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Top 1501-1550 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   HostedScripts Random Image
This program is used to display the images that changes automatically from one image to another image. Users can customize the URLs of the images.

1502)   International Voting Center, The
The IVC offers easy-to-create web polls with a huge selection of add-ons: Pie charts, result sorting, lots of color control, threaded discussion and much much more!

1503)   Just Alert
This component is used to monitor the website downtime and its functions. It gives alert message to the specific administrator through email.

1504)   Feedback Form
Feedback Form is a remotely hosted form solution that can be used to gather visitor's feedback from any of form types like, a product enquiry form, feedback form etc.

1505)   Hostboard
Hostboard is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software that allow webmasters to provide all their users with a full featured discussion board to post mesaages and topics.

1506)   Mobilediary
This is an online diary where users can write and post comments from any email capable devices. For better functionality this program uses a text only sending format.

1507)   BFN Voting Polls
Create custom polls, and display results on any html document.

1508)   Profiler
Profiler extended profile services for AOL Instant Messenger allows for larger profiles. The platform it uses is windows. It is free to use.

1509)   MetaKeywordGenerator
This is a meta tag keyword generator for websites. This program generates keywords for metatags of your website and provides similar words to that keyword.

1510)   Sunshine counter- Free Graphic Counter
Sunshine counter is a powerful tool for the webmasters that allows them to count how many visitors are currently online. It displays the tracking information in graphic mode.

This is an online list managing program that helps users to manage listings on the website. This program is suitlable for real estate professionals.

1512) is a content management program which permits the users to build a web site with available services through the web interface.

1513)   B2C SiteBuilders
Those who need to create a dynamic professional website can utilize this remotely hosted application and can customize website templates and information as per their needs.

1514)   Uptime 100 website monitoring
This tool monitors website function, servers, database, DNS etc., It delivers report through email, SMS, telephone etc., This tool offers in three models and it is handy to use.

1515)   Rospio Banner Exchange
Rosipo banner exchange is an user friendly tool that allows the webmasters to display their website with multiple banners to earn income and it offers many important features that really helps the users to satisfy with their website traffic through banner ads.

1516)   Poll Provider
Poll Provider is a remotely hosted script and is a polling system that can be used to conduct online contests and to get information from the site vistors.

1517)   WebSite Statistieken
UWS WebSite Statistics provides fast, real-time and clear statistics of your website. Our reports are clear and a day by day report can be generated on the fly using our calendar control.

1518)   Chatter's World
A theme based system where you can choose a variety of things like sports college romance night life etc

1519)   ConceptMonitor
ConceptMonitor tries to check regularly project homepage of useful freeware and open-source software products. Specific url can be added to the list by anybody.

1520)   Rapid Submission
Rapid Submission is an effective online website promotion program that enables you to submit your website on all popular search engines.

1521)   Stat Counter
This script offers accurate real time website statistics and tracks entire details about visitor. Ads are not allowed. It has invisible tracking facility. Browser and resolution information are also collected.

1522)   Ez2FindMe
This script is helpful for keeping address books with upto date reports. Visitors can keep in contact with their friends by following address books with updated reports.

1523)   Survey Live System
Survey Live System is a remotely hosted survery solution that can be used to gather vital data from site visitors and display graphically. This program adds more interactivity to a site.

1524)   Etrafficers Rate Tracker Plus
Rate Tracker Plus can be used by the webmasters to make a link between borrowers and lenders. It is very easy to use for any site visitor.

1525)   RedTempest Counter
This script is an easy image based counter service. It has a number of features like seting the number of displayed digits, different styles of displaying hits etc.

1526)   Mind Solutions Scripts
This is a collection of remotely hosted web based scripts for developers and webmasters. Users just have to signup and make use of these programs.

1527)   itrprof SQL Analyzer
This free Web based tool is used to analyzes SQL_TRACE and Event 10046 of oracle .It finds the problems and gives ways to solve the problems.

1528)   Meta Tag Generator
BY using this script users can create their own meta tag for their website that attracts search engine robots to your site and increase traffic to your site.

1529)   Estats4all
Estats4all has counter script that allows webmasters to view the daily websites track report. It tracks visitors IP address, number of pages hit by them, what is their system configuration etc.,

1530)   Guess Number game
This game script is used on the website that asks visitor to enter numbers between one to hundred. Visitors should give numbers upto ten times to get the success message.

1531)   Etrafficers Rate Tracker
Rate Tracker is a program which can be used by the webmasters to run a rate tracking system on their website. By using this system the webmasters can do a customized rate tracking program on their website.

1532)   Web Poll Central
Web Poll Central is adaptable for people who need a free hosting service for their online poll manager module. Different mode of voting can be done on each poll. Supports unlimited polls on single page.

1533)   InsightStat Pro
This script is used to track the website traffic. This script helps webmasters to view their visitors entire activities like, from where they are coming from, how much time they spent at each in the website, type of search engine they used to search and to enter your website etc.

1534)   Bravenet VoteCaster
Bravenet VoteCaster helps the webmaster to run an online voting system on their sites for quizzes, surveys etc., Single page can have multiple polls with numerous questions and answers. Images are included with poll system.

1535)   Myfreepoll's poll
Myfreepoll's poll is a web based voting system that can be used to conduct online polls for collecting valuable information from the site visitors.

1536)   Store Logic
Store Logic helps you to establish an e-business in such a manner to acquire your customer's satisfaction easily. Supports orders online and famous payment gateways tracks payment processings in real time in a secured way.

1537)   CoolSurveys
CoolSurveys is an effective survey solution and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to conduct online survey and to get opinions from their site visitors.

Put an Ad for your old Domain Names to sale Them Choose how long will stay your Ad and if it is featured or not Appraisale service also available on the site

1539)   Activetopic
Shoutbox that you can place on your own site It is remotely hosted. It can easily be modified into a forum or a guestbook if you like. It is free to use

1540)   ACME Survey
ACME Survey is a simple and easy to use remotely hosted program that can be used to generate customized survey forms for collecting data.

1541)   iCounter.Biz
iCounter is an online counter software that can report on your website traffic, the total hits, and the number of visitors for your website.

1542)   Marhen Free Traffic Exchange
This is a free banner exchange system with which you can increase the viewer traffic to your website instantly on signing up. It is capable of generating targeted hits to your website.

1543)   Dream-tools: Voting Poll
Dream-tools: Voting Poll will be useful for webmasters to include a polling manager to enable their site visitors to feedback by this free voting booth service.

This software is used to track the website visitors activity. It tracks who is currently online, number of visitors have visited the website and their system configuration, country name etc., It has different counter styles and the users can choose either one of them.

1545)   Fido7's Feedback Form
This script is helpful for the webmasters to generate a feedback form on the website which helps them to receive feedbacks from their site visitors.

1546)   Getsomecontent's content
This is an online content updating program where users can update different kinds of contents daily or weekly online from anywhere. This program also provides ad free feeds and you can integrate it into your website.

1547)   Plug' n Pay's Membership and Subscription Management
This user management program is specially designed to assists shopping cart owners dealing mainly with digital goods. You can create and manage your own subscription programs to manage customers.

1548)   Professional Search Engine Submission
This is a website promotion tool serving as a perfect URL submitter supporting more than 1500 search engines. You can use this program to submit your site on popular search engines.

1549)   xExchange
It is a web based remotely hosted exposition banner utility which allows the users to display the banners of Xpandra web services on their website. This utility also helps in displaying the users website banners on the Xpandra web services.

1550)   Upside ProAutoResponse
This is a remotely hosted program that helps webmasters to create an auto responding program to the site visitors mail addresses they leave on a site.

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