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Top 1551-1600 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1551)   Users Online
This script allows the webmasters to view the statistical report of number of online visitors, hits per page and it records top entries. It stores the information in a flat file database.

1552)   LiveChatNow!
This is an online customer support system which helps you to communicate with your online customers through a live chat system thereby solving the queries of your customers instantly and increase the business volume. It comes with a wide range of features.

1553)   1:1 FLASH Banner Exchange
Free banner exchange with 468x60 pixels banners, fast and reliable servers, online statistics, no erotic, good support and excellent service.

1554)   Buy Domain's Web Hosting
This website offers remotely hosted web tools for webmasters and programmers website developing needs. All tools come with easy and intuitive user interface.

It provides free web collaboration tools including calendars, announcement managers.etc The free forum is completely bulletproof and completely fast.

1556)   worlddo ASP
This is a ASP version of worlddo which provides your organization a groupware function that contains CRM software, Time and expenses, GL accounting and invoicing, work flow functions and much more.

1557)   FreeURL's Keywords Generator
Using this FreeURL's Keywords Generator you can create suitable and appropriate keywords for meta tags so that you can improve your website ranking on popular search engines.

1558)   ProvideSupport: Customer Support Chat
Live customer service solution to give instant online support to you website visitors. Web-based or Windows operator client featuring proactive chat, push pages, call transfer, canned answers, secure chats, visitor’s geo location, visited pages, referrer and more. Fully customizable. Free trial.

BigFilesASAP is a hosted application designed from the ground up for transferring large files over the internet. BigFilesASAP is a turn-key solution for business people who want reliable, high bandwidth file transfer capabilities and file management.

1560)   Smart Tracking
This script is helpful for the webmasters to track their website and allows them to keep the visitors report perfectly. This script is simple to install and to use.

1561)   Visitor Tracking System
This script is used for generating a click counter on the website. This script is basically for tracking how many visitors are currently online and who have visited earlier. It tracks entire information about them.

1562)   Cyberlord Forums
This is a simple remotely hosted discussion forum of the kind that can be easily integrated on any existing websites to allows visitors to discuss specific and general issues online.

1563)   ServiceEngine
ServiceEngine will be greatly useful for webmasters and e-traders to offer support to their customers at a minimum CRM cost. It can be used to create multiple online interactive tools such as knowledgebase, automated self-service, etc.,

1564)   HostedScripts Graphical Counter
This is a graphical counter that can be placed on your web page to take a note of the number of hits on your page. It has many different styles available

1565)   Atraczion Traffic
Atraczion Traffic is a powerful search engine wizard that provides high traffics for your website by submitting your site URL to all popular search engines.

1566)   ReleaseBox
ReleaseBox keeps your music contents and releases up-to-date which are updating from major websites. Through this hosted application you can implement an unique or different layout to your web content pages.

1567)   Link Popularity
This is a remotely hosted online link popularity program that finds links for websites. Number of site linking can be connected to the search engines for site ranking.

1568)   Perennial Survey
The reliable, powerful and easy to use online survey provider.

1569)   Search Engine Ranker
This is a remotely hosted script to check your site ranking in major search engine robots. It is useful for the webmasters to monitor their website and improve their ranking.

1570)   eSitesBuilder Advanced
This is an online website builder and ecommerce software that helps users to create and maintain websites. This program enables you to make sales and make real money online.

1571)   Site Builder
Site Builder is an online service that facilitates users to start running their own websites on the net. They can build websites with number of features including calendar, message board, guest book etc.,

1572)   Site Gadgets - Extended Info Top Sites
This is a remotely hosted topsite ranking program that helps users to run their own top 10 favourite site lists on their websites. This is a good traffic generating program for websites.

Offer your clients the ability to proof their print, audio, video, and flash projects online, from anywhere, foe less than $10 per month!

1574)   NeoMessenger
Neo messenger is is just a simple and revolutionary software that facilitates anyone to enable them to start a branded Instant messenger in minutes.

