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Top 1451-1500 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1451)   ASP DEv Free Message Boards
ASP DEv Free Message Boards offers you your own message board for your site. It is fully customizable and has instant sign up. Also has an Optional Email notification features.

1452)   BFN Download Tracker
Track and display the number of file downloads for any URL.

1453)   EZPolls
EZPolls is a web based ballot system that is available free of cost for subscribed members. Members can utilize all provided services and can create customizable polls on their websites.

1454)   Mail a form - Paid
This script is used to build a form on the website. This script allows webmasters to create upto fifty forms with ninety nine fields in each form. It has secured facility.

1455)   Webaxy
Webaxy is a powerful website builder that facilitates you to design any type of website like business site, education, community or intranet site etc., in lesser time and provides features to maintain your site without spending much money.

1456)   SiteStation
SiteStation offers lot of hosted solutions and features to maintain your existing content, documents and knowledge systems. Enables non-technical users to update content periodically. And allows sharing of files between users, customers, etc.,

1457)   BFN Random Images
Display a random image from a custom list of unlimited image URL’s.

1458)   MySiteSpindle
This is an online webpage builder that helps users to create and maintain websites. You can change an entire website with just one click. You can set pictures, calendar, guestbook, message board, newsletters etc into your website.

1459)   Edit this Page
Without any knowledge in HTML programming this remotely hosted Edit this Page software allows everyone to edit / update the web content easily in lesser time. Comes with easier means of online tools to make changes with pages.

1460)   Karicart live chat
Free 1-2-1 live chat for your website sales and support. Monitor your website, see who's visiting at any moment, offer them to chat with you, tell them about your product, engage them in a sale! Recognize repeat visitors, view information(browser,ip,os..), canned answers, save chat transcripts.

1461)   Statusbar Message Board ©
Statusbar Message Board © is a tool that allows your visitors to put a message on the taskbar and more features.

1462) Free Text, Graphic Counter
This program is a simple online counter which helps the webmasters to view their sites statistical records. The output can be displayed based on both text and image.

1463)   XMB Host
Free remotely hosted XMB Forums

1464)   E-Mail Manager
E-Mail Manager is an online communication tool through which you can develop pop accounts, dump accounts and email aliases. Using this you can even develop multiple recipient aliases.

1465)   MrForm
This script is used for creating a form on the website. It allows users to create any type of forms like, order form, registration form, donation form etc.,

1466)   Check Website Link Popularity
This is a remotely hosted tool to calculate the websites linking with your link. This is an useful tool to increase traffic to your website.

1467)   FormSaver.Net
This script is a remotely hosted system that helps web owners to build an online form on their website. It has customizable form displays and form actions. Any one can use this program, no programming knowledge required.

1468)   Easy Panel
EasyPanel is a Content Management System (CMS) with a difference. It has been designed with the user in mind, for a careful balance of features and use ability.

1469)   Site Gadgets: Counter
By using this script the website will track how many visitors are online. Users can select either text mode or graphical mode as they prefer. It is simple to install.

1470)   MetaIRC Free Hosted Java Chat
MetaIRC offers a free hosted java chat client for your web site visitors to be able to access your IRC channel.

1471)   eMerchantClub
eMerchantClub suits for small sized online businesses to build the product pages using in-built layouts and provides shopping cart solutions to enable your customers to place orders online with real-time credit card support.

1472)   Free Web Based Survey
Free web based Survey is a survey program which allows the users to provide a survey form for their site visitors to vote on any topics.

1473)   Mouse Click Application
This is an emarketing solution that provides all necessary promotion tools to create and promote websites. Some of the tools available are search engine submission, search engine optimizer etc.

1474)   HostedPHPScripts Refer A Friend!
Refer A Friend is an application used as a site recommendation tool. It is easy to use and customize this application.

1475)   HostGuardian
HostGuardian provides you with network monitoring services which enables you to minimize your downtime by alerting you of problems with your site and monitors your website day and night throughout the year and reports you if it comes across any problem.

