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Top 151-200 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   Search Engine Starter
Search Engine Starter is a powerful online search engine submission program that supports more than 100 search engines. You can submit your website on any search engine you desire.

152)   Remember Life
A NEW site were we want to remember love ones. Share information, sites, memories.

153)   Response-o-matic
This script is helpful for the webmasters to provide their site with contact form. This script is easy to configure and to use. It has secured facility.

154)   WebsiteGoodies Guestbooks
WebsiteGoodies Guestbooks is a guestbook program where you can provide guestbook for the visitors to post comments about a site. The posts can be removed by the admins in this guestbook.

155)   CyberSource Small Business Edition
Small sized internet business people can get lot of benefits from this remotely hosted business suite. Multiple payment gateways are integrated supporting major credit card types and supports manual process.

156)   Uptilt Message Boards
Uptilt Message Boards will be greatly useful to the website owners to build an online community system for their users, visitors to interact with other people. Administrator has full power to control user accounts, message data, etc.,

157)   Yellow Pages Superhighway's Add your URL
Through this remotely hosted program you can submit your website to get listed on 'Yellow Pages Superhighway directory. This is an efficient website promotion tool.

158)   BFN Chat Servers
Complete custom chat server and client software for any web page. Simple interface and complete control.

159)   e-Personals (Hosted Version)
e-Personals (Hosted Version) is a remotely hosted program which acts as a match making site. This script provide searching facility for the users.

160)   CodeCharge's Tell-A-friend
CodeCharge's Tell-A-friend is a simple and easy to use online TAF program that enables website visitors to send recommendation mails to all their friends for your website.

161)   TypingWeb Web-Based Typing Tutor
TypingWeb is an e-learning platform for learning typing online. It consumes less time, and is a cost-effective approach for schools and corporate clients.

162)   Toonzbook!
Toonzbook is a guestbook service for website owners which has a suprising look and is easy is use and administration. Toonzbook is bannerfree.

163)   Free Counters
Free Counters offers a nifty counter that will allow you to see the visitors coming to your website.

164)   GuestPAD
GuestPAD is a guestbook program and a guest book service which permits the visitors to post comments in a webpage. This script can be installed and configured easily by users.

Unique hosted game-service. Want puzzlegame at your website ? Image of your choice Color of your choice

166)   RSS Ticker Widget
The RSS Ticker Widget enables even non-techies to put a live, scrolling, completely customizable RSS feed on their website, for free! All you have to do is copy and paste.

167)   GalaxyKat
It is a web-based automated MLS system GalaxyKat takes the information entered in Voyager or Paragon® and posts it to your web site

168)   e-Vehicles (Hosted Version)
e-Vehicles (Hosted Version) is a remotely hosted classified program which acts as a vehicle listing management solution with graphical interface.

169)   Ad Butler
This is a powerful advertising serving system that can manage your online ads easily. It offers you with advanced reporting options and provides you with complete control over the ads.

170)   Online reservations
Webmasters can use this script to facilitate their site with online reservation by which the web visitors can reserve hotel rooms, cottages or any other through online. It has different facilities that makes easy for the web visitors to use this tool.

171)   myYaBB Forums
myYaBB Forums is an online discussion board software with which website visitors will be able to post topics for online discussions through the available forums.

172)   AliveChat SERVER
This enhanced chat application lets the webmasters control their mass number of customers request and needs. Can be embedded with existing aspects of your company and can be customized to suit your additional requirements.

173)   Free Web Site Search Engine Submission
This is an URL submitting program and is a remotely hosted program that permits users to submit their websites to the search engines. This program comes with 20 top search engines.

174)   Meta Tag Scanner
This is a powerful meta tag scanner that has the ability to scan all your webpages so as to improve your web page elements. This is an easy to use program.

175)   E-storefront
With the help of this hostetd e-commerce solution, creation and maintanance of storefront, product catalogs, shoppers, payment processing, product inventory and several other works concerned with internet business can be done effectively.

