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Top 201-250 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   A1- Chat
A1- Chat is an online chat provider where you can chat with your online friends or look for new friends with multimedia support.

202)   4AF Guestbooks
4AF Guestbooks is a guestbook program which permits the visitors to post comments and to view the information about how they liked your site. This script is easily customizable and easy to use.

203)   Parlis Instant Message Service
Without any download and installation needs webmasters can allow their users to interact with each other using this remotely hosted application. The presentation of instant messanger can be customized to suit your web page design.

204)   GenB web content management system
GenB web content management system with an easy WYSIWYG and powerfull integration process using Macromedia Dreamweaver® Extensions.

Free Web calendar hosting for your site. Published calendars have no ads. Also supports embedded HTML, clip art, personal calendars, reminders and searches.

206)   Website Broken Links Checker
This is a remotely hosted link checking program that helps users to check their URL's before submitting them to top search engines. Simple and very easy to understand and use.

207)   Neomyz Web Poll
Create your own web poll for your web site in 3 minutes. Features animated, skinnable, multilingual Flash interface. Change your question as often as you want. The service is hosted on our servers, there is no need to download or install anything.

208)   Ovelo Sentry
Ovelo Sentry™ is the Internet's premiere password protection service for membership websites. At some point in time, it is an almost certainty that your membership website will come under attack. This costs you in lost revenue, extra bandwidth fees, time, and does not leave a favorable impression on prospective customers who find your site lagging.

209)   Eksplora's Web Directory and Web Search
This is a web directory and site searching program where users can search contents on their websites. Users need not have CGI programming knowledge to use this program.

210)   HyperSubmit - Super Traffic
This is a remotely hosted site submitting and ranking program where users can submit their URL's to top search engines generating more traffic and popularising the website.

211)   iOraHangAnalyzer
Iorahanganalyzer is a web based tool, which scans Oracle's HANGANALYZE trace file. iOraHangAnalyzer returns waiting sessions with their wait-life-cycles. It comes free of cost.

212)   SiteExpress
SiteExpress is a suitable remotely hosted software for internet company / MLM firms which would like to provide webhosting and designing services to their customers. Site maintanance can be done without much effort with the provided editor.

213)   Next Genstats
This program is used for tracking the website. It tracks the information about the visitors like, Who is online and where are they from, through which search engine did they come from etc., Users can make the counter invisible on their site.

214)   Calendars by Veraci Scheduling Software
Online scheduling software enables organizations of all sizes to easily create group calendars for scheduling employees, resources, events, meeting rooms, equipment, vehicle fleets, facilities and more. Affordable monthly fee, and 24x7x365 access.

215)   ipadder
This is a content publishing program that helps users to publish different kinds of contents online. You can display news or all your posts anywhere on the web.

216)   Easy Redirection Service is a web site that offers you URL based redirection service. This website does it for you free of cost.

217)   AssocTRAC
This affiliate tracking program provides a high end solution for the webmasters to manage affiliates for promoting their website products.

218)   Download Tracker
Download Tracker is a file downloading program which tracks the file downloads made by the users. This program tracks the bandwidth and popular downloads.

219)   Webform safe
This script is used for creating a web based form to receive information from others. It allows only authorised users to access data. The submitted form data will be stored in the web formsafe and which are encrypted as metadata in a databse.

220)   HostTracker - website monitoring tool
Website monitoring tool. Notification by an email or SMS

221)   Start your free webhosting service
This remotely hosted system is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to run their own free web hosting service. Users should just signup the form to get this service.

222)   Eyucca- Contact Form
This script is used for creating an email form on the website. This program is used by the webmasters to receive emails from their site visitors. This script has customization facility that allows users to customize message.

223)   eStudio
eStudio is a powerful groupware tool that helps project heads to manage and coordinate their team members, to share their files and reports, to track their progress etc.,

224) - An Ebay Auction Sniper
Just snipe is an online program which helps the visitors for bidding the orders even at the last moment. By using this powerful tool the users can win their favorite items.

225)   WebRunner
WebRunner would be an adaptable solution for internet based businesses to integrate the website with interactive tools. And this remotely hosted application offers hosted services to manage shopping cart, event calendar, surveys, mailing lists etc.