1575)   EPage Classified Service Provider.
EPage's free program allows any webmaster to instantly create a fully customized and co-branded classified site.

1576)   WebSupportLive.Com: BizCHAT
WebSupportLive.Com: BizCHAT is a hosted software solution that offers Live chat software the version it uses is 9.0 and is reasonably priced.

1577)   eMI System
This advanced program will help you to earn more money through increased web traffic by optimizing and submitting your site for popular search engines.

1578)   DanEthical
Free remotely hosted php message boards.

1579)   WebStoresPro
With WebStoresPro, you will be able to setup an online store on your website to sell your products quickly and easily. It is also provided with special features like promotional codes, minimum order amount checking, store web traffic report and much more.

1580)   MonsterForums
MonsterForums is an online discussion board that allows banner service, paid member and much more cool stuff.

1581)   Dynamic Store Front
Dynamic Store Front implements hosted solutions to enable the e-commerce traders to construct their store easily using in-built templates and provide several modules like inventory, catalogs, shipping and payment etc to upgrade their sales universally.

1582)   Miss
Virtual customer service representative for any website business wishing to automate its customer support / service or technical helpdesk function.

1583)   Majectic Stats
Majectic Stats is a easy to use remotely hosted application using which you can count the total number of unique visitors for your website and displays it in a grapical format.

1584)   Site Gadgets Message Board
Site Gadgets Message Board is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board software that can be easily integrated into any website application program.

1585)   eCounters - Free Website Statistics
This counter script is helpful for the webmasters to track their sites each hit made by their site visitors. It displays visitors report for the last ten days. It counts type of OS, web browser, screen resolution etc.,

1586)   BugMall Shopping Cart
An easier and simple way to construct and administer your online e-commerce system can be done perfectly by implementing this remotely hosted e-store application on your dynamic websites.

1587)   EZ-Powercart
This is an online shopping cart system which allows you to create and manage your own online store on your website and comes with advanced functions like credit card processing etc.

1588)   HumanHelp
Human Help connects you to your online customers instantly and conveniently. Monitor traffic visiting your website as well as receive and initiate real-time chat sessions with your customers while online.

1589) Randomizer Basic
This random image script is basically used in the website to change the images randomly from the list of images stored in the files.

1590)   ContribuHelp - Instant Messaging
ContribuHelp - Instant Messaging is an online communication system through which customers, visitors can interact with website representatives to get clear about site pages, products etc., Features are available through this remotely hosted program.

1591)   Lite Stats
This script is used for analysing the web traffic of your website. It tracks unique hits made by the visitor. It has customization facility that allows users to choose icons, templates etc.,

1592) Location Counter and Mapper
Provides free, location mapping of visitors to your website. Pinpoint your guests and map them worldwide.

1593)   NetPayments
NetPayments suits to fulfill your requirements with online payment processing. Offers solutions for small, medium and large sized e-commerce sites to process credit cards more securely.

1594)   SiteAdditions
SiteAdditions is a collection of hosted modules that helps you to maintain included appropriate modules such as image manager, event calendar, membership system, etc using given features.

1595)   Free Blogs with XMLRPC
Free Blogs with XMLRPC with more than 50 Templates Description: With you can even post your messages and comments from windows clients programs like w.bloggar.

1596)   Fast Users Online
Fast Users Online is a remotely hosted service that enables webmasters to have a hit counter on their websites. This will be useful for website analysis.

1597)   Favourite link ShoutBox
Favourite link ShoutBox is a full fledged chat script with all basic functionalities to help you to directly converse and chat with your site visitors.

1598)   Ravelly's Message Board
Ravelly's Message Board is a simple online discussion board software that has been remotely hosted to get integrated with any active website.

1599)   Live help chat - VenusValley Live Support
VenusValley Live Support enables you to chat live with people visiting your website. You can monitor your site visitors as they arrive and leave, answer questions from potential/existing customers in real-time. Visitors can see whether you are offline or online.

1600)   TinyEdit Remote
This is an inline content editing program that allows users to edit their contents straight on the web pages itself without any other softwares or admin tools.

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