best site that offers you comprehensive websites statistics and that to very fast. It is free of cost and easily available.

1414)   W3Counter Website Counter and Stats Service
This program is used for tracking your site visitors and it gives the output in statistical report. You can analyse each and every activities of your site visitors.

OneCore is suitable for small businesses to maintain all merchant and customer accounts and to handle online financial transaction securely. The OneCore Brokered Transaction Process (BXProcess) gives features to handle critical payment transactions easily.

1416)   WebsiteToolBox Message board
WebsiteToolBox Message board is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software capable of increasing your interaction with other online communities.

1417) is a remotely hosted program that allows you to define many products on your site and let the visitors to rate them in five level depth. Viewing of rating results can be allowed.

1418) Random Links
This script is used to display different URL links on the website. If the visitor refresh the page automatically the URL will be changed.

1419)   Delivery Address Verification
E-commerce based websites can get more benefits from this remotely hosted delivery address verification module to enable their customers to receive their purchased goods in their exact address properly. Reduces the hassle and return cost by verifying the shipping address.

1420)   HT Base
HT Base helps in building Data Profile for business or application through a web browser. It also allows you to easily build a relational database that is easily viewed and updated through a browser. Changing table structures, porting data, and setting permissions is all done by pressing of just a button.

1421)   Advanced Smart Message Board System
Webmasters who want to include a discussion board on their sites to allow their visitors to contact other people to discuss about many topics can utilize this remotely hosted web based application.

1422)   Atomz's Site Search
This is a site searching program that helps users to perform searches on the webpages. This program supports different site search approaches.

1423)   Invoicing System
This web based invoice system is more useful with e-commerce system to implement secured invoice payments over encrypted emails. Invoices can be sent through e-mails or post mails and a given link with invoices lets the customers to pay securely and easily.

1424)   Floating boxes
Colorful puzzle game to play or download.

This is a remotely hosted program which helps the webmasters to count their website traffic and displays report in a statistical form. It offers customization facility.

1426)   MobileReminder
MobileReminder is a remotely hosted communication program which has the ability of sending email reminders to users mobile device. This script can also receive emails.

1427)   SSLShop
SSLShop helps you design your online store with unique layout and in-built store manager helps you to add, edit and remove products. Shipping can be calculated in real-time. Supports multiple credit card types.

1428)   Etrafficers Calculator
Calculators by Etrafficers is built for the webmasters to be used as a financial tool on their website. It provides many financial calcultors giving financial status in many aspects.

1429)   AliveChat GOLD
AliveChat GOLD has advanced features for maintaining large sized customer base and provides hosted solutions to fulfill your CRM requirements. More useful to maintain call centers with more than 10 operators to integrate online support.

1430)   DeskNET
Using the advanced broadcaster client of this script you can display the important news and announcements of your site on your customers screen with a simple intertface.

1431)   Skybound MeetPoint
MeetPoint is a free program that allows you to chat live with the people visiting your auction pages and web site. It's the only live chat system that is truely eBay legal and also includes a customizable email form.

1432)   DK3's form processing
This program is used to generate an email form for the website. It allows site visitors to send their comments to the web owners. Users can use text fields, check boxes, radio buttons etc., on the forms.

1433)   NukedWeb Banner Exchange
This is a simple banner exchange system to increase the traffic to your website instantly by displaying text ad banners. It lets you to exchange the traffic with others.

1434)   Google Backlinks Comparison
This is an useful tool using which you can get the total number of your website back links and compare the same with other rival websites.

1435)   MonsterCommerce Shopping Cart Software
A powerful shopping cart management software which provides a wide range of features to adminster your online storefront with unlimited products and lets you increase customer satisfacion.

1436)   SupportClient
SupportClient is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution for small to large businesses, eliminating the burden of outdated email based customer service for online companies. And no more spam in your inbox.

1437)   Echo Web: Counter Manager
Put up our counter and start tracking the number of visitors to your site. you can freely track any page you want. It is easy and convinent to use.

1438)   Hit Counters
Hit Counters is a provider of various hit counter services like hidden hit counter, Flash hit counter etc., Use this service for better web traffic analysis.

1439)   SuperSurvey
This is an online survey program and is a remotely hosted script that can be used to generate survey form and to invite visitors for adding interactivity to a site.

1440)   BFN Anti-Spam
Prevent SPAM bots from steeling email address on your website.

Free vector graphics - sports logos,cliparts and symbols!

1442)   Website Performance Analysis Tool
This unique tool will help you to pinpoint your web page performance issues, so that you can stop losing valuable targeted traffic.

1443)   Abstract Management
Abstract Management Solution is more useful to collect different opinions from many people about a same topic. Supports 3 modes for abstraction - symposiums, paper, and poster to allow people to submit through password protected admin interface.

1444)   Outblaze Calendar
Outblaze Calendar lets the people in intranet system or in office share common resources, making appointments etc., periodically. All these scheduling functions are provided through this remotely hosted software.

1445)   Search Engine Position Ranker
This is an online positioning solution that helps users to rank web positions for keywords. This program generates html formatted reports. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

1446)   TotalWeb Business Builder
This complete online business solution is more adaptable to run an effective shopping cart system on your web based systems. Increase your sales by sumbmiting your web address into top search engines.

1447)   Traffic Pro
Traffic Pro is a remotely hosted URL submitter application using which you can improve search engine ranking for your website. This program supports internal meta content optimization for your websites.

1448)   SafeList or opt in mailing list
SafeList or opt in mailing list is a mailing list program which permits your members to access in your optin email service. The users can sell billboards and banners on their safelist.

1449)   Textads Exchange
This will allow you to publish advertisements in an attractive text format without popup ads or banners that will lead the web users towards your products and services.

1450)   MakeSurvey online survey software, create survey online
MakeSurvey is an online survey software to build and run surveys on the Web. This is inexpensive survey service, discounts for non-profit organizations.

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