226)   Form Builder Pro
Form Builder Pro is an advanced form utility that helps webmasters to generate and process forms without even generating the necessary HTML codes.

227)   Comet Network's FAQ's
You can use this tool to create a big knowledgebase on your website with several questions and answers that might be useful for your site visitors.

228)   AWeber Follow Up Autoresponder
AWeber Follow Up Autoresponder is a web promotion tool through which you can send reply emails automatically. You can save time, build customer loyalty and increase conversion ratios using this tool.

229) FREE Shopping Cart is a free shopping cart. You get a powerful eCommerce solution. It lets you to sell real and downloadable products. PayPal IPN is build in the shopping carts. Your shopping cart can have its own topics/categories and the products are listed by them. Products can have different options/attributes which change their price (color, size, manufacturer, etc.). Multicurrency is available and you set the rate exchange. You may set up a list of states or countries you deliver the products to. Countries/states can have different delivery price. Delivery price also depends on its weight. Shopping cart has "quick search" and "advanced search".

230)   Acal Calendar
This script is helpful for the website owners to create an event calendar on their website. It has password protection for customizing events. It displays date, day, month and year on the screen.

231)   WebCab Chat
This chat is used to show profiles, audio shortcuts and a message box whenever a particular action or conversation takes place between two users.

Just with one HTML Code Line, add a 100% Free FAQs Manager on your site You add your questions and Answers directly in your Members Area If your visitor doesn't find the answer to your question, he will find a form to ask for this question and you just have to register your answer in the FAQs Manager

233)   TrafficStuff Lite
With TrafficStuff Lite you will be able to increase the number of hits to your website which means it provides you a solution to increase the viewer traffic to your website.

234)   Shroogle
Building communities. We are the host for virtual ANY forum software, hosting, installation & Customization is totally FREE.

235)   Active Commerce
Active Commerce is one of the remotely hosted e-commerce application which is adaptable for small and medium sized businesses to maintain their storefront using effective merchant account and e-commerce solutions.

236)   CleverForm
CleverForm is available with unlimited features that would be a right solution for webmasters who need an extremely flexible polling and voting module for their websites at low cost.

237)   e-Calendar
This script is used for creating an online event calendar on the website. It is included with three features like, online group calendar, credit card sales and tickets reservation.

238)   FreePop3
This is a remotely hosted web based email system with anti-spam and anti-virus protection to provide plenty of POP3 email boxes for the users.

239)   Formdesk
Formdesk is an online form generating program and is remotely hosted script that can be used to build different types of HTML forms such as, order form, registration form etc.

240)   PayPal Checker
This is a simple remotely hosted script that can be used to protect your products from those who cheats you by stealing your products without paying or by getting return URLs from the view source option for your paid products.

241)   Reverse Phone Number Lookup
This is a simple and easy to use program where visitors can find anyone's address searching by his area code and phone number. A useful search utility to look up canadian addresses only.

242)   FREE Web Search Box for Your Website
This is a site searching program that provides web search box to search popular site search engines through a web based interface. You can place it into your website by just adding html code.

243)   Content Master XXL
Offering content management, promtion for websites.

244)   Real time users online
Real time users online provides remotely hosted services to establish an online counter on your website. Details of users currently present on your site can be displayed on any web page.

245)   AuthPro Free
AuthPro Hosted is a password protecting software which permits you to control access to the members webpages. This script can collect users information by designing their registration forms.

246)   GOdonate PayPal donation tool
GOdonate PayPal donation tool would be an adaptive script for those who need a system to allow people to donate on their site. Supports PHP based websites and paypal online payment module.

247)   photokorn Media Gallery
This is an online image gallery system available for private as well as for commercial purposes. It supports multiple languages, automatic thumbnail generation, video and audio streaming allows bulk import of images and much more.

248)   eyucca ecard system
Ecards is a script built for the web owners to create an ecard system in their and their customers website. Installation of this script can be done easily. It is easy to use and customize this script.

249)   Querybot
Querybot is a powerful knowledge base system that enables you to implement an intuitive email based customer care and support service to all your site customers.

250)   Trellix SiteBuilder
This is a website creating program that helps users to allow their site visitors to create and update their own professional site. All you have to do is just login with your username and password to this program.

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