1476)   Hostik Live Chat Services
This is a help desk system which helps you to provide real time support to your customers by offering a live chat support on your website. It provides you with complete reporting regarding the visitors, site hits, referrers etc and also it is cost effective.

1477)   Direct eMailer mailing list management
Direct eMailer mailing list management is a mailing list program where your site visitors can sign up as subscriber and can manage subscriptions. The users can send newsletters to the subscribers.

1478)   Automail
This script is used for creating a web based email form. This script allows webmasters to receive email from the site visitors. File attachment is supported by this software.

1479)   AddPro's Professional Search Engine Submission
This is a remotely hosted site submission program that offers manual and automated submissions to submit the webpages on the top search engines and directories.

1480) offers many solutions to create and maintain message boards to allow your users to post message instantly to other people. Supports ad rotator, message tree, search function and a lot more.

1481)   Free Polls
Create Free Polls for you website - fast and easy to use. Just copy and paste HTML code. Customizable and prevention for multiple votes.

1482)   On Your Site!
On Your Site is a collection of remotely hosted services which permits you to add various utilities such as currency exchange calculator, world wide clock, time and weather reporting tool as well as jokes and quotes on your web site.

1483) Silver Store Builder Silver Store Builder is a high featured internet business management software which fulfills all your requirements to build and run an effective online store with as much of products as you want to handle through user friendly interface.

1484)   NetPlugin Store
NetPlugin Store activates a speedy and simple online shopping cart on all kind of small business. Through this remotely hosted program you can design product pages with customizable CSS and HTML stylesheets and can setup your online store with in minutes.

This is a website to trasfer a file from one place to another. This site is safe and secure file transfers with high bandwidth upload manager. This site is used to send or receive files from your clients.

1486) - Free Live Web Stats
This script is basically for tracking the websites and gives the statistical report of their website visitors. By using this script webmasters can find their site visitors entire information.

1487)   StrongStreams
This is a remotely hosted system to stream video from website using sophisticated technology. It has powerful fully functional admin control panel.

1488)   Free Meta tag Generator
You can use this online application to generate a set of meta tags for your website depending on the content and theme of your website.

This full featured ad rotating remotely hosted software is available with plenty of features to implement an effective ad management on your website. More useful to earn a good revenue through this software. Any number of ads are allowed with unlimited categories.

1490)   TradeMyTraffic! Banner Exchange
A banner exchange that supports html banners, unlimited banners per member, several banner sizes, targeting and weighting, email reports, and downloadable stats.

1491)   BPath's Feedback form
Feedback form is a powerful remotely hosted program that helps users to receive feedback from their site visitors without revealing email address.

This is a B2C e-commerce platform which is useful for creating online stores. It allows you to manage your store, view the order details and with customizable setting options.

1493)   Freecom E-Commerce Solutions
Any sized e-businesses can utilize this remotely hosted onine shopping program to advance their e-sales with more profit. Supports debit and credit cards for payments and transactions can be handled through Worldpay and Protx payment accounts.

1494)   Image Hosting
This is an image hosting application where your site visitors can upload, share their images and arts with their friends or with their associates.

1495) PHP-Nuke Hosting
It provides remotely hosted web applications solution for anyone who wants to set up a PHP-Nuke site and is reasonably priced.

1496)   Free horoscope content
Astrogolical charts drawing is among the most popular online services. Thanks to this free horoscope script, astrologers and astrology lovers will return to your site more than once.

1497)   ezSiteBuilders
ezSiteBuilders has a wide range of templates using which you can design a personal / family website. Without any designing knowledge, you can implement this remotely hosted application to constrauct and maintain a website online.

1498)   LiveHuman
LiveHuman is available with more chat facilities to include a live support for your customers. Features like prechat and postchat survey, customizable welcome and offline messages, push page, firewall support etc helps to implement a powerful customer administration.

1499)   Buenomart
Buenomart is a affiliate script which permits the website owners to promote products on their websites with pay. This script supports's products only.

1500)   Bravenet Live Java Chat
Bravenet live java chat is a tool which has the advantages like forming your room, choosing the language options among the available languages and so on.

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