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Top 101-150 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   SMF For Free
Free Simple Machines Forum Hosting. SMF is a power piece of software that allows you to create, great looking forums. SMFForFree offers an easy to use system, and many pre installed themes to choose from. Create your own forum today!

102)   Calendars On This Site
Calendars On This Site provides hosted event and booking calendar system to help you maintain your web based calendar wizard. Events can be displayed without any advertisements, pop-up windows etc., Any number of assigned events / bookings can be shown on specific dates.

103)   Add your site to our free link directory
Free search engine friendly link directory to improve your websites' search engine optimization.

104)   smallWorld chat
This tool can enhance the image of your site by offering you a real-time and easy to use chat.

105)   Bravenet Free for All Links
This is a free for all links page with which you can allow your website visitors to submit their own links to your categorized list of links. Main feature of this system is that it contains IP banning feature which restricts the unwanted or problematic websites.

106)   Whiz Count
Whiz Count is an online counter script. It counts online visitors and where they are coming from to the website. It displays weekly or monthly report and it has customization facility to customize fonts and colors.

107)   Dialogoo
Dialogoo is a remotely hosted service that facilitates webmasters to run and manage a chat program on their existing websites. This provided chat program comes with all basic facilities.

108)   SpotTalk
This is much real-time hosted chat service which gives the uses the ability to talk on the spot with you as soon as they visit the site.

109) Countdown
A countdown service that allows you to countdown to a specific date next year. It comes free of cost.

110)   SmE Counter Service
free counter , Record hits to your website, Record unique visitors to your website, Record visitors Join now for free and have your counter up and running in seconds.

111)   AddPro's Free Website URL Submission
This is a remotely hosted URL submitter script where users can submit their websites along with their email and URL's on the top popular 20 search engines.

Full featured, FREE website banner/text/javascript ad rotation system. Advertiser login, real-time reports, graphs, full system management, minimal setup time and its FREE.

113)   Astrology Affiliate Program
This script is used to provide the website with an astrology program. It will increase your site traffic. This script helps the visitors to know their forecasts, to find baby names etc.

114)   Cool Counter (works w/ myspace)
Free hosted image counter. It creates the image as the counter loads so all counters are unique! Set background image, text color, and outline color. Monitors total hits and users online.

115)   Site Gadgets: Countdown
Site Gadgets is a simple countdown that shows how much time is left to the date you specify down to the second. It allows you to use an unlimited number of countdowns on your site.

116)   Appointment Booking System
This script is used for creating an event calendar. It helps webmasters to facilitate their site with calendar for online event scheduling. It is highly customizable. They can use this for payment reminder, appointment bookings etc.,

117)   Sudden Launch Message Board
Sudden Launch Message Board is a remotely hosted discussion board software with which webmasters would be able to integrate active discussion board utilities for their users to post unlimited number of messages.

118)   MSH News Posting Script
MSH News Posting Script is an easy to use solution makes it easy for the webmasters to include news headlines on their website. It hosts a fully featured news posting script for the use of the web site owners.

119)   maxRefer's web-based referral system
maxRefer's web-based referral system is a simple remotely hosted website promotion program using which you would be able to enhance site traffic and sales of your website.

120)   QuickGuestbook
Website owners can freely signup for this remotely hosted program to provide your visitors a means of expressing their views and thoughts about your webservices.

121)   Simple Web Site Updater
This is a website generating program that helps users to create and manage contents on the websites. Users can perform actions like adding, editing, deleting contents.

122)   Simple Web Forms
This script is used to create a form on the website. Users can add several features like event calendars, email newsletters, forms to collect and display information etc., without making any change in the websites current hosting provider.

123)   Xara Membership Manager
Xara Membership Manager is an effective online member management system for websites. Member and Non-Member areas can be segregated with restricted access.

124)   Smart Polls
This module offers you hosting services to perform the voting tasks online in an easier manner. You can have as many polls anywhere on the site pages as your system needs.