176)   Siteowners ecommerce software
This is a remotely hosted ecommerce software that helps you to build your online store and sell your products online immediately. It allows you to design your store offline by downloading the application on your PC.

177)   CountersForYou
CountersForYou is a simple and useful remotely hosted counter software that helps webmasters to track and monitor the total number of visitors for their website.

178)   iTransact
You can verify and process online payment transactions through credit cards, cash and electronic cheques by using this remotely hosted real time payment software.

179)   NetERP
NetERP is an online business application which provides remotely hosted solutions to handle all your back-office operations related to your e-commerce system. Lets you maintain orders, payments, inventory, reports and many more in real time.

180)   Knabba appointment scheduling system
Webmasters can use this script on their site to fix appointments for their clients online. It has customization facility and simple to use.

181)   e-Classifieds Premium Edition
e-Classifieds Premium Edition is a classified ads script which is a flagship product used to create advertisements on the users websites.

182)   Mediaplazza Affiliate programme
This is an free affiliation programme for mobile phone content. This programme supports a wide range of payment modes and has a variety of cuatomizable solutions for mobile phones like ringtones, logos and java games.

183)   Userplane WebChat Light
Userplane WebChat Instant-Install

184)   Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH)
A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the written in php and can use a text based database or Mysql database.

185)   KB Meister
KB Meister is a remotely hosted online knowledge base system. It can provide a centralized information filing and retrieval system.

Live helper enables companies to handle the array of different communications that occur between customers and businesses.

187)   My Postcards Platinum
My postcards platinum is a web application which can be used by the webmasters to have an online postcard system for their website.

188)   GotoCode - Classifieds
GotoCode - Classifieds enables you to add as many ads as you want to display on your site pages. More useful to build an online classifieds with unlimited categories of any type such as computers, vehicles, software programs etc.,

189)   SpeedCart
Apex Digital helps you in designing custom shopping cart for your website with which you can sell your products online. It is designed with templates that allows you to easily integrate with the existing website design.

190)   EasySiteStats (MecaLog)
This script is a simple online visitors tracker. It tracks not only the number of visitors online and also it tracks their system configuration like system resolution, OS, type of browser etc.

191)   File-Reg: Register your software or source code
This is an international registration service where you can register your source code or software which is similar to patents. Using this service, individuals or companies can protect their valued work like judicial documents, designs, business plans etc through digital certificates.

192)   ekmpowershop - Hosted Online Shop / Ecommerce Shopping Cart System
Ekmpowershop is a hosted online based shop builder / ecommerce shopping cart system which allows you to have your very own online shop on the internet in a matter of minutes; it comes with everything you need!

193)   HyperSubmit - Extreme Traffic
This is a remotely hosted site submission system that helps users to increase traffic and site popularity. This program also optimizes meta tags on the website.

194)   MindMeter's Polls
Mindmeter's Polls is a simple and remotely hosted program which can be used to conduct online polls for gathering opinions from the site visitors.

195)   Prozilla's Faq's and Contact Service
This 'Prozilla's Faq's and Contact Service' program can make your tasks much more easier in building and fabricating your website's FAQ and contact system.

196)   Realestate-DB
RealEstate-DB is a fully operational remote-hosted solution for Real Estate Brokers . Provides admin control, agent control, listings control.

197)   An Email Mailing List Manager
The Omnistar Mailer is a dynamic contact database and email list manager combined. It will give you the ability to dynamically create forms for obtaining information, create email list campaigns and create customized advanced searches to quickly retrieve your stored information.

198)   Bravenet's Email forms
This script is used on the website to create a feedback form. It allows web visitors to send their feedbacks to the webowners. It has fully customization facility. Autoresonder is available.

199)   Pilot elearning software solution
Pilot elearning software solution is a remotely hosted service with which teachers can teach online courses for students, children etc., This service will be suitable for all type of courses.

200)   ProBoards message board
ProBoards message board is a simple remotely hosted discussion board software designed to build strong online communities with increased website interaction.

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