125)   MetaRank
MetaRank is a website promoting search engine tool. Five stages are included in this program for analysing objectives of your site and generates various reports.

126)   Template Depot's Web Design Services
Template Depot website provides over 200 web based design templates and programming scripts for webmasters and developers to create their websites with a better look and feel.

127)   e-Jobs
e-Jobs is a remotely hosted classified ads program which permits the users to place ads for recruiting purposes on their websites.

128)   qboard
The QuickBoard Project is a growing community of people dedicated to keeping in touch with the visitors of their site by using the lowest tech bulletin board system available

129)   Adsjunction
Adsjunction is a remotely hosted program which allows the users to place ads for developing businesses and for individual purpose.

130)   List Your Site
This application helps you to list your site in worldmall website.Your site will also be included in worldmall site fron page as banner.

131)   Community Architect
Community Architect is a website promotion tool which enables you to provide your visitors to have their own Web space and e-mail. You will receive some space to run your own banners on the end-user page.

132)   SEO Masters - Meta tag Analyzer
This is a meta tag analysing program that analyses all meta tags on a website and generates various reports helping webmasters to optimize website for search engines.

133)   whois-online's Super Fast Tagboard Service
whois-online's Super Fast Tagboard Service is a simple tag board software capable of installing forums to post topics for online discussions with other members and visitors.

134)   DEEP Submit Pro
This is a remotely hosted webpage submission program that helps users to submit their web pages to the search engines. This is a simple and easy to use program.

135)   Dwipage FAQ
You can use this program to create a FAQ and Knowledgebase program on your website to support customer queries regarding your products and web services.

136)   Bravenet Classified Ads
Bravenet Classified Ads is a classified program which allows the visitors to edit and post ads on websites to trade, buy and sell.

137)   Meta Tag Generator
This is a remotely hosted meta tag generating and site submission program. This program helps users to generate meta tags for their websites and to submit their website to the major search engines.

138)   Metamend
Metamend is a powerful website promotion tool. This tool requires no installation and it measures your website growth regularly and sends the report to you every month.

139)   GuestMap
GuestMap is an advanced guest book application which allows your web site visitors to post their comments, thoughts, suggestions on a map. This application provides you 100 different types of maps for the visitors to post their comments.

140)   Hosted Countdown
Hosted Countdown is a remotely hosted timer program which provides countdown time to their users. They have the capability to work on any type of web pages.

141)   CFMBoard
This is a discussion board where people can come together and discuss different topics. You also have the facility OF KEEPING it private by locking it with password protection

142)   Search Engine Power Pack
This web promotion program offers optimum solutions for web site owners to generate apt keywords and meta tags to get a place for their site comfortably on the top ranking of search engines.

143)   SubmitWizard
SubmitWizard is a simple and easy to use online search engine submission program through which you can automate your submissions on all web directories with keywords and metatags.

144)   Free Photo Classifieds for medical community
Free Photo Classifieds for medical community is a program which is created for placing office and medical advertisements on users websites.

145)   BBFree Support Forums
BBFree Support Forums is a simple online discussion board service provider offering complete and optimum solution for all website owners to integrate discussion board on their website.

146)   Get Free Polls and headlines feeds
Get Free Polls and headlines feeds is a program which allows you to provide polls and can feed headlines on a website.

147)   Currency Exchange Rate Calculator
This is a simple and useful remotely hosted online currency convertor using which you can find and evaluate exchange rates for any desired amount.

148)   FreeFind
FreeFind is a remotely hosted site search that can be easily intergrated into your website.

149)   BFN Countdown Timer
BFN Countdown Timer is a remotely hosted timer program that provides the users with a countdown timer. This system offers the user with accurate time in digital format.

150)   e-Properties edition
e-Properties is an online program which helps users to run an real estate listing management solution. This script has the ability to speed up the sales process with its advanced features.

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